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Simply put, HostMetro believe in providing top quality support and service, and believe in our product. HostMetro goal is to make it affordable, easy to create, manage, and maintain your website and hosting account. Not only do we offer tools to help you create and maintain your website, we also have a technical support team filled with knowledgeable individuals who meet the high standard that we have for all of our employees. When you contact us you will always be talking to someone who will be able to help.


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I need to issue a strong warning against HostMetro.

They have been nothing but trouble, extremely unhelpful, rude, dismissive. They blatantly lie about server uptime, they delete files without warning or confirmation, they lock me out of my account for no reason, they refuse to co-operate or answer emails. Their attitude stinks. I have given them numerous opportunities to sort out many of the issues with my hosting, but they have just been rude, ignorant and extremely unhelpful, unreasonable, often providing completely inaccurate advice.

The absolutely worst host ever - even worse than 1&1, and that's something. So, people, stay away from HostMetro as they will rip you off. I would not host with them again if they paid me.

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