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We developed IHost to host our own internally-developed applications. Pleased with the result, we expanded IHost in 2005 to offer ASP/ASP.NET hosting services to the public.

We understand our clients business and livelihood depends on us getting the job done right. Our company has over a decade of hosting industry experience dealing with the projects of all sizes and budgets. Our experienced support team will work with you to achieve your goals.

Ohio, USA

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Hosting Reviews for IHostASP.net

Lindsay Brandenburg

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I've had the occasional downtime, or email issues, but their support is always fabulous and they've always gone above and beyond to help me out. All things considered they're a great choice - as far as I'm concerned, it's more important for a company to deal well with issues that to expect there to be none.


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We've been hosting douzens of website with ihostasp.net

I started working with them a couple of years ago for DotNetNuke hosting. The websites are slow first but that's due to the application shutting down if it's inactive.

The last 6-12 months we've been having more and more troubles, we already know the standard e-mail we get as a response. (see below)

It's the same standard mail over and over. They had good service, not the fastest, not the cheapest but OK.

Now the service is just lousy. They keep moving sites from one server to another. Databases are moved from one server to another. Monitoring of websites doesn't happen whatsoever. Although their mail says so.

We had a website that crashed due to hacking of the site, asked to recover the site to it's original state. It never worked again. We had to start from scratch because the backup never worked. Everytime a user logged in the site crashed although they always claimed that it worked and I kept sending the error messages no solution came up.

Our dissatisfaction is huge right now, how a company grew and didn't know how to handle the growth.

My advice, leave now befor it get's even worse!

Price value for money? What are you willing to pay for a site that is up 90% of the time???


This morning our technicians detected and resolved an issue on your site's web server. Momentarily ago we successfully accessed your site and it appears to be running smoothly. After monitoring this server for a while to closely observe the performance, our technicians identified sites which were faulting and rebuilt cache for those sites and made configuration changes in order to optimize performance. Since completing these steps we have been closely monitoring the usage of resources on your site's web server and conducting load tests on various sites including yours. We believe these measures have increased the stability of services on your site’s web server but not enough time has lapse since all modifications were made to conclusive determine that services have stabilized. Our technicians will be continuing to closely monitor your server’s performance and take additional measures to best ensure continual service. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused. Please reply to this message if you are still experiencing issues accessing your site."

Chris C

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The sites on the reseller account are OK. Not super speedy but ploddingly reliable.

Just don't host ANY email there. Their server is often off-line or so backed up due to overloading that it takes me more than 3 minutes just to queue an email to send and it can take 20 minutes to get an email sent to me, more if it's large. At least once a week the SMTP server is just offline for 15-20 minutes, often up and down all day. Trouble tickets just say "it's overloaded and will be fine in a few minutes" but they have handed me that line at least 10 times and never made the server better.

If they would just fix that email server my opinion of them would go up a lot. But they seem to think that if they keep closing my trouble tickets that the problem will go away.

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