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Hosting Reviews for HTTPme

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HTTPme was the first truly reliable and supported host I've used for unlimited domain hosting. I haven't been with them for a while now because I needed more disk space and cheaper prices, but for people who don't mind paying for quality and don't need extreme amounts of resources, it's a great choice.

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Have been with them for ten years? All my important clients are hosted with these guys. I suspect I am being overcharged. But it's worth paying the premium and no complaints yet.

Daryl Pilkington

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I've been using httpme since 2005 and they used to be really reliable. Unfortunately, since ~2013 there have been silly repeating email problems such as blacklists on spam lists and permissions problems stopping incoming email. This problems seem to be chronic:- i.e. they keep coming back every month or so, indicating nobody is fixing the root cause of the problems.

Looking to move email to Google mail for most of my customers.

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