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Hawk Host was founded in 2004 and provides shared hosting, reseller hosting and virtual private hosting in Dallas, Seattle and Washington. Hawk Host extensive knowledge of web hosting and software development create reliable self sustaining solutions. Hawk Host believe that the best hosting solution is one where the services themselves know how to recover from common problems with other hosts that require fixes from people. Even with this automation Hawk Host are monitoring the health of all servers every minute to be informed of any potential problems.

Hawk Host

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Let's see, signed up with them on January, due to to my previous host being unreliable. I have about 4 total domains and I get about 35 Thousand unique hits a month.


The server I'm on (mars) was only down three times, two of the times were for planned maintenance. So overall, I have a very good uptime.

Support: Don't need to send in a lot of tickets, but the times I do, they get answered in under 45 minutes.


Meh, it has everything I need & want, so it's all good.


I'm a cheap bastard, so I used a coupon to only pay $65 for the whole year, and I get 10GB of storage and 100GB of bandwidth.

Graham King

    Review Rating

Haven't had any problems with these guys, uptime has been great, prices are more than reasonable.

Sven Berger

    Review Rating

Very good host.

Very fast on support ( avg 9 minutes based on 3 support tickets....).

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I've been using Hawk Host since the beginning, and I couldn't be happier. After trying several other hosting services I settled on Hawk Host, and it has by far surpassed my expectations. The up time is nearly 100%, the service and support is professional and friendly, and most importantly FAST. Hawk Host was a great decision for my hosting needs, and after being with them for so long I wouldn't trust my web hosting with anyone else.

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I've been bouncing between hosts for years now, never quite satisfied. I had a decent run with bluefur.com (formerly monster hosting) but left due to their overloaded servers (I moved between several machines before finally jumping ship). HawkHost was a bit of a gamble as they are a smaller company but I came across a few reviews from people whose comments seemed like they knew a thing or two about hosting and decided to move several of my sites over to HawkHost. That was six months ago and there have only been a few minor issues which on a shared host is unavoidable. Each of the issues was handled quickly, competently and with full disclosure of the nature of the problem. Their severs have been very responsive and reliable. The configuration of the servers is that of a top notch cPanel setup with no silly permissions or domain setup issues that I've encountered with several other hosts.

If you have yet to find a host you've been happy with, I definitely recommend you check out what HawkHost has to offer. Behind the usual laundry list of features you'll find these guys really know their stuff.


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I've been with Hawk Host a few months and have been very satisfied. The cost is very affordable and the service has always been prompt and helpful.

My site was down for short time on January 1. I sent them an email about it and got a response from Tony within 30 minutes. I was surprised at such a fast response since it was a holiday. He explained they were upgrading the servers and the new server was having a problem with some coding on my site. He figured out the solution and got my site back up within a half hour.

Al-Sayed Hussain

    Review Rating

I've been with HawkHost for about 15 months and more. I'm very impressed with their super fast servers and great support. I had experience with at least three different companies. HawkHost is by far the best. Reliability of servers are excellent - didn't see ever downtime.

Support is amazing - ticket system works just great.

Features are unlimited and great including a most important one "R1Soft Restore Backups"

Performance is excellent. I really recommend it to people.

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The sign-up process was a breeze; we got our account information *minutes* after our payment has been processed. Although it took 24 hours for DNS to propagate (which is normal), Hawkhost gave us a temporary URL so that we can FTP the files. This means that we can already use the host to upload while waiting for DNS propagation.

We had a little problem however with our credit card falsely labeled as "fraud" (the reason being our order came from outside the US, from the Philippines to be exact). This however was ironed quickly by HawkHost's excellent technical support. A few minutes of call, and our credit card was approved.

So far HawkHost has not been down under our watch. So far satisfied with their service, and so so far from that of PhilHosting.Net, our previous Hosting.

If only HawkHost would also support ASP.NET, this would be perfect.


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I have been with Hawkhost for at least two years now. Very rarely have I had problems and when I did, they were handled quickly by support tickets.


