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A subsidiary of Cirrus Hosting Ltd, HostMDS is a leading provider of cost-effective and powerful shared hosting and VPS hosting services.

HostMDS.com is a subsidiary of Millennium Data Systems, Inc. which is a privately-owned organization located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada established in 1992, providing IT business solutions. At HostMDS, we understand that our customers web sites are important and they require reliable services to ensure that service is not interrupted. We have established a solid foundation to offer a reliable, easy to use and low cost web hosting solution for small-to-medium sized businesses.

HostMDS is a leader in providing its customers with a reliable solution to individuals and small- to large-sized businesses, helping thousands of customers get their web sites online, with ease.

Our goal is to proviate a low-cost web hosting service that is easy-to-use and is customer service oriented. At HostMDS, we value our customers business and recognize their need for quality service and outstanding customer service.

HostMDS purchased three web hosting providers based out of Toronto, Canada which included Hostingplex, Vistapages and HostVector.


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Hosting Reviews for HostMDS

Miroslav Glavic

    Review Rating

I started with HostingPlex. It got bought by HostMDS.

I have never had ANY troubles with them that would make me want to move. I have never had to wait 3 hours at most for an issue to be fixed. The only time is when I get a new domain (the usual 24-48 hours wait).

I have 40 something domains with them.

I used to have a hosting account with them (each one being pre-paid for 2 years), I wanted to shut all of them except one and put all the domains as add-on domains to the main domain, have them separate domains to each other. They were ok with it.

I have never had my bandwidth and space limited (they have unlimited). They even let me host domains (.me & .co) at other hosting companies but add-on domain to my hosting account with them.

They even contacted me when my site was hacked (I saw the e-mail at 9am, they sent e-mail at 3am). I asked them to delete all files that I would install things from scratch, this is what I did. Other hosts will tell you to do things yourself.


    Review Rating

I've had HostMDS since it was VistaPages and they've been nothing but good to me. At one point there was a very short outage which they reimbursed me for. Support runs on a ticket system, but their responses are usually within 2-3 hours and are always helpful. Their phone support is helpful, but isn't very big.

Overall I've been very happy with these hosts. The included free software (Wikis, Blogs, MySQL databases, unlimited bandwith, domains, disk space, etc) has been awesome. I host 20 domains on 1 account and everything works flawlessly.

    Review Rating

I was a Hostingplex customer from 2005 and have remained with HostMDS and I haven't experienced the problems others have mentioned above.

They serve me pretty well and have always been very helpful and polite.


    Review Rating

I've been with this host since they purchased Vistapages.com. There were some bad growing pains at first but they've been fine over the last year and a half.

I've had a few minor problems mostly with speed and email.

The support ticket system works well and the problems have been resolved quickly and courteously.


    Review Rating

Until fairly recently I've been patient with HostMDS. I would get regular alerts from a webmonitoring service that my site was down, but it would usually be back up within a few hours. However, it seems that my site is down more and more frequently over the last few weeks, and as I write this it has been down for almost 36 hours.

Support is usually pretty quick in responding to my tickets, but again, recently they haven't been too helpful with "we apologise for the inconvenience and are looking into it...". Over the past 36 hours I have yet to recieve an explanation for the problems or an estimate on when / if the site will be back up.

In any case, I've finally had enough and have taken steps to transfer my domains to another host. If you're looking for cheap web hosting and are not particularly concerned over downtime on your site, I guess HostMDS is ok, otherwise I would recommend looking elsewhere.


    Review Rating

im starting to hate this company. i had hostingplex before and never had any errors..then came the move and transition and ever since that been having website load slow. Lately the server where my site was hard drive crash on dec jan 7 and they told me they restore my site into another drive but with a week old backup date from dec 31. I worked alot after new years in it. They told me its the customer responsibility to backup data but they only backup weekly. Im very careful now because who knows what else can fail. Tech support is horrible. They just tell you stuff to do and they dont do it themeselves. Luckily i know alot of mysql and other stuff they provide. I just feel sorry for those who have little knowledge because when they give you steps to solve a problem they talk to you as if you are a tech also...hope to move out soon..contract ends next year


    Review Rating

They were not too bad until recently. My sites have been down during the last two weekends in excess of 24 hours each time. Recovery time has been very poor and they will not communicate what the problem is.

