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Hostjava, an all inclusive JAVA web hosting service. Hostjava hosting packages (JSP Hosting & Servlet Hosting) are suitable for everyone, from novices to technically advanced experts. The hostjava.net all-inclusive java web hosting service consists of fast and stable servers, dedicated 24/7 customer support (via e-mail, Ticket Support System and LiveChat). Hostjava offer a risk free registrations for all accounts, 14 days trial (Shared and Private Tomcat Hosting accounts) and 30 days money back guarantee.


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I have recently become a customer and yet had nothing bad to say of hostjava service which I use.

The very good reliability keeps my site up always, and excellent support is maikng the hsting siple and clear.

For the money I pay - very low cost - I recieve the excellent service for my simple site.

The recommended company which would be excellent solution for small php and html sites as wel as for larger places with java content.


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Poor service... The worst service that i never seen. The live support never answers (any hour, same message: Department is currently unavailable. Please leave a message.). Tickets systems only works since 12 a.m to 2 a.m. If you send a ticket only will be response at those hours... May be just one person works there.

I dont recommend this service. I was asking just for a simple permissions (777) to a folder called WEB-INF and it took around 3 days.


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Very poor support. Works only on Indian times between 9-6 from Monday to Friday. During day times our site would never respond.


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"The Worst Customer Support Ever!"

I was just like you looking for a cheap Tomcat web-hosting service, and ordered 14-days trial (Shared Tomcat) at Hostjava.

Now, I am relieved I chose a trial, because the guy at the customer support is just an asshole! I could imagine how stressful it would be if I purchased their service.

I tell you why.

Below is how I treated at Hostjava, and drove me nuts.

1) They (or He) never pick up phone.

2) They (or He) respond ticket slow.

3) They (or He) say "Online Chat is for Sales Only" and leave chat when several questions are asked.

4) They (or He) say "I resolve the issue" and "I can not say ETA."

(...well, is it fixed or what? And, It never get fixed.)

5) They (or He) close ticket even though the problem is not resolved.

Also, I must remind you 24-Hour support never exists.

I think there is only one person works there.


It might look attractive (price & service) on homepage but it never compensates an extreme stress the customer support guy delivers you.

My last word is...Don't Waste Your Time On Hostjava!

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