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Handy Networks is proud to offer customers a myriad of hosting options including self managed dedicated servers, fully managed dedicated servers, single server colocation, private cabinet co-location, hosted Microsoft Exchange ServerĀ® and hosted SQL Server applications, private cloud, hybrid cloud, public cloud and Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Handy Networks customers enjoy access to a large variety of hosting automation platforms including cPanel, DirectAdmin, Helm, WebSitePanel and OnApp. Additionally, Handy Networks is pleased to offer customers completely customized hardware solutions based on the SuperMicro platform.

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Hosting Reviews for Handy Networks

Tomas Smitherberg

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They set swappiness in Linux servers to ZERO then keep the OOM Killer enabled to force the Linux kernel to panic, rebooting the OS whenever it runs out of RAM. When customers complain that their server mysteriously reboots itself they demand customers upgrade their accounts and buy more RAM from them!!!! You force people to pay you for something you caused, you did to intentionally crash their server.

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