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HostingPlex provides mission critical web hosting solutions to businesses, both in the public and private sectors of today's marketplace. Since 2000, HostingPlex has been offering services.

HostingPlex is a service of Inverdigm, which is a privately-owned, profitable IT-related services company located in the City of Toronto. HostingPlex has helped thousands of customers establish an Internet presence.

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Hosting Reviews for Hostingplex

Lela Gary

    Review Rating


Poor service; delayed support;

screwed up billing; interrupted service; NO SPAM CONTROL.

Miroslav Glavic

    Review Rating

I love Hostingplex, I have 4 domains (two accounts). They handle their customer service within appropriate times.

I had barely any downtime. Nothing was down for more than 4 hours (that was overnight hours).

I love hostingplex.


    Review Rating

DONT USE HOSTINGPLEX, originally about 4 years ago I purched services from them, I was very happy with their support and products, so I recommend the service for one of my customers, and go ahead and try to set it up. Picked out a two year service, and a domain name, then paid, and now they have yet to deliver the service be setting up the domain or anything. After 20 or 30 calls and 20 emails, they still have no resolved it. Their stock answer is "It will be up in 24 hours" thats just to get you to call back the next day and complain so they may just repeat. DONT GIVE THESE FOOLS YOUR MONEY.


    Review Rating

Simply put - no service, no support, no answers.

Sometimes it works, some times it does not - problem is you can never know when and you can never get a proper answer from them via email or phone which they never answer.swer.


    Review Rating

Very poor support, had a vps with them...was fone until they started overloading...servers became slow, crashing and support became non existant.

Their forum became a "I want my money back" specialist.


    Review Rating

Avoid Hostingplex, even if it's the last hosting company on earth.

After 2 years with this hosting company and lots of problems like

1. their HDDs where full for about 2 months and I was unable to upload anything (not even a 2KB file )

2. the mySQL server was down pretty often

3. 24/7 support means you'll get an answer in 3-10 days (usually in the same time when they are in the mood to fix the problem).

and other like this.....

But the worse happend 1 week ago when I was unable to renew my account because they removed the monthly payment option (I was on a monthly payment cycle) and didn't bother to announce this (according to their Terms of Service they cannot do that). So basically they are trying to force my hand now to buy a 1 year subscription only to get acces to my files.

So, don't even think about going with Hostingplex.

    Review Rating

I, like everyone else, has had issues with Hostingplex since about July, and then after they supposedly do "maintenance", all of my sites go down, and have been down now for three days. My customers are upset with me, I'm losing business daily, and the stress is unreal. They have been providing such poor service that I'm getting an emergency webhost and getting my dns nameservers moved over to someone else. I wonder what will happen to the domain name they registered for me when I try to get it? I have no access to my email, no websites, no ftp to even grab my files, and no cPanel! You cannot claim to have 24/7 support then ignore your customers for days and days.

By the way, they're not answering the phone either. After 5 voice messages, I've given up. They've disappeared off of the face of the earth, and it's horrible. I was featured in PCWorld magazine in April of 2006 for my previous trouble with web hosts, and thought with HP that I've finally found "good home for my website." (The article title is "Finding a Good Home for your Website") Well, too bad for HP that PC World wants a follow up article. The problem with screwing businesses is that sooner or later you will run across one that will bite you in the derrier...

What's gone wrong?

    Review Rating

I have to disagree with some of what has been said about Hostingplex as I have little issue with uptime but of late service has been dire!

Tickets don't get responded to or take weeks

I had an issue with cron jobs failing dfor 2 months for no good reason and they have suddenly started again with no info as to why they failed or how they were resolved

I wonder if 'Kevin Moonlight' has actually done a monlight flit??

However for all that I'm staying with them for now as the cost is still good for the space/bandwidth and as I said before uptime has been within expectations for shared hosting


    Review Rating

I bought webhosting from hostingplex.com because it seemed to have very good features for its price. The company offers lots of space and bandwidth for very inexpensive prices.

That is, if you can access the features of the packages you "get" with their service.

The backend of your website is administered by cpanel, which is pretty good and gives you a lot of control without having to use an FTP-client. The only problem is that half the time I cannot access the cpanel for my website. When I do, it runs incredible slow. Much much much slower than other websites that I load and the slowness occurs even on other computers that I access it from. Therefore, I know it is not a connection speed problem on my part. When I emailed hostingplex about this issue, I never got a reply. So much for customer service.

Now I know why their hosting is so inexpensive, its because it is a very poor and unreliable web hosting package.

Look somewhere else, I know I will once my contract ends.


    Review Rating


the website goes down on regular basis, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for a few hours. obviously any emails, ftps, forwards, etc. go down with it. the customer service only works during business hours when you're too busy at work. they scam you into paying with their low monthly rates. don't be fooled however, there ARE hidden fees after you pay initial price.


