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HostNed was founded with the idea of giving the power of the internet to everybody. We offer great performance web hosting without the high price normally charged for this kind of service.

All HostNed web hosting plans are hosted on the fastest and most reliable web servers available. These are full-on premium accounts at wholesale pricing. No ads, no throttle limiting, no hidden fees, no kidding. Free Migration Support!


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I have been a member with HostNed, going on almost, 10 years. They are reliable, there staff will try there hardest to accommodate you, with whatever problem you have, or need.

The prices at HostNed are better then the competition, if you have been shopping around for a Hosting Provider, you have seen the prices, upward of $8 a month, that will cost you over $100 a year, very expensive. HostNed prices are a bargain, factor in superb support you receive.

I highly recommend HostNed, that is my very sincere review of HostNed.

Donald T. Toll

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1. Host's server hacked. Lost 6 sites. Over 25 sites were held for ransom. 2. Complained to host and online- No direct response. 3. Posted publicly on social media. 4.Host retaliated by cancelling account for telling the public about the incident. 5. They don't answer their phones. 6. They did not notify their clients of server hack. 7. Unapologetic and instead of an appeasing with a bonus, they chose to cancel his account. Run away and look elsewhere. Try Siteground. Honest, impeccably secure and immediate communications when a adveerse situation arises. 180 degrees different than HostNed.

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