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home.pl was founded in 1997 and is the largest provider of Internet services to small and medium-sized enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe. The company specializes in hosting websites, email accounts, systems and business application sharing over the Internet. Our services are used by nearly 2 million members . home.pl is the largest partner NASK (Research and Academic Computer Network) in the national domain name registration services. PL. home.pl has won many prestigious awards and honors.

The company constantly works with global technology leaders to develop the offer. Among the key partners of our company include, among others AMD, Google, Microsoft. In 2009, the company received a Golden Laurel and met rigorous standards of information security management, which has been confirmed by the implementation of the system in accordance with the standard ISO 27001:2005 (in Poland were far less than 100 certification of its kind - mainly banks and institutions of public trust).


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