At this point I would not recommend their shared hosting to anyone.

Siva Krishna

    Review Rating

Recently hostmds.com took over my vistapages.com account.

When i wanted to renew I was funneled to PAYPAL site and not a direct credit card site,(first red flag).

Every few days the server would act up. There was no REAL 24/7 support, only caned responses till business hours.

Chris T

    Review Rating

I'm quite sick of HostMDS. I started using a company called Hostingplex back in 2006, and they were a dream come true. HostMDS bought them out a couple of years later, and everything went downhill.

I've stuck around for so long because of the "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't" mindset, but after having over 3 full days of downtime with no explanation aside from "We're sorry about the inconvenience. We'll look into it and get back to you", with a preceding two weeks of constant up-and-down nonsense.

HostMDS has demonstrated a complete lack of interest in actually keeping me as a customer. I explicitly asked their billing department "What is it that HostMDS is going to do to prevent this from happening in the future?", as well as "What is the reason for all this downtime?" Their response: "We're sorry for the inconvenience, we're trying to resolve the problem and will get back to you."

100% uptime guarantee, they claim. But if it goes down, all you get is some measly credit toward more of their shoddy service.

Please don't make the same mistake that I did.

    Review Rating

I belonged to hostingplex. and it was acquired by hostmds... my sites have been down since. and no one can help get it back? i post this review on nov 14 my site vanished on Nov 5th. and it is still down. I do not recommend this to no one.


    Review Rating

The HostMDS website itself does not work. I'm on hold for 20 mins before anyone ever picks up. When they pick up they say they will get to it later. Their live chat is not 24/7 like it states. Everytime I am on chat with them it takes them an average of 5-7 mins before they reply. When they reply it is short and does not have any kind of a solution. They tell me to submit a ticket, but the submit ticket on the website does not work. Horrible, horrible HORRIBLE service. Not reliable. No support. Not any cheaper then the average host.

    Review Rating

Since HostMDS took over Hostingplex, I have had major problems. I have not had email service for over 5 days. I make most of my money on Xmas Sales that are lost. There support department sucks. They just take messages and say they are working on the problem! I am ready to find a new hosting company. They didn't even have a supervisor for me to complain to.


    Review Rating

since we moved from hostingplex, we are down and emails are not working not sure why hostmds management not taking serious i guess they dont need the business and they are in the business of hosting with 99.9% SLA....this is not right support does not answer if someone answer support says i am only junior i need to ask my level 2 people and they are gone home after 5pm they may work from home so i dont know why you advertise 99.9% up time and 24X7 support ?

Robert Wiebe

    Review Rating

ostMDS aquired our provider, hostingplex right in the middle of us trying to get a refund for services (the cluster) that hostingplex did not provide. We did get a refund for the unprovided services. Then we suffered an outage with HostMDS that took a day to fix. Then a few weeks later we suffered a second outage that rather than fixing the HostMDS tech reported to us that we were using a backup server (of course we already knew that).

So we asked HostMDS to cancel our service and refund the balance of fees we had paid in advance. They told us they "could not do that".

Basically they have repeat outages, poor technical support (I think a high school student could do better than their staff), and they take money for services they don't provide.

My advice is to stay away from HostMDS and if they acquire your provider switch to someone else at the earliest opportunity.


    Review Rating

This host is the worst I have ever had , I was with vistapages before they where taken over by this company .I found they where fair not exactly the greatest, but for the price they achieved a 99.8% plus uptime and support was usually answered with 30minutes.

However this company just seems to take away support.

1) had a forum now closed.

2) had Live chat now closed

3) send a support ticket well hope it gets answered.

The uptime well we seem to go off air at the drop of a hat and it could be day not hours or minutes down.

So sorry I would not recommend.

Also I have my email address for this review with them and guess what we are down.


    Review Rating

HostMDS now owns the company I was with (Hostingplex) and support is almost non-existant. No phone support around to answer the phones, tickets take forever, and no live chat. My site and email were down for a WEEK and they wouldn't fix it becuase they couldn't even handle the DoS attack they spawned.

