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More than just a hosting company, HyperStreet offers a wide range of products and services to grow with you, from public to private domain registrations, e-mail and web site hosting, to secure certificates and a leading edge web site builder. You can depend on us for great service, prices and integrity.

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BRUTAL customer service. I am quite sure they don't even know what that term means.

I was treated very rudely by a supposed tech who has ZERO customer service skills. When I complained about them using their complaint email - the same person I complained about was the one who responded. They then said that by complaining about them, I was harassing them!!! One email to state I wasn't happy. One email to explain for a second time why. And one email to complain about the tech. Does this constitute harassment!? What a joke!

On top of this, the tech then states they are a co-owner of the company and my account is suspended.

I have all the emails as my proof.

Can you believe a company that needs customers to make money thinks the best way to do that is to treat customers like crap and then throw them away?!!!

Ridiculous. This company shouldn't even be in business but they wont be for long with brutal attitudes like this. Good riddance to a crap company.

I highly recommend NO ONE deal with this company, EVER.

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