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I've had a website with Hawkhost for about 8 months. I highly recommend them. They have fast servers. Support is top notch.

I issued a support ticket at 1:00am in the morning. (I messed up on a Joomla uninstallation)They responded to the ticket and had the problem solved in 20 minutes!!

I don't believe you will find a better host. 24/7 support. Fast servers. Price is excellent.

They run specials for new clients. Go to their home page and click on the "specials" tab. Right now you can get 40% off on shared hosting.

    Review Rating

hawkhost have good uptime and connect speed,and thier support is very professional to help me slove problem.

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I've been with Hawk Host for just about a year now (I'm using their Reseller Package) and have received nothing but quality service.

Like most people, I've tried a variety of hosting companies and, although I haven't had many troubles, I've dealt with overloaded servers, slow customer service and various account limitations.

Hawk Host's reliability is great with little downtime, the cause of which is always explained before hand or immediately, if it was unplanned, but what really stands out is their customer service. I have sent a handful of "tickets" to support and I always receive an answer promptly (often within minutes).

Finally, as a Drupal developer, I require large MYSQL databases (locally hosted for performance) and above-average server memory requirements. Hawk Host fits all of my requirements (for only a few dollars per month no less!) and more.

If you are looking to setup a website, especially one powered by Drupal, WordPress or any other CMS, I highly recommend Hawk Host.

    Review Rating

I've been using Hawk Host to host my fergus dollar store website for a while now. I initially picked Hawk Host for it's pricing and package options and I couldn't be happier with the service they provide.

I have yet to experience any downtime, the site loads extremely quickly and the support has been amazing.


    Review Rating

The server is very stable. I have never experienced downtime.

The support is extremely helpful! Since day one when I try to move my magento website from my previous host to this new VPS host, they helped me completely move the website and set it up and running without any additional charges.

For any questions, even the low priorities, they reply to me really fast and very helpful. They even help me solve my website's problems which is far beyond my expectation.

Recently my website was hacked due to my own negligence.They even helped me restored my website! This is a host you can trust! I'm getting so much more than I paid!

    Review Rating

We have been hosting with HawkHost.com for about a year. I can speak about their uptime, customer service and overall hosting quality using PHP/MySQL. Since we do not host our e-mails with them, we can not give feedback on that. We also did not buy our domains with them. As far as hosting is conerned, the uptime has been good. We had 1 downtime that was remedied within an hour. Even a company of GoDaddy size has downtime. So that is acceptable. The customer service has been really good. They answered every question we had to date. They also installed additional software that wasn't even available through cPanel. The hosting they offer works well for PHP Developers (I can assure you that). If you are doing cutting edge with Laravel, latest PHP then HawkHost is your good friend. I recommend them.

    Review Rating

Other than their great pricing, I wasn’t sure why HawkHost got so much credit in the hosting forums because their servers weren’t that good and the support wasn’t anything special. I wasn’t overly impressed for my first year, but their recent showing of good uptime is making me rethink everything. They’re definitely a solid company, with decent support. There are better options, but HawkHost isn’t a bad one.

If price is your main concern, HawkHost is an good bet.

    Review Rating

Overall great hosting provider. Awesome and friendly 24/7 support, 100% uptime (at least with my site) and good pricing.

    Review Rating

I have been using this hosting provider & have hosted some of my blogs on it & I have found one of the best web hosting provider ever.



    Review Rating

Hawk Host has the best prices I've seen, especially for the service and support they offer.

My websites are always up and running, I can get 500kb/s+ down 24/7 and I'm always able to reach someone for support when I need it.

I currently have 2 accounts and 7 websites hosted from Hawk Host and recommend it to anyone who needs a good reliable webhost.


    Review Rating

I have been with hawkhost over half a year, i think it's time to say something about this host. Generally speaking, hawkhost supply a great service. Tony of hawkhost is a reliable and talent guy, their hosting is fast and stable, and i have no problem with them until now. Thanks for their work!

