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Hetzner Online is a professional web hosting provider and experienced data center operator. Since 1997 the company has provided private and business clients with high-performance hosting products as well as the necessary infrastructure for efficient operation of websites. A combination of stable technology, attractive pricing and flexible support and services has enabled Hetzner Online to continuously strengthen its market position both nationally and internationally.


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Hosting Reviews for Hetzner

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I used this hosting last year and I was very happy with them, I moved to godaddy and now I am very very regret about it. I will move back to hetzner asap :(

John @ Burconsult

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After having problems with various hosting providers from the US and Europe, I decided to give Hetzner's Root Servers a try. The support people were very curteous during the setup phase and I even got to talk to an account manager from their head office (in English) and it was very nice of them to let me know after my purchase that they were upgrading their dedicated servers in a few days. This way I got one of their new generation servers in their Nuremberg data center and for the same price. It's been more than a year now and everything's been working out just great.

It's true that their unmanaged servers are not targeted at casual hosting clients and you're pretty much on your own after the initial basic Linux installation, but that shouldn't be a problem if you are or have on your team an experienced sysadmin. I went with 64bits Debian and a very decent Open Source control panel and never looked back.

The hardware is amazing and I didn't personally experience any downtime, except for the couple of times I had to reboot the system afetr installing extra software (using Hetzner's own server management panel).

I have saved hundreds of euros by choosing Hetzner compared to going with a managed server with some expensively licensed control panel.

They have lots of extra hardware, software and support options for their root servers (at extra cost of course) and even managed servers and collocation services. You may also choose their domain registration "robot" if you decide to sign-up for this service. Almost all of these options are only advertised in German, so you may consider the language issue as well.

It's a matter of taste as well, but make sure you seriously consider your Linux administration capabilities before buying an unmanaged root server from Hetzner (they have a non-refundable one-time 99€ setup fee). If you're confident about them, then it's the way to go.

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Hetzner's prices are unbelievable for what you get. We run Hyper-V VPS off their i7 servers with a custom setup and have had in general a good experience. There was one issue when a server had problems and the support response was rather slow until we called them directly. Hetzner has definitely helped ultimahosts worldwide expansion. And now they are in South Africa? Will have to check that out!

Valery Ferguson

    Review Rating

Be carefull - Hetzner will discontinue your service if you pay 3 days late. This caused me as much inconvenience as loss of business. They dont even take the 7 days grace allowed by law into account. I have been with them for almost four years, but I have to complain about the accounts dept. I only received my invoice 10 days before they cut my service. I was overburdened with other business responsibilities and was not able to pay when they said. My invoice was made out 20/10/2011 and they expected me to pay on the 31/10/2011. Rather short notice... So yes, I dont consider this service so reliable. I was waiting for very important mails to come through. Be warned...

Les H

    Review Rating

Good points: They are very good value and our servers have been extremely reliable so far - a much better experience than with a couple of UK providers we tried first. We have been using them for 4 years and now have 3 servers.

Less than good points: Support is courteous and reasonably prompt but parsimonious and you really are on your own with these servers so you need to be competent at sysadmin. The failover option is a bit clunky but works OK. (We also have a VPS with a UK company because Hetzner are a bit behind with these).

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I have been using Hetzner for dedicated hosting for over 3 years now and they rock. They are a budget host, and you have to know your stuff since their service does not include helping newbies.

That aside the quality of their hardware is top notch. The reliability of their network is amazing.

What really sets them apart are two things.

1-They give you all the control you need. Instant reboots, ability to easily reformat your server with the most common operating systems. And a rescue system which netboots and mounts your HDs for you to be able to fix simple stuff. For more involved stiff you can request a temporary free KVM over IP anytime, and they will connect one for a few hours to your server. I tried that late at night on a Sunday and they had it working in about half an hour!

2-Amazing server specs at unbeatable prices. Their entry level comes with 32Gigs of ram and enterprise level hard drives!!! For less than 60Euros!

Although they do not give and SLA for their network they are above 99.95% available.

    Review Rating

Not good support - Nice price for server


    Review Rating

On the positive side, they provide good specs and their uptime and performance has been good. There are also some serious issues to consider:

Their pricing is misleading. The base prices are very competitive but they have a range of hidden fees for almost any action undertaken on their admin panel. In the end, our fees are on par with a relatively expensive provider.

