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HostSailor.com has established itself as a trusted provider of VPS hosting, domains, SSL certificates, and more. HostSailor.com is a truly global company with a unique focus on their customers around the world. At HostSailor.com, each customer is provided the personalized attention and world-class service that is already making waves in the VPS hosting world.

HostSailor.com is different from its competitors simply because they focus on providing customers with the support and service they need to succeed. Instead of spreading themselves thin by offering a multitude of services, HostSailor.com invests itself in providing a top-notch service that can help customers grow their online businesses with confidence.

What’s more, HostSailor.com offers comparable products and services with competitive pricing. After all, HostSailor.com believes customers shouldn’t have to spend their entire budgets just to enjoy world-class customer service.

HostSailor is located in Dubai, UAE.


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Hosting Reviews for Hostsailor

    Review Rating

I was looking for a robust and fast Linux VPS in a good price to host my website which I am working on, and I will say I got what I was looking for. We must give credit where it is due. First thing the price is very good. Services are top notch. And the best is the combination of quality of the service and price and that is one of the best.

Support, which is actually very crucial when it comes to VPS, is also as per my expectations. Response time is very fast and friendly. Staff is well trained.

Soon I am going to upgrade my VPS plan. I will highly recommend Hostsailor to others.

Iuri Dias

    Review Rating

For me, the best hosting company around here. The Support team is flawless, they're fast and reliable. The pricing is great too! I pay 15$ for a standart VPS with 100% uptime, hosting 3 Game Servers and 2 web pages with flawless performance. I couldn't be more happy with HostSailor!

Jack Mill

    Review Rating

Excellent quality, incredible customer service, 99.9% uptime and 100% money back guarantee – that’s HostSailor for you! These guys are just amazing. You can even get help at 4 in the morning!


    Review Rating

HostSalor is perfect for the price, for $1.95 a month for a basic VPS, their support is top notch. You really can't ask for more for less than $2 a month.


    Review Rating

I dare say VPS deals which hostsailor.com provides are perfect, they have fully-redundant network, high uptime and quality support staff who is able to fix issues very fast and they do it qualitatively.

I am fond of their services!

Mohit Gangrade

    Review Rating

I own a VPS server with HostSailor and till date I haven't faced any downtime.

Uptime of my server is really good.

They serve what they charge for.

Pricing: 4.5/5

Uptime: 5/5

Support: 4/5

Jamie Nathan

    Review Rating

Quick, easy and affordable hosting services – this is an apt description of how HostSailor works. These guys are incredible at what they do and will setup the service for you in no time.

Rajesh Benjwal

    Review Rating

I am the one who has given good review also in this same form for this hosting but alas it converted to disaster later.

Now my one KVM Captain is there which I do not use because you boot it and within hours they will shut it down because of high load, gosh I do not have any website there which even have 100 visitors per month and I do not use any software, when you will restart the server it will never restart you will have to open a ticket and they have to fix it. It will keep getting down after showing panic kernal alert. They just do not want to fix it and I have already paid for 1 year hosting. All money in vein.

Alex Ionov

    Review Rating

1. Hostsailor just switched my vps power off because its consumption of resources was inappropriate for them.

2. Also I found deleted my VPS by Hostsailor for overdue though internal credit account had double of month pay sum.

3. There's no refund process in Hostsailor hosting company.

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