    Review Rating

Hawkhost is dependable, fast, and my experience with their support group has been outstanding every time. The negative review is sour grapes IMHO - I have been using Hawkhost for many years and compared to other hosting companies I have used - they rank much higher.

Guy Scharf

    Review Rating

We have had several websites on HawkHost for the last several years and are very satisfied. Support through their support ticket system is exemplary--fast and professional responses--better than other hosts I have used. Most hosting companies have some support systems that are more responsive than others. For HawkHost, it is the support ticket system that works. Phone, chat, and forum support is slower and more limited.

We have had several outages caused by DDoS attacks on other servers at the data center. Most of these issues were resolved quickly. Email service has good spam filtering.

We did have one billing issue with a new service. HawkHost resolved the issue very quickly and most satisfactorily.


    Review Rating

Been a Hawkhost customer for about two years. When I first signed up load times were great but recently load times have been horrible as if the server is overloaded. Then the server started going down quite often to the point I gave up and moved to a new host. Site is speedy again. Sure looks like overloaded and bogged down servers.

    Review Rating

Hawkhost is great hosting if you mention about price, performance, and features.

Don't worry about your money, they have SLA.

I Have been 6 month with hawkhost. If you need support, just send them ticket, they will repy you and looking your problem for sure.

Im with advanced shared host for now and my daily trafic between 1000 to 3000. Thay can handle it.

Keith Quinton

    Review Rating

I'm trying to build a small site and just need some basic hosting. I chose HawkHost, what a mistake. Cheap plans means a server, that is 50 miles away, is super slow. I would be better off putting a virtual machine on my computer and building the site there. I just want pages that are mostly text to load in less than 5 seconds. My development has slowed down because it's unbearable to use the service.


    Review Rating

Hawkhost is an fine host,honestly i had no problems with them. My only complaint is that their support could be fater on replying tickets-solving issues etc.

Here you can find more reviews and info about Hawkhost too.


    Review Rating

I have been using this hosting provider but would migrate to other hosting provider soon.


    Review Rating

You get what you pay for. We host our company's site with them. Was down for long periods twice in the last couple of month. The last time (NOW!), they don't respond, no one answer phones over there, we are 'out of business' and their system is dead. Will switch hosts the minute their site is up and running again.


    Review Rating

I was forced to close my account and move on to a new host and because they ruined everything so much and set me back I can't even get all my websites back online due to them ruining my business and me needing to focus on repairing the damage they caused.

Hawk Host is the most worthless, unknowledable and rude host out there. All creative types who don’t have enough time to constantly fix their website due to their career needs to find a better quality and more knowledgeable host. I highly suggest anyone who’s looking for musician website hosting, band website hosting, fashion & glamour modeling website hosting, artist website hosting, photography website hosting, or any type of business website hosting find a better alternative.

Hawk Host doesn’t care. They provide the poorest in customer service. Their techs will speak down to you, they will move around your files without your permission, they will delete files and your databases without permission. They will not take into consideration if you’ve had a lengthy, loyal relationship with them, they will still bully you and ruin your website and refuse to help you with the most mundane and simple requests.

They are NEVER available to answer the phone. Their chat system mostly doesn’t work, Sales is on during the day but forget using it for support. Their ticketing system is faulty and they do not reply to about half the emails you send in. They are far behind the competition when it comes to tools to be able to support their customers.

They have no apparent customer service training or skills. They are more concerned about being right than retaining loyal paying customers.

After they destroyed my website I had to cancel and move to a host that was available 24/7/365 and that doesn’t make it a practice to play around with their customer’s files and break their websites.

Also if you run monitoring on your sites you will find that they go down, mostly weekly, sometimes daily so this company is simply not worth it. Don’t waste your money and don’t believe anything Brian F. tells you. If you encounter Troy in abuse expect that he is more concerned about waving acting authoritarian and talking down to customers than he is concerned with actually helping them and RETAINING THEM. He will make threats to you that they will keep you from ever getting to your files again. He, as well as Brian F. and everyone at Hawk Host don’t care for their customers. Do not do business with them or you will regret it. The worst web host is Hawk host!!! I


    Review Rating

These guys are a joke. NO SUPPORT. Seriously, they are never availabel on the phone or online. Go look, try their chat, they are likely offline. Phone? Nope Brian F. admitted they NEVER answer and call you back when they get around to it. Why go with Hawk Host when plenty of other hosts offer true 24/7/365 support. You get what you pay for, and Hawk Host has cheap service, cheap support and a cheap attitude.