At some point they were hacked and several of their clients (including us) had their data compromised. They had the curtesy to let us know, but it was still a significant issue for us.

When issues do arise, their handling of phone and email communication can be very poor.

At some point they shut down all our services without any notification. They thought a previous invoice was unpaid. It was finally resolved when we sent proof of payment but in the mean time our clients were left without services for almost 24 hours during the middle of the working week.

From our experiences, we can not recommend this company to professionals.


    Review Rating

support is awful, trying to call for 1 hours without success. Waiting for email support for 4 hours without success.


    Review Rating

Very good with their standard products.

Support is absolutely appaulingly bad. I haver never experienced anything like this. Their reliability and price makes up for it though as it is very seldom that I do require to contact their support desk.

Another bad thing, is that they are completely inflexible to customer requirements. The moment you require anything that is not an "standard" they simply say no, and show you the door. Don't bother asking for a private VLAN, or a smaller hard disk, or even a basic firewall.


    Review Rating

cheap, poor quality servers. drives went bad in less than one month. I switched to them as i thought GoDaddy service was poor. yes it was poor but there was customer service. This company has customer service request deflection services. You'll get what you paid for.

    Review Rating

We still have servers at hetzner.

Now for 3-4 years we have dedicate server, vps and lot shared accounts for our clients.

It was OK for some time, until we needed their help...

But we are moving everything now.

They change postgreSQL database version without any announcement and that put down 3 websites of our clients.

They did not help us, they did not want to speak with us,

When we call on phone support girl put us on hold (music) for 4-5 times (like she will switch and give us colleague)... until we listen music for ten minute we hangup..

We are in this business for 15 years and until now Hetzner is biggest hosting company disappointment we had.


    Review Rating

I like robot servers of Hetzner, quite good price, quite OK speed/simplicity setup.

Downside of this looser company - Hetzner is their fcking stupid support. Almost everytime i try to contact these loosers, i feel like they try to waste my times by their half helpfull answers. They never try to help you. In average i need to ask them 4 times same question untill they finally answer what i asked. I think swine which is head of customer department is stupid ignorant. And it all goes down to particular support stafs.


    Review Rating

I used Hetzner for webhosting and I had many problems with them.

When a DDOS came they blocked the server (just be cause they can) and if you convince them that no DDOS attack will be around then they will start your server.

This is stupid. I tried to talk to them and I was informed that I have a root server and they will keep block the server on each attack (just like that).

In just one year they blocked the server many times for DDOS attacks, virus spam, etc. And I had to reinstall system just to make them unblock the server.

I am glad that I left this morons .. don't make the same mistake as I did.


    Review Rating

Support is very stupid and slowly. Abuse team is very stupid and have no experience.

All is well until there starts at least one small problem. Not recommended for serious projects.


    Review Rating

They have a poor support, tons of tickets but they don't care about customer needs.

Avoid this hosting.


    Review Rating

Rather then make more then 20 support tickets for my dedicated server and to take the time to help with the downtime (config on the server was perfect no faults there) but it was a internal issue and they refused too look at it or even switch the server to a other rack. Really poor support im glad that im gone.


    Review Rating

COMPLETE AND UTTER SCAM, i ordered a server and they asked for me to email a copy of my passport to them which i did, then i received an email from hetzner saying my order had been declined, i asked why they even asked for my passport if the order was going to be declined and they haven't replied at all, No explanation on why it was declined or anything, BEWARE!!!!!!!!!


    Review Rating

Has anyone dealt with this company before? Basically my experience signing up is a complete and utter nightmare.

I had a long chat with the sales team and they seemed really really nice, told them i wanted to swap providers as i wasnt happy with my current provider etc and was told a great sales pitch etc by hetzner so i decided what the hell i'd give them a try, so i signed up and ordered one of there servers, immediately after ordering i received an email stating that as i was a new customer i would have to send in a copy of my passport to them as proof of id which is fair enough as companies can't be too careful these days on who to trust etc so i emailed them a copy of my passport and within about 10 minutes i received this email stating "After reviewing your order, we regret to inform you that we are not able to accept it due to concerns with the data entered."

So i thought maybe i've made a mistake in the order so i replied to the email, i had an email stating: "Dear Client

Thank you very much for your enquiry. For reasons of security and privacy, we

require you to submit a support request via the Robot administration interface

(https://robot.your-server.de), so that we can assist you.