    Review Rating

Sorry but I have had enough - same as the other reviews. Downtime over the past few weeks has been cronic and if you want support then don't expect any outside of weekday office hours in Canada - not much help when your based in the UK

Anyway the problem is resolved as I have moved my site.

Cheap they may appear to be but cheerfull? most certainley not.

Stay away is all I can say

Geoff Jones

    Review Rating

Great price - BUT the worst customer service EVER.

Just try to talk to someone there. Good luck, you wait on the phone for 5 min before they disconnect you and say "sorry we are busy" no voice mail and getting a response from email or their ticket supoort is impossible. STAY AWAY


    Review Rating

They daily automatic backup included in the package is inexistent.

servers are frequently down.

no protection against hacker.

price is good and should not explain this poor service


    Review Rating

Where do I start with how displeased I am with this host? Let's start with...

Poor website performance - Hostingplex recently pitched us on their new clustered hosting system which is supposed to remarkably increase their (poor, IMO) server performance. It hasn't...

Behind the times technology - Why don't they have the option for mysql 5.1 yet? It's not like it's new. They advertise 5.0, but the database setup doesn't offer that option. Some scripts I tried installing were saying it was still in the 4.x. Just check with support right?

Pitiful online support resources - Their online knowledgebase is laughable.

Tech support are grade "A" jerks - I work with web sites for a living and wrote very clear steps as to my problem. They didn't read it whatsoever and then had the nerve to shoot me emails with overuse of all-caps. Unprofessional to say the least. They then ignored my followup emails. Problem still isn't resolved to reasonable satisfaction and I don't have recourse other than calling into the sales line since support is ignoring me.

nonexistant live chat - I've never gotten a live person when trying to use this, and I'm pretty sure we're in the same timezone.

Flippant attitude toward downtime - Have downtime? The way Hostingplex handles it is to email you back 12-24 hours later saying, "site looks fine to me". Yeah... 1 day later! C'mon, people - why insult our intelligence like that?

Matt L

    Review Rating

I left an earlier review, but the way hostjury puts together scores is each area is graded equally.

Most hosts (unless you're going with a weirdly-niched host like "christian web host") have almost the same pricing. So, my "above average-good" score for hostingplex overshadowed my "absolutely the worst support ever and pitiful reliability for a so-called clustered hosting" service.

Thus, take my previous comments and take hostingplex's score into consideration with that in mind. Almost all hosts offer the same features - their pricing is negligible unless you never plan on making a single dime from traffic coming through your website and have no source of reasonable income. Take a word of sage advice - spend money for good hosting. I'm saying it might cost you an extra dollar per month. Just don't go with these guys.


    Review Rating

I’ve been a Hostingplex customer since 2005. Why? I’m not sure. It used to be because they were priced very low. That’s not the case anymore. They’re pricing is average for the market. It’s just not worth it any longer. The service is horrible. The occasionally reply to tickets and when they do there is little to no help. I’ve recently sent 3 emails and left a voice mail over the course of a week before I received a useless email reply. They’ve had a multitude of server problems which last for weeks. Many items on cPanel don’t work and they have no intention of fixing them. I am done wasting my time. Moving away from Hostingplex as quickly as I can.


    Review Rating

The advertised 99.99% uptime is COMPLETELY FALSE. Their server is down 3-4 hours a month on average. several hours a month it's unbearably slow providing you no access to the website or email.

Their support does not respond to tickets and ignores requests for help.

also they WILL NOT refund your money even if they are not providing the advertised service

Carl Osterhouse

    Review Rating

The support is horrible. E-mail is not available again.

I paid for three years in advance. It is time to leave it behind and go shopping for a new provider.


    Review Rating

Stay away !!

I lost my client, because everyday my host was down. Taey do not have service 24/7 they lie on their website. Stay away !


    Review Rating

When I originally moved to this provider it was fine. Kevin owned it and it was great... no more.

HostMDS now owns this company and support is almost non-existant. No phone support around to answer the phones, tickets take forever, and no live chat.

Nothing better than killing your forums becuase of bad press too, quality "1984" style.

If you're with them, get the heck out!

If you're thinking of them, DON'T! Use Fused or another quality Canadian provider - you get what you pay for.

    Review Rating

hostingplex is by far the worst company i have ever delt with. run do not walk RUN as far away from anything having to do with Hostingplex or host mds.

my only question is who wants to join me in a class actino lawsuit?

Douglas Armstrong

    Review Rating

An absolute disgrace! No one answers the phones. Can't even leave a message. My emails/website been down several times past month. Their server firewall will not even let me log into client area or into cpanel to update website. Be glad to join a class action group. Dreadful service. I am furious at their atrocious incompetence. Stay well away from them.

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