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HostPC Internet Services -- the premier DirectAdmin and cPanel-based web hosting provider based in Albany, NY. We provide professional and budget website hosting to businesses and individuals, as well as reseller hosting services to clients across the globe. If you're looking for affordable, unlimited web hosting, look no further than HostPC.

More than 12 years of web hosting experience makes HostPC a trusted name in web hosting. We are a leading, authorized provider of DirectAdmin control panel-based hosting since 2003. All servers and hosting products we sell are physically stored in a company-owned secure data center operated by in-house technicians, and we back every sale by 24x7 phone and live chat customer service and technical support.

HostPC's customer-first focus means we're here for you every step of the way -- from initial setup to on-going phone and online support. Thousands of satisfied customers can attest to our drive for highest quality of service and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

HostPC is a division of TurnKey Internet Inc.


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Hosting Reviews for HostPC

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Have had no serious problems or downtime with them. When I needed to put in a support ticket it was usually just because I didn't understand something and I would get a prompt and helpful answer.

They are very good for pricing. I believe their basic plan is less than half of Hostgator's and provides as much. I also like the DirectAdmin control panel which is very well organized compared to cPanel.

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I had heard this wa ok host and speed tested well for my location in Sydney. Signed up and tried to pay via visa card and was told fraud attempt. After emailing them and telling me to re-try it rejected me again (didnt even get to the point where my card details were added yet) I emailed again to explain it wasnt even getting to the screen where i could add details and they said get a different host and Banned my IP. Great work guys! Totally embarassed me in front of a client. Who is going to try fraud for 25 dollars when You have their details and whois from domain etc? My site i was uploading is worth 100 times that amount and im expected to trust but they dont. they didnt even investigate why i was having the payment problem.

Terry Ladrach

    Review Rating

The customer service has rapidly deteriorated over the years.

On their sales page they claim, "Because of our size and stability, we provide full user backups daily, and they're stored in multiple locations for fast recovery should the need arise." and also, "Nightly backups - redundantly stored." DON'T BELIEVE IT! Our sites were hacked on October 2nd, and we had to beg them to do a restore. When they did, it was from JULY...3 MONTHS OLD!! Hardly the result of "nightly backups". When you ask them to do a restore, they hit you with their Terms of Service Policy that says that they are NOT RESPONSIBLE to backup your data. They have a very short temper, and if you stand up to them, they CANCEL YOUR ACOUNT!

The old adage is proven yet again...YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Avoid HostPC!

Tom Vincent

    Review Rating

For over 5 weeks, the SMTP server used for my domain has been on SPAM blacklists. I first notified them of this problem on 11/01/2009. It is now 12/18/2009. When I submit trouble tickets, I get as a response a link to a post on their (locked) forums from 2006 claiming the "issue has been resolved"!


STAY AWAY! Horrible service. As others have noted, service has deteriorated rapidly over the past couple of years. Will be moving out soon.


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I have had nothing but problems with this company. At first, they had a promise on their site about support requests being handled in an average of less than an hour. Several days after my first help desk ticket I addressed this with Joe (the owner) and was informed he could refund me and cancel my account if I'd like. Nice.

Now I have a simple question about script permissions and after calling their 800 number there are NO LIVE CHAT SUPPORT OPTIONS AVAILABLE!!!! Several support links on their malformed webpage point you to a third party support group (yareo.net) that doesn't even exist anymore!!!!! Holy cow. I finally called their sales line and the guy told me to google my issue to get "more better" with php. I know php very well, and this guy was clearly an idiot. I asked to be forwarded to suport and got some cryptic answer about how they were all "working on other projects". Yea sure. Is it an Indian holiday or something?

I should also point out that initially, I purchased a much bigger account and after realizing I was barely using their smallest package I changed it. They ended up leaving up the old site so half of my visitors got my new site, but most of them got my old site from a year ago. Also a pain to get them to change it. Often their help desk doesn't even reply when they fix the problem. I'd hate to bother someone who can only answer simple questions so begrudgingly.

Horrible service, horrible reliability, horrible attitudes from all corners of this business. I wouldn't be surprised if this place was going down the tubes.


    Review Rating

wrong info on the webite of Hostpc and on review sites like ananova, the support just disconnects you when you ask to many questions or know when they tell a lie. When you ask different support people a question about their packages then you get different answers. very bad support service specialy by Gerald. Just dont buy anything from them rude people with no knowledge. i do customer support for 20 years and ask many other to answer questions but never had it so bad as on Hostpc.

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