Please log in to the Robot using your master login and click on "Requests" in the

menu on the left. There you can select your server and the request type, or simply

send a general request.

We shall reply to your support request as soon as we can.

Thank you for your understanding.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards

Magdalena Grimm"

Now when i read this i thought hang on a minute do this company actually communicate with eachother how in the hell was i supposed to login to an account that was declined and no details given? doesn't make sense right so i messaged them again stating i did not have any details to log in with as my order had been declined, So waited for about an hour for a reply and nothing came so i wasn't happy and really nervous as i haven't heard of this company before only on google i found it so i emailed them again asking for a full explanation on why my order was declined, what there process is and if there is anything i could do to fix my order, NO REPLY, so i emailed again and asked them what do they do with peoples identification after they had checked it, NO REPLY, so i thought maybe its just me so i phoned 2 friends and asked them if they could order the server for me to see if they got the same response as i did, So the both of them ordered from hetzner and low and behold guess what happened, yup thats right they were asked to send in there passports which they did and within a few minutes they received emails stating that there order was declined, So they to wrote back to them asking for reasons why the order was declined and AGAIN No Reply they sent in total about 10 emails between them and hetzner didnt reply to even one of them,

So i've come to the conclusion that this company/site is asking for people's id's hiding behind what they call a "Hosting Company" i find it very strange they declined 3 people AFTER asking for there id's, now if they had said your order has been refused because of this...this..and this then i would of understood but to just let us send our id's in and then just say they are declined and give no reason why and then go and not reply to any emails sounds really fishy to me, Has anyone else had this problem with hetzner, me personally i will be keeping a very close eye on my credit record and if anything does happen i'll know where to look thats for sure.


    Review Rating

Terrible customer service and I really mean terrible. I setup a VPS with them and apart from VERY choppy performance - ok. One day they emailed me and said I had to use SSH to login to my server. When I asked them how, their "customer support" told me to look it up on the internet.....

If you like slow servers, terrible admin interface and really, really, really bad customer service - go for it.

Tim Marston

    Review Rating

Very, very bad service. Crappy servers, unhelpful staff but worst of all dishonest billing practices. Stay well away from these guys.

Michal Brichacek

    Review Rating

I have had an absolutely terrible experience with this company. I used their services for a short period of time, then decided to close my account. I was not informed of any outstanding balances before doing so. The next day I was sent an invoice for €7.54.

The invoice states that the payment is due by PayPal. I only signed up for this company because they advertise as accepting payment by PayPal. When I click the link to pay the invoice however, it does not let me do so as my account is closed.

The “support” team has been rude and absolutely unhelpful. They have informed me that I am unable to pay by PayPal because I closed my account. I have asked them to reinstate my account so that I can pay my invoice. They refuse to do this because my account has an outstanding balance.

One of their e-mails to me stated the following:

“As the account is disabled already, you have to make a bank transfer. There is no other option, and it's not our problem, you deleted your account, so disbaled it, before paying the invoice.”

It’s not their problem? Are you serious? When I closed my account it didn’t show me an outstanding invoice. It didn’t give me any option to pay. I closed my account on March 31st at 12:02 PM. I was sent an invoice on April 1st at 4:14 AM. It seems to me like the problem is the way they run their system.

They insist that I send an international wire transfer for €7.54 to them. I have repeatedly refused to send an international wire transfer where the fee to do so will cost me three or four times what I owe. After all, they clearly advertise that they accept PayPal.

I have on multiple occasions offered to pay by credit card. I have also asked them for an e-mail address that I can simply send a PayPal payment to. They have refused both of these and insist that I send them a wire transfer. They are threatening to send me to a collections agency if I do not do so. This behavior borders on extortion. I am actually trying to pay my invoice, but they are NOT giving me a reasonable way to do so.

Again when I asked to pay for PayPal, one of their replies states the following:

“you don't have the option to do that as YOU deleted the account.”

My last four e-mails to them asking them for a PayPal address to send payment to have been completely ignored. I suspect they will soon send me to a collections agency (as they have directly told me they will do this) for not paying my invoice, which I have repeatedly attempted to pay.

I have NEVER dealt with a company with such rude and appalling customer service. I recommend avoiding this terrible company at ALL costs.

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