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HostDone provide reliable Internet access, Web hosting, Domain names, security and network services and more... With robust and reliable technologies, HostDone drive business forward with constant innovation and flexible plans that meet a business’ specific needs. HostDone Inc. provides guaranteed reliable Internet access, Web hosting, security and powerful managed services that allow HostDone customers to realize their business goals. New Jersey, USA


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Hosting Reviews for HostDone

Maniush Tadeush

    Review Rating


Hope it will be interesting for you to share my experience about dealing with hostdone.com web host. I decided to transfer all my files to them after bad experience with my previous host. Now I am glad..

I have NEVER had such a high level of support from a company before. These guys bend over backwards and go out of their way to assits. The only reason I have contacted support is due to questions about setting things up, and I should say they were very fast and helpful, explained me every important thing I needed to know.

Excellent pricing for a lot of room and features, very fast server, Great and known Cpanel with a load of features plus Free web site builder. Not to mentioned %20 off WaW....

I feel confident that my site is up and fast running at all times. this is also due to their stable servers, fast speed connectivity and good work of their staff.

In conclusion, I'd like to suggest this decent host to any business site or new personal with no idea about how to build a web site personal blog/forum and who is looking for a new provider or even looking to move from the current host that got on the nerves.


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It is soo slooooow, so slow that images dont load sometimes. I was very embarrassed before my client when it loaded half a page during presentation of his website.

Sani Panhwar

    Review Rating

The plan I purchased and paid upfront for 2 years included:

Unlimited Domains

200000 MB Disk Space

500.0 GB Traffic Limit.

After using over two years when I tried to add domain I was told that my limit is 100 domains, even though most of my sites are just parked or one page sites, what happened to UNLIMITED DOMAINS.

I have never crossed my storage and traffic limits, as a matter of fact I am only using less then 10%.

Unfortunately few months back I renewed for another two years and paid them, I will definitely not renew my hosting service with HostDone.com.

If you own a lot of domains try somewhere else. Don't use this company.


    Review Rating

Very bad services. Failed to satisfy customers and very poor customer support, very slow, less features.

below is their response when i ask some thing to do.


Sorry we will not be able to provide request service your PHP requirement, for this reason we have to refund your money and close this account .

Amount refunded and you should get an email about refund details within few minutes.

Best regards

HostDOne Inc


    Review Rating

The problem with hostdone is the absolutely attracious customer service. They don't speak English properly. It is like as if you are a prisoner and the support are like the jailers. For example: The time on their server was 20 minutes late. I complained and they say it is my fault. I had to hound them for ages to explain that everywhere in the world is on the same time system so it cannot be 20 minutes out.

Last week the server went down for 8 hours. When it came back up the MYSQL databases were from a 4 day old backup. They did not tell me, I had to discover it when my customers complained. This is an awful company full of unpleasant people you treat you like a criminal. They offer no help whatsoever not even the answers to very simple questions. Avoid like the plague.

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