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HostingSource is a leading hosting provider, offering reliable, scalable solutions for customers of all sizes and services. HostingSource supply all of the servers, software, bandwidth and management tools needed to run almost any web hosted application - from small to enterprise server solutions. HostingSource are committed to excellent quality Service. HostingSource staff has over 20 years of experience in the IT field. HostingSource, Inc has access to all the major carriers within the New York and New Jersey area without the need for local loop circuits.

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Hosting Reviews for HostingSource

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It is very difficult for me to find words to express my feelings about their excellent support – these guys are very friendly and responsive. Hostingsource has great polite staff and that is why I was pleased to communicate with. Recommended.

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If you're confident about Hostingsource hosting, then it's the way to go. They have excellent support and always respond to my questions within 10 to 20 minutes. I never had downtime and my site loads very fast. I set up my service on a Monday afternoon and my account was set up by early that evening.

Armando Goggins

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I'd recommend them to anyone. I will most likely be switching my sites on other accounts over to Hostingsource hosting. The price is surprisingly low. Once in a while websites and email accounts are not accessible, though it could be a temporary islanding problem.

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I was impressed by Hostingsource Online Backup Services!

I also like that you can host unlimited sites from the one account. The features are very complete for the price of the package. All in all, I am happy using their hosting services.

Bryant Casazza

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I highly recommend this them. They are honest, fast and Hostingsource professionalism goes outside the bounds. Special requests have always come through quickly and gracefully. They keep upgrading accounts for free. My account has more than doubled in size since I singed up with them.

Jake Mcenaney

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I haven't had a second thought or worry about my service since coming to hostingsource web hostng. I should also mention that the price is really cheap for ssd web hosting plans and I am also really happy with the availability of the features that I can simply install from cPanel control panel.

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Incredible hosting provider. Hostingsource hosting account is easy to set up, paypal payments means that from the US my payments are easily done, and any isues we've come up with have been solved through the online support chat by people who are always helpful and polite. My last host ought to take a few pages from their book!

Hosea Siler

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I've always found Hostingsource hosting to be fast and efficient and as I seldom bother to write reviews you can assume that I am still very impressed to be doing so now. Uptime and support have been excelent - they actually answer their emails, and within a few minutes!

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