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HostNexus offers a unique experience to fully power the webhosting needs of webmasters today. Using the latest in server control panel technology combined with cutting edge Support tools, HostNexus is able to give our clients an incredibly stable and powerful webhosting platform. Backing up this feature rich service is an astonishing hosting platform with an emphasis on Stability, Support, Security and Speed.

HostNexus is the flagship of the NexusNetwork, a network of powerful sites offering a range of webhosting and related services. The network has been providing webhosting and other internet services since 2001 and currently supports over 10,000 websites, for over 3,000 customers on 30 servers.


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Hosting Reviews for HostNexus

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A good customer support service is what every customer wants from their service provider and so does I and for this is trust only Hostnexus. Whenever I contact them, they reply to my queries immediately and help me till I do not get satisfied. Hostnexus a big thanks for your 24 hours customer service, your solutions always help me to get what I am actually looking for. All the best.

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HostNexus services are suitable for everyone. They offer best features and their services are very easy to utilize. HostNexus support team members are very friendly and listen to all my queries. Uptime offered by big rock is good. In the initial stage, i have tried many hosting companies. None of the hosting company offered me a reliable service. Support would be poor. I used to get lots of losses in the business. My website was terribly weak. Price of the hosting packages would be very expensive. In the last 4 year, I failed to find a reliable service provider. At last one of my friend recommended big rock. They are the right option for hosting services. They offer excellent services to small and medium business.

Ryndo Joseph

    Review Rating

I'm a complete newbie to web design and hosting. I focus mainly on graphic design for print, but want to stop sending my existing clients to someone else for websites. I purchased a web hosting package in order to maintain my domain name and email, but plan to get started building my own website soon.

I chose HostNexus due to their great prices and ratings. I've been very impressed with their reliable service and helpful tech support resources. Their online tools are all very intuitive and user friendly. I know once I dig into web design that I'll be putting even more of them to good use!

Zinon Hadjikyriacou

    Review Rating

They lost 2 of my databases when of their server crashed and they didn't have any backups, also after they realise that they didn't have any backups they stoped reply to my tickets.

Bill Samuel

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More than a decade ago I signed up for HostNexus, and host 4 domains there. When I first signed up, they were a great host and provided top-notch support. But they've slipped, and I'm wondering whether they're going to fold soon. When I submit a support ticket now, all I get is a series of canned emails, ending with closing the ticket. No support person ever contacts me. Nothing is done about the issue. And their forum has not been maintained for years. It looks like they have let go most of their staff and are barely hanging on.

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