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"IPOWERWEB is the world's leading eBusiness Website Hosting provider. Their Internet based end-to-end solutions enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to build, promote, manage and profit from their online presence."

Founded in 2001, IPOWER has established itself as a leader in the web hosting industry, providing a comprehensive suite of online services for small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. Our custom control panel, vDeck, offers access to more than 200 tools, features, and services, giving our customers a wide selection of web hosting applications available.


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Hosting Reviews for iPowerWeb

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hi good site thanks http://peace.com


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Pretty good uptime.

A few weird policies.

I have multiple clients hosted with them and when one of my clients left ipower and went elsewhere ipower refunded my credit card since i wasnt using the account anymore.

Good features and price.


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I am a participant in thier reseller program, and currently have about 13 clients hosted with them.

I had some issues with thier support early on, but they truly have taken significant steps to address that in recent months.

They offer plenty of webspace and bandwidth for a competitive price, and thier uptime is in-line with industry standards. When there are outages, they are usually short.

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I am using IPOWER hosting for last around 2 years and have few commnets like:

- Pricing is cheap, even can tbeat them

- Features are good if you compare with pricing

- Get free AdWords and YSM credit as well

- Host unlimited sites with pro plan (its good for bulk)

- Speed is average, since there is so much load on servers (i think)

- Overall I prefer to host again.

John Knapp

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I have been a customer of Ipower web hosting services for a full decade. (10 years) Some issues were difficult to resolve; but with an attitude of graditude and appreciation for an Ipower team that has strived to be excellent I have been able to get every issue resolved. My business ventures have been promoted using Ipower control panel which has provided me with excellent features to manage multiple domains plus build and publish many sites successfuly.

Ipower.com is a very good hosting service for me.

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I have several accounts with them, over the past couple of years. they're "ok"... had a few technical issues with them. Their online support is great for easy stuff like forgotten passwords, but if something actually goes wrong, they're not worth much. Sometimes, I wish they wouldn't help at all, it'd be better. For instance, when a client forgot the password to his photogallery php script, he called ipowerweb tech support (instead of me... bad idea...). Level1 tech support happily reset his account passwords, and then reset the permissions on all of his files... so of course his photogallery website quit working. I had to go through and reset the permissions on hundreds of files to get it back.

another example of poor customer service is my wife's email. She can access it just fine via pop3, but the webmail client doesn't work. But only with her account. CS blames it on the browser, even though the same machine, same browser can log into any other account on the same system.

But... decent price, I guess you get what you pay for. Overall, they're not so bad that I need to overcome my lazyness to go to another host.


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I hate Ipower. This is the second time in 3 months that I have to reset all my client's passwords! I think that they have such poor security measures that they get hacked all the time and as a result they have to resort to annoying all their customers by just doing a blanket mandatory password reset. Their response to my frustration is, "read the terms of service". Really nice attitude by Scott A. (Guess what the A stands for). I want to leave them so bad!


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I started using iPowerweb back in 2002 or 2003. When I signed up I was on an older server and was getting only 200MB of storage for $6.95/Mo. At the time it was reasonable. What irked me was that they continued to charge me the same rates when they were offering 300GB and 3TB of bandwidth for the same money and never upgraded my account. I had to contact them and run in circles for for about a week to get upgraded. Even then, NOTHING was transferrable. Had to recreate email accounts, re-upload ftp files etc.

So, it has been roughly a month since I've been on the vDeck servers and it has been nothing but trouble. That last time (about a week ago), my entire directory structure was wiped out and they restored it to an older version. However, I had a few gigs of files that I host and those were gone completely. They claimed that the didn't even exist on their backups. It was within the html_public folder but yet is wasn't in their backups.

We have had repeated problems with email just "going down". One issue was because "my quota was exceded". Yea, I had 300GB of email, right.

And now, today, even the iPowerweb website is down. I can't get email and my web site is non-existent.

I need to point out that I had none of these issues before I switched to the vDeck servers. I should also point out that they have been quite responsive when contacted through the support form on their web site.


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Before being switched from the "old" servers to the vDeck servers, it was quite reliable.

