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HostUpon Hosting is based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada. HostUpon has been dedicated to providing Web Hosting solutions for small, medium and large scale businesses as well as personal websites for customers around the world. HostUpon affordable pricing and valued customer support are a few of the many reasons we have been successful in the web hosting industry.

HostUpon 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year support is all in-house with dedicated staff available via our support ticket system and live chat. HostUpon differs from our competitors by going the extra mile to satisfy our active customers and making sure our potential customers are fully aware of their hosting package, pricing and support to guarantee success.


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Hosting Reviews for HostUpon

Colin Sword

    Review Rating

Always happy - no complaints at all with HostUpon

Jurgen F.

    Review Rating

I wouldn't recommend this lousy web hosting to anyone!

My account was suspended for unexplained reasons and they were supposed to "isolate" user's website files until they make a contact, but NO - they delete your files.

Moreover, support is so rude they delete your tickets, they don't answer to your e-mails and when you manage to catch someone on the live chat the only thing you will see is:

* Chat Information: Please wait for a site operator to respond.

* Chat Information: You are now chatting with 'Mark'

* Chat Information: Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

I recommend you rather host your own sites on the dial-up connection than to host with them - AVOID THEM LIKE A PLAGUE!

    Review Rating

I had the same problems as the User Jurgen F.

Technical support does not work.



    Review Rating

worst site. i purchased 3 year hosting and after 2 years they disabled my accountthis is worst site on the world


    Review Rating

Stay away from hostupon: I work for different sites and I have two on hostupon right now one on a vps server which they said would be faster after closing down a site i work for. and its not faster. the support takes there sweet time in letting you know anything. and if you have an affiliate agreement with them beware cause they cheat you out of your money they did me. I thought I had it settled with them and was going to be payed but then nothing and I have wrote them over 4 times now and they now will not even reply to me, so I told them I was not going to argue over it to just keep the money, cannot wait till i can remove the sites i work for off there servers and will let everyone know not to use them at all


    Review Rating

update on my post i left here well finally got the two that I work for moved off this terrible server hostupon. I wrote them to cancel one site I work for on there server that worked out ok.. this all came about because i needed support to help me with a problem on there server that was preventing my script from working.. and of course got no where with them saying its a two party script and they do not work on them.. when i told them over and over it was not the script that i tested it on another site just to make sure it was still working that it was a server issue they needed to figure out.. and of course getting there help is about as ridicious as one can get... So i finally got upset with them and wrote them and told them I could not wait till i could talk the two i work for into moving from there server, that I had already wrote hostjury once letting folks no ahead of time to become an affilate person on there site is a waste of time, they do NOT pay you for getting customers on there site i lost 250.00 and of course they stopped replying to me about that along time ago... after i told them that they shut down one of the sites i work for... and only after i told them that i would let webjury know and the better business bur know they put it back up and claimed they were just updating the server..lol.. SURE they were... my advice is to anyone that reads this stay away as far away as you can get from hostupon the tech support is rude and take there sweet time replying to you.. and there servers are slower then a turtle with a broken foot.

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