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iHostGreen has gone from strength to strength, being a small company allows us to really concentrate on what is wanted by our customers. We have some of the best support standards in the industry and we continually strive to give the best support to our customers as possible.

iHostGreen have a small team of people which means our customers can grow to know us better more friendly more personal and more genuine. iHostGreen value each and every customer we get so we will do our best to make your hosting experience as good as possible so you stick around. Being a small team means we work remotely, UK based support but with staff in US to support around the clock. iHostGreen find this works great with our wanting to be as green as possible, remote staff lowers our carbon footprint making us a greener host for our clients


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A solid and very affordable web-host that prides itself on being green. Standard stuff here, essentially it's CPanel and all the usual Server Side languages.

It's a pretty decent selling point to freelance clients to say their website will be hosted on a green server, after all data centres do generate a fair bit of carbon emissions.

Their main website is pretty clean which is what made me willing to try them out in the first place. Their support is good, and they definitely make a point about stating their position as a 'small' web host - which i guess means better support, in the end though they seem to be leasing servers in American centres and reselling space.

For the price though, the support is really great and the service is better than average.

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