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HIOX INDIA is involved in web services, web hosting, domain registration, internet solutions and web design.

Started as an application development company in 2002, HIOX shifted its vision towards web based services and solutions later. HIOX is currently involved in project development, product development, content development and web based services. HIOX has grown as one of the best content development company in India.

Hiox India

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Hosting Reviews for Hiox India

Vishu Malhotra

    Review Rating

I am happy with the Service I got from HIOX India and they gave me the time I needed.


    Review Rating

Perfect Support.


    Review Rating

It was a good chat with your support team and My doubts cleared on the spot.Thanks & All the best


    Review Rating

very good service, much satisfied

    Review Rating

I initially took windows hosting. Today I took windows hosting as well. The tech support I get from them is excellent...



Pratheep Singh

    Review Rating

Web hosting and domain combo packages well suits my needs. HIOX India technical team deserves more than an applause. When i was totally distressed with so many other hosting services, this people helped me out to resolve all my issues and choose the best plan. In simple I would say, Trustable!


    Review Rating

Good support.


    Review Rating

Very good support team i have never ever seen available online.Great working with Mr.Selva Kumar in working around my Tomcat server requirements.


    Review Rating

HioxIndia's website hosting and domains registration services are really incredible. As a satisfied customer of this host, I would like to share some views about them. Their customer service is very excellent. My site is always up, and their plans have very good features. The important point that I would like to emphasize is that,the packages are at very affordable cost.


    Review Rating

Great Support from Technical Assistance Selva since i dont know abc of hosting can achieve easily.


    Review Rating

I was a hosting customer of godaddy a few months back. Their servers were very poor. My site was always down. When i contact the technical team, no proper response from them. Was fed up. Then, one of my friend suggests hioxindia for hosting my website. I shifted my hosting space from godaddy to hioxindia and its unbelievable !!! Their services are topnotch... Uptime and traffic is fair. Support team is quite flexible. I would suggest hioxindia for perfect web hosting services.


    Review Rating

Trusted service and Extraordinary support !!!. Thanks to the team and keep growing

    Review Rating

50% downtime


    Review Rating

worst hosting provider.... server is always down


    Review Rating

I have been trying to set up my new website using hios india services. Far

from being supportive, they have made it a nighmare.

They promised 99.9% uptime. However my site is never up. Even if

its up for 1 hr in 24 hrs, it goes down after 2 clicks.

When i took the service, they explicitly mentioned that there

was no restrictions on the number of times i can request for a

tomcat restart. Then suddenly it was restricted to 4

times a day. And I was not notified when the policy changed, if at


The sales and support team so rude. I am chatting and in

between they leave the chat and go. I have

proofs of everything i am saying.

I ask for details of database provided by hiox and their support team

asks me to google it and find out. How will google tell me the port

number of the database, hiox has opened.

Overall very bad (nighmarish) experience with their staff and service.

M Ramgopal

    Review Rating

Customer service is rude and unhelpful.

If you call up for support, they ask you come on chat , if you go on chat , they ask you to email. If you email, they give 3 different contradictory answers that do not help.

If you ask for a refund, forget it.

Before you cough up, call up their customer service at different times of the day and night , and see how often you can get through!

Terrible provider. Worse service.


    Review Rating

Its a difficult provider to work with. The tech guys are rednecks absolutely. Only before I made payment I was attended to like a Sheikh in a showroom. After I paid I became a pariah. I choose them because of the initial pre-payment response. If I had known they would do a U-Turn post-payment I would gone else where. My site is down now. On 3/April/2012 the server is down. And its 10 pm. Thanks to the HIOX team I am spending a fruitless night on my lappy.


    Review Rating

The only thing good is the pricing. This is the most stupid customer service team that I have interacted with.

They dont know anything about tech issues.

Finally, after spending 4 hours on chat and phone with these guys, "I" find that the issue is with the upload limit in wordpress.

They, keep telling this statement.

"Sir..there is no issue. Pls check your end"

I inform them about the problem, they tell me that it will be resolved in one hour and go offline for the night.

Here I am with a site that is down and is supposed to go live in a massive inaugural function at 9 am the next day,.. ripping my hair off at the helplessness!

Thankfully, I had another hosting account at Ix and quickly pointed my domain there.

Hiox team, you have a team of seriously dumb people who lack accountability and professionalism. Hope you rip off more customers like me.

P.S. They have no refund policy either and I have all the chat transcripts to back up this claim.

Happy hosting with these jerks.

Oded Eliav

    Review Rating

" I signed up for their Unlimited Shared hosting, to keep photo albums of family. After uploading about 200GB of pictures, my account was suspended, and their Tech Support informed me that I can Only have 20GB of storage on an Unlimited Shared account!!!

Their customer service is the worst I've seen! -They are available for chat in weird hours (I guess it's business hours in India - not very helpful if you are in the USA), and once the tech hung up on me when it was time to go home. It is also the only company I've seen that asks for your password to diagnose issues.

Emails to their customer service to reactivate my account or refund the $$ went un-answered. so looks like I lost my money!!!

Bottom Line - Stay Away!!!!! "

    Review Rating

technical support is too bad they don't even give attention to their customers.

I hv a doubt that they might be copy pasting same solution msg to every customer. and connection timeout problem (may be known as downtime) is common.

though I am paying very less price for running heavy background process. it's ok to use it with cms like drupal, wordpress etc.

    Review Rating

Worst service provider. Claim to provide your money back and when you face any problem, they do not even show their face to you. I'v been chasing them for my refund from last 1.3 years but still got no response their side.


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