I realized I was only getting 200MB of storage for the same price everybody else was getting 300GB for. And of course iPowerweb never bothered to offer me an upgrade. So I requested an upgrade to the new servers.

I got my upgrade but NOTHING was transferrable. I was starting from scratch. Its not a mission-critical web site so no big deal.

Then the problems started. Initially it was just email, then, about a week ago the entire site went down. I tried to log in via vDeck and couldn't get in. I sent a support request form and was told they were having "issues". Once it was finally "up" they had restore my web site to an OLD version. When I logged in and looked around, my directory structure wasn't the same. A folder called "files" was missing, along with several gigs of data I had uploaded. They claim that folder wasn't on their backup. I spent the next two days resolving email issues. Everything from "quota exceeded" to "authentication failure" to "you are logged in in another window".

I checked my email this morning...failure. Tried my domain, non-existent. Tried ipowerweb.com...non-existent. I fear one day they will be completely gone without notice so I plan on switching hosting providers promptly.

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The price is right with Ipowerweb unfortunately you get what you pay for. After days of trying to figure out why my site is running unacceptably slow between the hours or 10-3 daily. They finally admitted in the last job ticket I opened that when THERE servers get loaded up sometimes sites run slow. My site www.stickersinc.com runs so slow that it looses even my interest and I am the owner. Does anyone know a good service provider????




Daryl Angeloni

    Review Rating

I signed up for a two year pro package from I power and paid the asking price. now just one year into the service I have had to pay them to renew my domain name. when asked why this little fact wasn't brought up when I signed up. The phone teck couldn't even come up with a story, all he would say was we are sorry for the confusion,when there wasn't any confusion,they with held that information because if that cost were added into the deal it would have been more expensive than there compition.I called this fraud and a lie by ommission.that is the kind of fraudlent practices that make it necessary for governing bodies to get involved,then they cry that the gov is over stepping it reach,when in fact they are the ones creating the problems

Josh H

    Review Rating

Had no complaints about ipower for several years - i've been using them for hosting for at least 5-6 years. Now within the last few months I've been having recurring problems with email quota issues. The plan used to say unlimited emails and would let me set the quota in the control panel. Then we had bouncing emails and called them up and they said you're over your quota - 3000 messages or 250MB. I laughed and said GMAIL will give me 1GB for free, and I'm paying you guys and you're telling me that all of a sudden my email quota is 250MB ? They did me a "favor" and upgraded one email to a 500MB quota, but I will not be keeping them for my next renewal if this is what it's going to be like from now on.

Ryan Thomas

    Review Rating

First of all, feel free to join the boycott/class action lawsuit if you feel it is necessary:


My site has been down for a very long time now and iPowerWeb's support has been terrible. It seems that they are only providing these simplistic answers to avoid anymore trouble or entrapping themselves. They have not provided ANY reasonable answer to fix the problem or any deadline or rough date that the problem will be resolved by. This is inexcusable since I am a PAYING customer.


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I have been with ipower for 5 years. It seems every year it gets worse and worse. My domain has been down for a week and I cant seem to get thru to support. They had a late renewal stay away!!!

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I was an ipowerweb customer for 6 years, with a business/legal site. In Dec. 2007 despite the renewal notices, I discovered that ipower had let my domain lapse and lost all my pages and all my email. So-called support gave me false assurances.

My solution was to fax to ipower a written and signed request asking to cancel service and for a refund. They did so reasonably soon.

I changed domain name from a dot com to a dot net and went to Bluehost. Very impressed. Also Bluehost has the same cpanel X that ipower had before vdeck. So with Bluehost you can have the familiar control panel and email clients in horde and squirrelmail. Then I arranged to have the domain registrar get my dot com released by ipower now it points to my dot net site. Ipower blows.

Della Brooks

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I have 6 websites hosted on 6 accounts at iPowerweb. All the sites are down. The iPowerweb website is down. I called the tech support number and after being on hold for about 3 or 4 minutes, the line was disconnected.

Joseph Romano

    Review Rating

I have had ipower for 8 years now. Like others, they were very good until the last few months. Now the site goes down, cgi based forms do not always work. Very disappointing. Guess I will now look for a new host.

Tim Johns

    Review Rating

They claim to be huge. If you care about people being able to access your site, you should heed this warning.

