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Choosing a web host is a pretty important decision. We totally get it. Since 1997, customers just like you have trusted us with their website, domain or server - and it's a responsibility we take very seriously. Regardless of the the size of your website, your business, or your financial commitment to HostMySite, in our eyes, you're a VIP. We know you have a crazy amount of choices when it comes to web hosting, and we know it's our level us customer service that helps us stand out from the rest.

HostMySite is a division of HOSTING, a leading provider of managed Cloud services to a global customer base. HOSTING owns and operates its own datacenters and networks, employs more than 325 employees, and has been financially stable and profitable since its inception in 1997. Our passion for customer service and our carrier-class resources and facilities are what enable us to offer enterprise level expertise and services at affordable small business prices on HostMySite.


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A year ago I would have given "Perfection" scores in every category. Their prices are fair, their support WAS (and I stress was...) excellent, and their uptime was outstanding.

As of late, however, their support only rates an 8 or 9 out of 10. A year ago the person who answered the phone usualy took care of the problem immediately. Now they just take down the same stuff I could put into a support ticket request, and say they will look into it. It now sometimes take some prodding to get issues resolved in a timely manor. This reduction in servies seems like a direct result of the sale of HMS to a holding company.

The problems have been minor... stuff like corrupted FrontPage extensions and servers crashed because of someone else's rogue script. I now have several shared accounts, as well as some dedicated server accounts.

Overall, far better than most, but not as good as they used to be...

Hendrik-Jan Francke

    Review Rating

For years I have been very pleased with HostMySite. Excellent support, excellent performane which made them a good value.

Unfortunately, as of late I have been having performance issues with a few sites and support has not been as thorough as in the past. Seems like the support techs try to solve the problem quickly without being thorough. I sense they rely on me the client to let them know that the fix didn't work instead of testing for themselves.

Based on research for a new hosting company, I feel there are vendors out there that match what HostMySite used to be.

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They are a good host, support is fantastic and the servers run pretty good. The only problem the pricing is a bit high with no support for addon domains.

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For over 5 years I used Hostmysite's Shared .NET Hosting, VPS windows hosting, and .NET Pro hosting ( load balanced ). In total I had about 30 clients hosted with them. Even though there were times that sites went down, all it took was a call to the support techs, and they immediately fixed the problem. However I agree with Charles. The quality of the support has gone to Shit, since Wachovia Capital bought them. Now techs only create tickets, and don't solve problems. They increased their Shared .NET hosting prices by 50%. Now it costs $21 / month to get shared .NET hosting. Their Shared MySQL DB servers will go down at least once a day. Their VPS boxes are unstable, and crash frequently. Their techs are some of the best in the industry but they now seem to be always working with a skelaton crew. Techs are getting impatient and sometimes rude since they are so over worked. Wachovia is destroying the foundation of what used to make HostMySite great.

Finally after my load balanced website on their .NET Pro went down for over 8 hours, I had enough.

My next client I setup with godaddy on their shared .NET hosting for $6 / month. Since the setup, Godaddy's server has not crashed or gone down a single time. FTP and page loads are much quicker than HMS. I also have another client that I was going to setup on HMS's new Enterprise Cloud hosting ( $220 / month ), but then I realized I can build a very beefed up dedicated server with godaddy for $150 / month.

Point is I don't trust HostMySite's network or hardware anymore. Wachovia is now running the company by looking at some numbers without understanding the business model and why HMS was successful in the first place.

Allan Torres

    Review Rating

I have called many times with problems and they tell me I will get a call back and I never do... I ask for a supervisor and they are always in meetings. I am told someone will call me and once more they never do. 3 days and I still have the same problem.

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