Raheem Harris

    Review Rating

I have been with them for about 4 months they have caused me a lot of problem mainly their support, e.g. my website got too much traffic one day they suspended my account on a friday and i tried to get in touch with them over the weekend and they are always offline and never answer calls, very poor service i will be moving host soon when my site is back.


    Review Rating

Hi I have only been with hawkhost less than a week and I have requested a refund but have not been given it and get told to wait and I find it rude how I have to wait as it is their policy to give refunds.

it is very rude to not be given a refund when i am *** well in my right to get one. i do not wish to own the website i have requested anymore so just give me a god *** refund

i will go to the police if this is not sorted as soon as possible

HawkHost Scam

    Review Rating

HawkHost recently stole $67 from me.

I signed up for a VPS using Bitcoin, and whilst they only took about 5 hours to respond to my ticket concerning the payment not being accepted, everything else has been abysmal. I thought I was safe using their service because of the reassuring "30 Day Guarantee" I see plastered all over the site. The neglect to tell you however, this doesn't apply to VPS accounts. The only place this can be found is buried in the TOS, they don't bother to mention this on the VPS sales page or the "Money Back Guarantee / Satisfaction Guaranteed" page.

At some point in the signup process the system lost the domain name I was going to use, in the first reply Brian informed me of this and asked what name I was using. I replied and waited. A few hours went by and I was wondering why there was no reply, and why the chat support is constantly showing "offline." I knew already that this company would not be a fit, and after reading a few reviews like the one on this page, I replied again and asked for a full refund. Keep in mind this is before any work had been done to setup the account.

Instead of receiving a concerned reply back in response to my wish to cancel, I only received an update stating that my ticket was passed on to billing support level 2. I continued to ask for a refund for the next two days until finally someone replied explaining my account was now active ... what?! I explained that I did not want the service and that they wasted their time creating the account because they already received multiple replies and tickets stating I wanted my money back. I was then told that I needed to use the account cancellation form if I wanted to cancel the account, so I went ahead and did this and again asked for my money back in the comments.

Finally Brian replied again stating that they don't offer refunds on Bitcoin payments but offered 50% off next months bill. By this point I was fuming because they made me jump through all sorts of hoops only to be told that they're not going to refund me. I replied back and noted the satisfaction guarantee and that I would take a refund via PayPal... no response. This is when I discovered the TOS and how it states no refunds on VPS accounts... "how convenient" I thought. They purposely ignored my support tickets and setup the VPS because they thought I would have no recourse under the TOS.

I wrote another email to them explaining that I found the TOS section but thought that it was very unfair, and asked them to consider what they were doing and if they would enjoy being treated the same. I also noted that there are likely provisions under the UCC which would allow me to recover the funds regardless of what they think the TOS allows them to do. Like typical scammers, they haven't bothered to reply. I am now working with CoinBase to try and recover the funds since I paid through their interface and HawkHost also has a merchant account with them. They explained "We take reports of merchant fraud very seriously and we have made record of your notification," and I will be submitting all details for review.

A word of WARNING for anyone thinking about using HawkHost ... DON'T ... they really are HAWKERS, more like VULTURES! The support is beyond terrible, they will not act honorably and they will completely ignore your requests.


    Review Rating

Support has greatly gone downhill. I've referred all my clients to Hawkhost and even when all my info has been clearly added as an authorized contact, (except for the email because it doesn't allow me to use emails I've used on other accounts) they've refused to provide me service....even though I can login to the client area.

They are making it very difficult for me to assist my clients and therefore hurting my business.

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