Nothing better than killing your forums becuase of bad press too, quality "1984" style.

If you're with them, get the heck out!

If you're thinking of them, DON'T! Use Fused or another quality Canadian provider - you get what you pay for.

    Review Rating

I'm having service issues too with HostMDS from around the same time as the Hostingplex switchover.

After 2 years of uninterrupted service with Hostingplex, HostMDS lost the majority of my db's in the space of a few weeks which renders 2 years worth of work down the drain.

Where does that leave me?

I've tried ringing, sending letters, submitting tickets and got nothing.

My sites were offline for nearly 1 month and with no explanation as to why or not even an apology.

My issues are still ongoing.

This morning after switching on my machine to crack on with a full day of development they're offline again......

My recommendation is not to entertain this company at any cost. If you're a current member experiencing some issues just get out and transfer your data to a host that can at least provide what they say they can.

    Review Rating

I was a 4 year+ satisfied customer of Hostingplex when HostMDS came along and bought them out. The transition was horrific - I received zero notification of the change, my site was down for a couple weeks, and support was nonexistent. After a couple months of inferior service, failure to deliver promised features, and regular down time, I have opted to walk away from 2 years of paid-up service to seek another host. I get a strong sense that these guys don't have a clue as to what they're doing. Also, their website claims they're a BBB accredited business, but when you verify this, you'll find it's an outright lie. Bad, bad, bad.

    Review Rating

Talk about a crappy hoster. Don’t even think about paying for hosting with them. My websites have been down 70% of the time. I always put in support tickets asking them whats wrong and they say “Hardware trouble, should be fixed soon”. Now i can’t even access my server! Sure there prices are good, but that’s all you’ll get out of them. DO NOT PAY USE THEM AS A HOSTER!


    Review Rating

No need to beat a dead horse... well maybe we should.

I to became a victim of this provider after hostingplex was swallowed up.

I have two years remaining on my agreement but I've already moved my sites to another provider. Enough said.

Dexter Vegas

    Review Rating

Five years ago I signed up with Hostingplex. The service was good as I didn't really need support from them, everything was running smoothly.

Over a year ago Hostingplex was bought by Millennium Data Systems (HostMDS). That is when I started opening tickets regularly. On many occasions they had issues with their servers that caused my websites to be offline. They never bothered to send me an email to notify me of the problem, instead my client called me on 3 occasions, asking me what was going on with his company's website : THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED - PLEASE CONTACT THE BILLING/SUPPORT DEPARTMENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. That was embarrassing, not professional. On the first occasion, I asked them to change the words in the warning in case other technical problems would occur again, they never did.

I had to provide my own backups after their server restorations.

Stay away from these rookies.

Eben Yep

    Review Rating

This is the WORST hosting company known to man hands down garbage in a stick. Back when it was Hostingplex before the total meltdown it was a pretty decent company with a substantial uptime and friendly helpful customer service. When Milienium Data took over in November 2008, almost a full year of hot steaming garbage occurred. I mean server hacks, server transfer issues, DNS configs, you name it, it happened to me. Recently today after 3 months of trying to call I was blessed with someone answered the phone for once. Boy was she a winner for technical support, not only did she degrade me, she also wouldn't assist me in transferring domains until I opened up a ticket with Opensrs.com Compliance Officer because guess what? HostMDS is not an authorized Registrar, they wholesale from Tucows. Something they don't mention in there contracts etc. Horrible service, horrible attitudes, with a you broke it attitude we won't fix it. Just plain out horrible to the point it made me cuss.


    Review Rating

Somehow, through one the mergers, I became a HostMDS client. The company has some nice offerings, but if you don’t need them, why use them. I choose not to use them. I want a basic package, which is what I've been trying to switch to. In fact, it's a full time job trying to connect with these folks.

What's most important to me is good customer service. And this company gets an F. They claim to offer 24-hour support, yet no one is reachable. I talked to a person once and she was rude and was not very helpful. I got one notification, letting me know my site was up for renewal. When the second notification reminder came, about 30 seconds later my site was shut down and remains shut down to this day. Even more frustrating is that the instructions sent were ambiguous and not even close to the point. Writing simple procedures is a skill this company is lacking

From the reviews I am reading, I am learning that I am not the only one having a bad experience with HostMDS. I wonder how many laws HostMDS is breaking. My only recourse now is to cancel my most recent visa transaction with HostMDS, if I still can.

