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HostHi are the leaders in affordable, reliable web hosting, providing service to more than 110,000 clients around the world. You'll be supported by HostHi experienced professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HostHi well connected, rock solid network offers consistent 99.9% uptime and our feature packed hosting gives you everything you need to take your website higher.


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Hosting Reviews for HostHi

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What can I say? These guys offer UNLIMITED Bandwith and Storage, E-mails and databases, and all for £2.45/month (or £25/year). WOW! And no downtime yet ;)


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Nasty,Nasty,Nasty.I hate this hosting provider.I've been using it for 2 years.Their server Uptime is less than 50%.I've been reinstalling my site script and mysql database at least 10 times,because mysql database and users just Disappears.Yes "DISAPPEARED" and nobody can tell me how is that possible.They couldn't restore it because they make backups once a month or longer.So....first time I lost 5000 members.Second time I lost 7000 members.Third time 6000 members.I started daily backups.I resolved this problem but Wait......(YOU MUST HAVE PROBLEMS)That's what their server say's. My htaccess file was changing permissions by it self.Yes...... from 644 to 0 and I couldn't change it back to 644.Every time I had to contact support (NEVER MIND) I forgot about this problem.BUT.........There was another one I couldn't log in to my admin area for few weeks and I resolved the problem.You will ask HOW????? I moved to another hosting provider.


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Very bad hosting, bad technical support, rough, malicious and not professional, spoil a site, disable it when they would like, change site customisations without the permission. Because of it we had to change a hosting


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I have been with hosthi for 2 years now and found i have had loads of downtime, not a great deal of support but with the features for the price they offer i could not expect more.

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Where to start? Uptime: over 6 months it was down for 1 month in total, bandwidth problems all the time (was taking up to 2 mins to load a 30k file - my connection isnt a problem...), Support which decides to CLOSE your connection to them when they dont like talking to you. I would like to point out you would have a better host if geocities was still around...

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Absolutely terrible hosting provider!!! Yes, they offer unlimited disk space, emails, databases BUT!!! all this doesn't work. Most of time my site is down. In order to add a simple post to wordpress blog I need to waste 5-10 minutes because pages load too slow.

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