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HostRocket is reshaping and influencing the web hosting industry on a daily basis by providing world-class services that cannot be found anywhere else. For that reason, we take pride in keeping our customers and the media informed about important events and changes surrounding our company.

HostRocket is a highly successful web hosting firm headquartered in Clifton Park, NY. Since its foundation in 1999, HostRocket has always had the goal of underscoring support, availability, technology and value.

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Hosting Reviews for HostRocket

Manny Perez

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I've been using HostRocket since 2000, including for commercial websites that I designed, and their services and support have been excellent during this period. When they did have a major disruption during a weather disaster, it was quickly attended to and they kept me informed of all of the details.


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I won an account in one of their many forum competitions.

I did in fact thoroughly enjoy the service I received from them, in fact there one of the few hosts I recommend to friends and family!

Overall if I had to choose between a few shared hosts: Hostrocket would win out!

The quality of their support coupled with the fact that they own their own datacenter really sells me on it!

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HostRocket could be good with a little effort.

The versions of Fantastico cPanel scripts are very old and need to be upgraded. At least, that was the case with WordPress (1.21).

Phone and chat support have been unreachable so far. Email support is the best option, but there may be a delay of a few hours to one day.

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If you're looking for crummy support and plenty of downtime, HR is for you!


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Well, my own experience is taht Hostrocket is not a good provider.

The service of the support is largely inconsistant, and mostly made of cut and paste prepared templates. The reliability is extremely poor on their shared offer.

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