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Our mission is simple. To provide trouble-free, customer-focused, reliable, and affordable web hosting services. WE simply want to continue to operate a profitable web hosting company that makes customers happy.

We provide High Availability hosting service to cPanel/WHM website owners and save them a lot of time and money on hardware, system management and software licenses.

Since the beginning, we have backed our rock solid hosting solutions and top-notch infrastructure with the best customer service and technical support. A common feeling about the technology field is it's all about machines, yes, It does take machines but, Host Pair also knows it takes good people to run a well oiled machine. Yes, a successful business needs to be committed to client solutions, innovation, creativity and a warm, caring attitude to all of our customers' business needs. We don't just provide 24x7 support. we really do listen and care.

Company was Re-branded from 'So Cheap Host' to Host Pair in 2013.

Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Host Pair

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