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InnoHosting has and continues to provide full end to end solutions lead with integrity & compassion by a committed and devoted team of industry experts. The InnoHosting name, isn't 'just' a name, it's our inspiration for continually striving for better results. We don't just provide webspace and bandwidth. We innovate. Providing further solutions and value added products which are designed to completely enhance your hosting experience. Keeping our prices below industry level, yet providing a service with such sheer quality and reliability, it exceeds far beyond industry standards.

We demand excellence and aspire individually & collectively to be more tomorrow than today. We take responsibility for our work and hold ourselves accountable for the results. We work transparently and honestly with our customers to deliver true value while making sure we create positive change through collaboration and trust. Over 95% of our customers believe InnoHosting has contributed towards their success.

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Hosting Reviews for Innohosting

Dave Booth

    Review Rating

I have used several highly praised reseller hosts in the past and Innohosting has been the best - hands down.

During my time with them I have experienced nothing short of an outstanding hosting experience.

My forums, blogs and static sites all load quickly without a hiccup, files download swiftly and my uptime (independently monitored) is at 99.97%

As far as support goes, Innohosting is superbly awesome. All of the techs I have interacted with have been polite, helpful and actually get answers and results quickly without the need for back-and-forth banter to obtain a bit and a piece of info from the client one response at a time.

Aside from a few 'no-brainer' tickets, I did have one somewhat complicated issue regarding DNS that arose and it was handled efficiently and professionally by a team (3) of Inno support techs who kept me updated from beginning to end.

They solved the problem, which as I gathered took quite a bit of troubleshooting, and took the time to explain to me what caused it and what proactive measures I could take to avoid the freak chance of the same issue happening again.

Innohosting sets themselves apart from other hosts by not only providing a reliable service but also by backing that up with exemplary support and taking the initiative in building a strong, yet comfortable working relationship with its customers.

Scott Benedict

    Review Rating

I've been with Inno for nearly 6 months and I have had NO ISSUES with them.

Their support is fast and fantastic, Rameen and Chris have gone out of their way to be helpful and get you set up.

Their options are bar none, the best in their area of expertise!

Their prices are great for what you get.

Their servers are fast, fast, and fast!

I cannot say enough good things about Inno!

If you're not with them, why not?

Teodoras Zadiwaciz

    Review Rating

I have decided to write about innohosting service, I have been using them for a long while and all this time their service has been top-notch. I didn't have any serious issues or downtime or glitches. Their servers have no them.

Support is second to none and they work 24\7.

Use them if you want to have your business flourished.


    Review Rating

This company really rocks!

The entire team especially Chris and Rameen are helpful and always available to give support and advise. Not to mention their reliable servers. They are not the best but they are almost perfect.

Thank you guys, keep up the good work! :)


    Review Rating

I have been with Innohosting for almost one year now and I recommend them to everybody. The server is fast, uptime is great, support fast and very responsive. No standard answers or incomplete replies but they really help you. Maybe there are cheaper providers but you get a lot of resources and great service for your money and Innohosting is definitely worth it.


    Review Rating

Long time ago in a far away galaxy... this is the best quote for Innohosting.

I was with them from 2007. Until 2009 they used to be a good company, with nice uptime. Not anymore!

In 2011 we faced a total lost of the accounts on a Professional Reseller account on server1.verygoodserver.com and a downtime of more than 2 days. They told us it was a hdd failure. The justified the fact they where not able to restore all the accounts because the failure occurred when the backup was running and the backup files where corrupted...

This years we faced another migration and a change in nameservers ip's. It was once again a nightmare. The new server we where moved on had different PHP settings and a different name for home directory causing almost all our PHP based websites not to function. In the last 2 years their forum is full of problems with different servers and clients facing downtime more that 8 hours is usual with this company. I strongly not recommend this company despite all the good reviews you seen in the past! This is simply becoming a sinking ship day after day...


    Review Rating

Even though the hosting uptime was reasonable they seem to be unable to solve issues when you do have them, I was installing simple plugins to my wordpress site and when activating them my ip kept being blocked by the server firewall, I also had a customer using the hosting and they kept being blocked also.. After half dozen separate occasions of this happening I decided to change web hosts, unfortunately the last occasion when it happened it was near the end of the month and in their terms of service you have to give 7 days notice, so I thought ok, I just wont pay the bill as you pay in advance and I thought they would just cut the hosting, what happened next astonished me, they think they have the right to take money from your bank account just because you trusted them to hold your card details in payment for the next month that I did not want, If I wanted it I would have payed the bill.. imo based on their theft and blatant disregard for individuals trust and lack of ability to solve issues this company should definitely without question be avoided.

    Review Rating

innohosting deserve to be struck off . disgraceful poor customer service poor reliability and seems to have gone down and down the gutter .. so much so moved away after having my cpanel all blanked and after a day of trying to get it sorted was told tough ..


    Review Rating

I don’t own you a living; you don’t need to rude to me. I have already bearing with the high server load and not receiving email. Support dragging for 10 days and yet to fix it. And today I had spoken to the very rude person who raises voice at because I am not patience for the waited 10 days. Their server high server load, always been rebooting but never fix the issue, cpanel take ages to load.

Couple of different names replied me in the ticket, give me whole lots of sarcasm, any what they want to tell me is that I am stupid and don’t know how to use their product. I certainly think that they should give certain respect instead of being sarcastic and yet problem was not fixed

Blacklisted removal over and over again, and I have to monitor for them instead they solve their problem. Regularly having security issue and uptime is poor. I am a user, not Innohosting technical support. My website was down for at least 5 times this year itself.

I am moving on without further consideration. I would HIGHLY NOT RECOMMEND this hosting company would have eventually make you move to another hosting company. There are no sufficient reasons for me to stay on.

Auguz Guz

    Review Rating

One year with this provider, the suppor take to much time every issue, now with 14 hours offline and without any resposnse i`m leaving to other provider. Be aware of InnoHosting

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