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Infrenion Networks is a privately owned company founded in mid 2002. Earlier targeted to offer web hosting services to clients based in Singapore and Asia, Infrenion started as a small webhosting company, offering shared web hosting to customers in Asia. Powered with the best customer care service and excellent web hosting services, Infrenion.com saw its immense growth in web hosting industry and expanded its clientbase all over the globe, with establishing its presence in United Kingdom and United States of America. Infrenion.com has its servers physically located in United Kingdom serving the UK client base and United States for clients who are seeking for affordable hosting solutions.

Infrenion Networks is 100% debt free company with no intentions of selling any time in near future. We have been offering Quality, Professional and Cheap Web hosting to users all around the globe. Our affordable web hosting plans include Shared cPanel Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Managed Dedicated Servers, Cheap Domain Names, Cheap SSL Certificates, Ecommerce Web Hosting and much more -- almost everything that an online business demands!

While offering turnkey hosting and business solutions at the most economical and cheap hosting rates, we make sure our every customer is treated with an excellent level of service and support with a personal touch. We are proud to be few of those web hosting companies who maintain a rapid support response and resolution time of less than 15 minutes.


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Hosting Reviews for Infrenion

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I have hosting my 5 sites with http://www.infrenion.com for 3 years now. I should say they are really very supporting always available to help their customers. I hardly faced any problem with them from last 3 Years.

Excellent support, good pricing thats all I wanted and got more than my expectation.

I will Highly recommend there service to everyone.

Good work Infrenion :)



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Excellent Hosting Service.

I have used various web hosting services for a couple decades now and find the services and technology improves yearly. After hosting our site for a few months, I can easily and quickly say that I have never seen such rock solid and reliable hosting as Infrenion has. There are many things that attracted me early, and now, after a few months, even more things will keep me a customer as long as they are up and running.The tools they offer are amazing. I use a client to ftp our site, but, one can do anything to your site with the online tools they offer from html editing to any complex scripting, etc.It's rare to find such service and quality with such an affordable price.


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In a nut shell this company was/is very bad for business. Their servers were hacked on several occasions and I had to reinstall my website myself thank GOD I happen to have a back-up as the hacker destroyed the back up files as well. They have literally spent a month trying to make my website fully functional but they have not been able to do so. I open a new support ticket weekly. I happened to stumble upon this website while searching for a new hosting company. Just thought I would put out a warning. RUN FAST OR BEWARE....


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Infrenion support was always the quickest I ever worked with, but 20 days after I signed up, I had some issues, today almost 1 month later, seems like they are borried about us and they are no longer supporting us or responding to our issues. Like if they took this personal and loose the company to customer level. This since the last time I replyied upset. They were threading me like a dumb with evasive responses of Obvious things. E.g. "Email server is down" - Answer: Cofigure Outlook like this......., and all the time is, "Problem Solved!" and there is never a permanent fix. I am loosing business and they can't see this. Be Aware.

This April I have 96.296% uptime, for me this is not acceptable. plus those little outages not catched by the free account from siteuptime.com.


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They deleted the entire content I had on their server, provided no reason for it, my websites had been hacked a number of times on their server, the back-up made was corrupt, I have lost years of work because of them, and customer support is not answering anymore, while they still charged me 30 euros for their services just a few days ago. I am absolutely mad at them but canĀ“t do anything...


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Does infrenion still exist?

I have seen praises but I am currently reciving no response from them. Please advise.

Adam Jones

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Atrocious, no support and they also deleted all my services without warning basically.

I am advising all my clients to leave them as quickly as possible.

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