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HostV was launched in 2007 as a new division of Cirtex which was founded in early 2003. The staff behind HostV have been in the hosting industry for over 4 years. By combining their experience and knowledge they have in the hosting industry over the past years, HostV is now a leading provider in virtual dedicated servers and dedicated hosting solutions.

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I've read customer reviews on this host before posting mine and now sure that I've made right choice more than year ago. Some people are talking that it is hard to get host with high uptime and it will be always downtime. I'd say it is possible, but only if you are using HostV. Features provided with my plan are useful and helped me for first time in management. I spend such amount of budget on hosting which I consider affordable and think price is reasonable. Several times I used ticket system to contact technical support and was surprised of their productivity: replies were instant, prompt and helpful. In summary: HostV hosting is stable, fast and reliable, highly recommend.

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I have used several web hosting companies since 1991. My experience with HostV was the awful one I ever had in my life. They do not have an own data center. They use FDCservers.net.

Packet loss, my site was done three times in month. I complainted them and asked formy money refund. They denied it.

I do not recommend to anyone this host by no means.


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Well it looks bleak - I just read several posts on the web about servers down (for a long time in a few cases).

My VPS can't be reached tonight - Feb21, 2011.

Is it maintenance?

I was at Hostgator and it never happened, but I feel comfort knowing I could reach someone 24-7 (live chat).

Its a new VPS at hostV, and the first time (2months new) I'm experiencing this problem.

... been moving sites but Sure Glad I Kept my hostgator account. Feel safer there.

Hmm, perhaps change nameservers back to my old reliable ISP in order to get sites working again.

I took a chance, like many others out there - the chatter on the web is not good regarding reliability and tech sup. I had quick email responses from tech sup. I wonder if I should bother, or jump ship this month to be safe.



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I STRONGLY suggest you avoid them!!!! They have been down on a node for over 48hrs and everyone on that node is with no web or e-mail and they barely respond to any information requests on this!!!!! RUNAWAY from them!!!!!!

PS - I suggest the editor look into this fiasco for himself before he recommends HostV or he will possibly lose credibility.

Andy Boyette

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FRAUD A 12 Day and counting server down with lost unrestorable data no support and a 1 month credit for my problem They cost me thousands of dollars owned by a KID

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After waiting another 24 hours, I get nothing reply to my ticket, Then I pm Cirtex if HostV have any new backup can help me get my data, Cirtex just told me that They never have any new backups for their customs, All the craps backup have been recovered, So I just waste another 24 hours with these guys.

And HostV refused to refund the first month of my second year invoice to them, They have promised that as the big crap failure of their vps, they may full refund their custom. But they not refund me the first month, And even the month, my sites also get over full 3 days downtime due to the node 16 failure, almost all my data get lose 16 days later.

Cirtex, HostV only keeping kidding on their forum and here, Now they have deleted the whole thread related this crap vps on their forum.

What's HostV doing is setup a new node after 15 days full downtime, and give their custom a 2 month old crap backup!!!


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