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With Hosting24.com you receive unlimited disk space and bandwidth - we guarantee it. What's the trick? No tricks at all. You get what you see. Even if your account uses 10 GB of disk space, we will never kick you off and you can continue uploading.

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Hosting Reviews for Hosting24


    Review Rating

Cheap, reliable, excellent supprot. I have a open resseler account, and only 3 things I would like to have are; 1.free WHMCS license(license now cost me more that a monthly resseler account :-) ) ; 2. some features in Cpanel and WHM which are locked for me;3. maybe a custom reseller plan..

Everything else is very close to perfect.


    Review Rating

works great, live chat in members area is a bliss for quick checks on how things should be done.

They prove to be a lot more simple to use than some domain providers with multiple levels of menu's and unclear pricing.

i use wordpress mostly so i do not use the web control panel they provide that much, but i have not had any issues with the service though


    Review Rating

Hosting24 has provided a very easy way to host and customize my own site. The hosting here is much cheaper than the other sites I've looked at and have never had any problems that the customer service couldn't quickly sort out. Anyone looking to start a new site should use hosting24. Cheapest and best host

ashok kumar

    Review Rating

hostinger has been providing the good services with cheap cost and with fast customer response.this made me host my sites on hostinger.

i used a trial for 3 months and then i started using shared hosting in hostinger .As i have been customer since an year

i am using vps server and using current plan as business shared hosting to develop my website cloudis.ml. my server works damn superb.

it has a simple cpanel which made me quite comfortable when compared to other hosting providers such as godaddy,awardspace,appohosting.

I support beginers and even professions to use hostinger. they can find a way towards their websites through hostinger.

    Review Rating

Best web host i have ever used. Hands down. There support is good, pricing is cheap, reliability... *perfection*

When they say "99% uptime", they don't lie. I have had absolutely no downtime in the months i have used there services.

In the past roughly 5 months i have been with them, i have had one problem.

I had a large site hosted through them that was 10gb+ in file size, on my sites server they experienced a hardware failure, and since my site was over 4gb in size, it could not be backed up via cPannel. So my site and a few others they where not able to restore.

Did they say sorry and just flip me off like other web hosts?


They gave me 2 options

An ENTIRE refund on *all* of my payments i have made with them


An entire year of free gold hosting

I took the free year, and have had no problems since. Not to mention, i get free hosting now, for an entire year!

I would highly recommend this web host to anyone, it is purely amazing

    Review Rating

First of all this hosting company sucks!!! NEVER buy from this idiots hosting, is the biggest mistake you can do for your business ! I have 8 months of hosting from this idiots and I have only problems . Today I've had my website down for 4 hours and I loosed 300 euros . When I was talking with the support guys they told me at the beginning that they didnt know that they had this issue , after 30 minutes they changer their mind and told me that they have network issues and they hard drives displayed "disk read errors". I wanted to report the to BBB, but they dont want to provide their information, like phone number, company name and address .

The tehnical support is full of shit, they don't know nothing about servers and how to maintain them up&running .

The cpu usage is most of the time over 15% and the site is working like hell, even they suspended my website because of resource consuming , but the site is running on a 586 pc with 233mhz cpu and 256 ram.. they have dual xeon (and I think they lie) ..

The service is slow, even google confirm that in webmaster tools !

they have limits that are not advertised correctly on the website.

Overall I will NOT suggest or recommend this hosting company !

This is the biggest scam ever in hosting field!

Check http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=714107&page=3 if you don't bellive me!

patric Miller

    Review Rating

A big No from my side for this host.really a worst hosting company.No quick response.they don't care for there clients.

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