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Host4Geeks' Optional Support Policy takes away the high costs invloved with purchasing a quality web hosting package by offering our Premium Customer Support to only those who need it.

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Hosting Reviews for Host4Geeks

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I have been running avalonrisen.com since 1999. In March I switched over to host4geeks (the price was right and they offered free ssl certficates). The first problems since 1999 began in April. First, hackers got in and injected a fake "Zeus virus", so that anyone who logged in was redirected to their fake site. This happened 3 times. Next, a little .php virus was introduced into a subordinate site, and the root files system. That had the effect of taking the site down altogether, running literally thousands of .php files causing an overload of the system. Lastly, I found that they practice censorship on content they dislike. It may take me some time to win my customers back, but I think I made the right move in getting away from host4geeks.


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Had reseller hosting with them for almost a year.. worst host ever! server keeps going down, cant answer my client, crappy support, no one replies until days, scammers and giving non-profit licenses and scamming! the only good thing is price and the features of hosting plan would not recommend at all.


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We had some good experiances with Host4geeks, but once it went bad it went really bad.

We would not recommend. We raised a number of issues and always seemed to find that the "ceo" always thinks he is right and everyone else is wrong.

The end result for us was we lost all of our data, all the sites we hosted with them offline and serious loss of income. We had paid our invoice late but we were customers for 2 years - so some leway would be expected. Nope server shutdown terminated and everything including backups deleted. We paid the invoice - but nothing was ever resolved sadly.

Daniel Rosehill

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I signed up for a reseller web hosting plan with Host4Geeks about a year ago. Things initially seemed good, but quickly soured after a botched migration (at 30 minutes' notice) which left scripts broken and websites offline. Their support is also atrocious.

As time went on, I grew increasingly frustrated with the service until one day I woke up to a support ticket saying that phishing malware had mysteriously appeared on one of my 24 Cpanels. Guess what? The company immediately terminated the entire account — at seven days' notice!

This was a Wordpress installation that was properly maintained and updated and no logs were shared — so I have grave questions as to how the company could justify summarily discontinuing the account on this basis alone.

Unfortunately the nightmare wasn't over yet.

The company promised a pro rata refund which (at the time of writing) I still have not yet received. More concerning, I could not edit or remove my credit card from their UI (nor automatically cancel my service - another red flag). Countless users have reported being billed AFTER cancellation so this was an immediate concern.

I received contradictory messages from their support staff both by ticket and on a popular web hosting forum. Then, my account was summarily cancelled.

I have written a detailed blog outlining my experience under my name and ask people to read it — and the WebHostingTalk threads linked — before even considering handing over your credit card information to this company.

I had no idea that reseller hosting was generally a lot more expensive than shared. If I had, I would have realized that this deal is far too good to be true.

Host4Geeks do not hesitate to engage in lies and deception to attempt to get their customers to shut up. Thankfully, plenty have already disclosed their experiences and I am happy to share mine.

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