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At Integrity Host we provide managed dedicated servers, private-label reseller accounts, and individual hosting accounts to businesses and individuals around the world. Our headquarters is in Kansas City, MO. We have our servers in world-class, completely redundant data centers in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Our sales force and support staff are across the US and around the globe.

Integrityhost.com was officially launched in January 2004 and quickly became a well-known service provider during its first few months of explosive growth. We will continue to increase our talented staff of trained specialists, and acquire innovative resources to assist our clients as we grow.. We have recently added Chicago, IL to our list of data center locations. We provide hosting solutions on Linux, FreeBSD and Windows.

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Hosting Reviews for Integrity Host

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The prices of their plans are pretty good but their uptime sucks. It's like the admin sees a pretty star on the sky and decides to play with the server. One time they fsked all the permissions on the server . Another time the smtp was down like 2 days.. etc.

ps: I have a reseller acount so you will see my custom nameservers.

pps: I'm planning to switch asap because i had this problems for almost an year.

Bob Bones

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I just want to say that I did a DNS look up and found that Integrity Host is a subsidiary of subsidiary of Domains by Proxy a company with a BBB A+ rating. I would have gone with them had I not seen these reviews. Maybe someone should alert the BBB.


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No Integrity at IntegrityHost.com

Ohhh boy, this is a long story so sit back, If you want to know why this host will leave you with nothing more than a freshly raped feeling and battered wife syndrome, Read on.

I’ve been doing web development for over 5 years now I started in early 2004, and built a small traffic exchange in 2005, I was on the Integrityhost Unlimited Reseller Plan for something on the lines of 19.99 or 29.99 a month. This was a lie they where nothing but over sold shared servers that Apache or SQL would fail on a daily basis making any database driven site useless. The unlimited is explained as as much as you can take on the server, a free for all I guess, a clever ploy on words.

Since the account was unworkable I had them upgrade me to a VPS, it was good for about a month or 2 but the same problems started to occur once I had more than 100 visitors seeing the site, after about a year of this they convinced me I needed a dedicated server, This is around 2006.

In this year of 2006 I had an incident, a hacker got into the cpanel with a root kit and some other little tricks, It was almost a week before they could restore a backup, while all the time I was told it was my fault, I found out later it was the settings on the server and outdated software they where running.

Being a noob at the time i till stayed,

Things ran literally half ass but workable for the next year, Needed to reset the server, apache or SQL about every 2 months, also the cpanel licenses would screw up all the time locking me out of Cpanel or WHM.

In 2007 I started one of my sites Surfnexus.com after I launched it and it started to do well, poof some hacker broke in and defaced everything after 2 months, after about a week or two (should have been about a day work) my sites where restored. I told them i wanted backups on my server made weekly and monthly off site. They insisted their backup where adequate and I had nothing to worry about. or that I could get some ridiculous service for $100.00 MORE A MONTH

Things went smooth till 2008 when my server started to fail, again restoration occurred and everything was fine and another transfer was done, only took about 10 days :P. They tried to get me to pay for an even more expensive server, but kept me at the same price after fighting for about a week. At this point moving all the sites to a new server was beyond my knowledge and ability.

And actually honestly since then i had no problem so backing up 60 sites monthly on my own was alot less habitual around Mid 2009, In 2009 I hired a very good programmer far above my level, and he informed me my server was ok but not so great and very out of date.

Again I sent their live help requests for backups and they assured me everything was a ok should anything go wrong, just the same as it was in the past.

In December Phishing sites started to appear on my sites in subdomains, Informed my host that the server had been compromised, and they assured me everything would be fine and it was taken care of (notice a BS pattern).

From the time of Feb2009 to Jan 15 I spent over $5000 in developing a brand new traffic exchange/mmorpg type of site hitcorps.com, 5 days after the launch and $1000 in ads later ""POOF"" 8am January 20th Every site on the server is gone.

After 2 hours of ranting to their customer care they tell me the OS was deleted??? they said they went to the secondary back up and that too was missing.... now 6 hours later their like ohh well lets start loading your backups, "OK don’t you have that?", nope no backups. well the most recent one I have is about a month old and my 60 other minor sites where in an old computer I had, that crashed I was told they had me on multiple backups after all the prior incidents.

First this sounds like an Outright Lie, What hacker hacks a root to simply wipe 2 drives completely ??? This story holds no water, and I have no enemies. Plus its not exactly an easy thing to break into a competently maintained servers root.

2nd their staff told me a dozen different stories, I believe they screwed up the server and are blaming it on a hacker to skirt responsibility like they always have in the past.

Then they told me they tried some recover programs where they just spit back some linex techno babble to me in an email I wouldn’t understand that my programmer later told me was just nonsense, like a bluff sorta.

Now over this 5-6 years Iv paid this company over $10,000 and one of their staff even referred to me as their most prestigious customer. So I request for the drives to be sent for forensic recovery, Instead I get an invoice for 131.00 to have the drives sent to me, furthermore they refuse to return my months payment for $159.00 for hosting that month. Then they have the audacity to give me the run around to cancel the next payment from happening.

They have done nothing to help me in this matter just pile up insult to injury, I can't believe a company would treat me like this after 6 years of loyalty and with so much money spent.

So now I’m left with 2 drives I’m sending to the nations top forensic recovery facility, They will tell me what really happened. Iv been more than reasonable with trying to resolve this with them, Now I’m forced with no other option than to take them to court. They wont even disclose their company contacts and Info with out a big song and dance ! Seems a bit shady.

They have destroyed everything iv worked for in the last 5 years, Any assistance anyone can provide in helping me find reconciliation from this horrible experience or in filing a joint case, class action so this does not happen to anyone else would be greatly appreciated.

Stay far away from Integrityhost.com, They ruined my life and business with no compensation or regret.

Thank You


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They actually don't know what they are doing... i paid for the whole yeat and they cancelled my Hosting account without any information... and eat my money... i haven't seen this kind of theird class service ever.. not only that their server has always problem...Don't go with them

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Avoid! Whatever you do, do not go with Integrity Host. Their prices may seem inviting, but you don't even get what you pay for in this case. My server was/is always down. Right it's been down for 24 hours. I can't even get my content to move to a new server.

This downtime happens about twice a week. I hear the same things over and over. People say it's under new ownership and improving. It is not. Integrity is the worst host you can possibly go with. You're better off with a free host. Your site will be up more.

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I had a website designed and hosted by a designer, he went out of business. I starred having problems with the site and email, eventually found out who was hosting it, Integrity Hosting, that's where the problems began.

After enquiring about the site ( which was live ) it suddenly went off line, a page was posted saying account suspended. At no point was I notified the site was going to be taken down. They said the site wasn't paid fir since 2012! Why was it live until late 2015?

Needless to say they have caused a lot of inconvenience and maybe loss of business.

I found the customer support to be slow and frankly useless.

I would look elsewhere if you are considering this company.

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