    Review Rating

I opened my hosting account with VistaPages, which then became HostMDS. Since then, the service has been nothing but terrible. They wrote up whatever they felt like in TOS and changed it as they pleased. They would suspend my account now and then without any warning or explanation. Finally, they suspended my account saying I was doing too much processing. I agreed to take down my processes even though they failed to give me a more appropriate technical explanation. I shut down almost entire backend, and monitored my account for 48 hours that it was not causing any problem. But they shut down my account once again without a warning or explanation. When asked for a reason, they told me I brought down their server. That's neither technical, nor useful. A guy there named Mohit Sharma went personal on this and made sure that my account doesn't get reactivated. When called, their customer service reps hung up on me - twice. I couldn't get a supervisor to talk to me. So as of now, they have shut down my account and refused to refund my unused portion of the service (more than a year's fees).

So there you go. If you want to pay upfront for the worst service (technical and customer), go waste your money on HostMDS, or whatever else it may become in the future. If you still decide to take your chances, I suggest you keep a good backup of all your stuff, and have a backup plan in case they do what they did to me. And be prepared for feeling paralyzed when they hang up on you and simply shut you down taking away all your hard work in a snap.

Jennifer P.

    Review Rating

I used this company for years back when it was Hostingplex. Suddenly they merged with another domain hosting company and became HostMDS and everything turned to junk.

Hostingplex went above and beyond all my expectations, expecially with technical support. HostMDS flops like a semi-dead fish.

I requested a pro-rated refund. I wanted out of their service. My website was unavailable for over 1 month and still months later is going in and out of service, certain features once available to me on the back end of the website are now gone and there is no light at the end of the tunnel as to when they will return. Their customer service sucks, they bypass questions with more questions and give you a runaround not worth dealing with.

I haven't been able to get my money back, and neither have other unsatisfied customers. I filed a BBB but that wasn't helpful. Frankly, it sounds like a scam to me -they can't even offer me a pro-rated refund?

My last resort is to simply tell others that if you are looking for hosting, look somewhere else.


    Review Rating

Terrible host. Never works always down and they are always slow to fix your site. Also they do not keep back ups so in my case after their server crashed they told me they would not be responsible for the data and that is was the customers responsibility to keep current backups.

I switched finally but not before making some of my clients angry that their email and websites were down.

This is the worst host ever.

    Review Rating

Just a miserable hosting company. Go to http://hostmdssucks.com/ to read my tale of woe.


    Review Rating

Every 6-12 months I encounter a problem with the website or email. At times the website was down because they suddenly block it.

Another time they upgraded the server and "forgot" to update the dns which resulted in the website being down for at least several days. (I do not check access to my website everyday).

Now I have a problem with email that is not being delivered or being delivered with more than one hour delay.

I requested several times to talk to a manager or a VP but they just ignore the request.

The price is good but the service is poor. I am checking moving away from them. Paying another $100 for the peace of mind is worth it.

Mike S

    Review Rating

I apologize for the late post, but I look back at how great of a decision I made to move the website contents from hostMDS to another server.

Shortly after I became a co-administrator of my friend's server account at hostMDS, I noticed that (as of mid-2014) they had the nerve to charge their prices in AMERICAN DOLLARS even though they are a canadian company renting out their canadian server to canadians.

After the math is complete, the american pricing is converted to canadian and that costs money. We basically paid conversion rates for no reason.

There were times I froze the server (not intentionally) and then I contacted the support team requesting a high-priority computer reboot. On each request, it took them at least 18-36 hours to respond. This is unacceptable.

Since I switched hosts, I got a better deal. For nearly the same price IN CANADIAN DOLLARS, we have a server that has 4x more memory, 2x more disk space, 5x more bandwidth limit, a slightly faster CPU, and a server support team that takes between 10 minutes and an hour or two to respond, and they even allow payments via paypal.

I will recommend hostMDS to nobody.

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