I've never heard of a host doing 'security updates' to the server and thinking it's okay for your web site to be down for hours. I believe most hosting providers would temporarily move the domains or something during such a long process. And to make it an even more unprofessional thing to do, they do it on a Friday at 5PM! That's just ridiculous.

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We have been with iPowerWeb for a couple of years and have had a few major issues with them. THe 1st thing that happened is their Apache server became infected with viruses. It caused our e-mail system (which they provided) to spew out virus laden mail. It also caused most of our web pages to trhy and infect whoever visited them. One response from the online chat tech support was that our pass was too easy to figure out so we were responsible for the infection. When I actually called them on the phone they were not acusing us of anything but apologizing for the problem. It took them 3 weeks to fix it. And then it happened again.

The next problem was with one of our web admins accessing the server using their Mac. They supposedly elevated the ticket to level 2 and level 3 support and fixed the problem a total of 10 times in one week. It wasn't fixed. They finally started blaming the Mac for the problem.

The last biggie was a corrupt password. They admited that it was corrupt but wee unwilling to fix it untill we gave them some credit card info. Well, our web admins don't need or have the credit card info so we went half a week with outdated pages.

run from ipower

    Review Rating

On the outside, they look to offer good value with a good package, and initially they come up with the goods. But once you are going problems start to come up, and customer support is not proactive in any sense of the word. Here's what happened to me, we registered a domain name and retained ipower's web hosting, the domain was not too active - we used it for email and FTP mainly, but after a year we renewed it, and paid Ipower our fees for another year. Then we had email problems, but no response from ipower support. After a week we found by chance that our domain name was released and free in the market place i.e. ipower did not renew our domain registration. Now how would you feel if this happened to your domain name, which you put a lot of time, expense and effort into, and it suddenly became available and someone else took it? Well ipower said sorry and offered to refund a partial of the fees to us; later they offered the full amount, but no real feedback or explanation as to why this happened. I'm not sure they really cared, perhaps it happens a lot. Do a search "ipower + problems"and you will find a lot of similar stories, worse than mine. I was lucky and caught it and re-registered with a more reputable company

Gladys Kravitz

    Review Rating

Customer service has gone into the toliet in the last 4 months. I cancelled my VPS account there but still haven't gotten my refund after a month and a half. If you call them, expect to be on hold every time.


    Review Rating

I opened a few hosting accounts at ipowerweb last year. The features and pricing were great, and tech support options looked even better. But unfortunately, the live chat support is worthless. They will leave you hanging without responding to you, and will then end the chat without answering your questions. After waiting in line for a very long time, this will start to get annoying to say the least. The phone tech support is much better, but expect to wait atleast an hour to speak to someone. I'm definitely going to transfer my domains once my yearly contract runs out. I have a business to run, and I don't have time to play games with the kids that they have working the chat support over there.

Mark Stephan

    Review Rating

Absolutely THE worst. Have been reseller with them for about 4 years with intermittent support issues. At this writing I have 4 sites that have been completely unaccessible for 4 days with no end in site. Tech support is worthless. Domain renewals don't happen when they are supposed to. Very poor (non-existent) communication with resellers. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF USING THESE GUYS !


    Review Rating

This service has gone to hell. Our email service has down for the past 15 days and the company denies there is a problem! You can NOT reach a tech person by phone, and most often they completely ignore your email questions. When they respond to your emails, if you're lucky, its mostly incompetent jabber and does nothing to help. Our website has been done for long intervals over the past week.



    Review Rating

Stay away from ipower! the service is horrible, the uptime is lousy, and the staff lack the knowledge required to run a hosting company. the server that my site is on is s...l...o...w... and has been down so often I'm still in shock. As I write this ALL of their servers are down, even their own.

I repeat... STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOST, just flush your money down the toilet and cut out the ipower middle-men

    Review Rating

I have used Ipower for years, and probably have 20-25 sites there. In the last 6 months or so their service has gone completely in the toilet. I don't know if they fired all the knowledgeable techs for newbies who are paid nothing or what, but it has been drastic. My forums site has been down for weeks, I have another site that has not been able to get email for months - and they are a bed and breakfast, it has cost them thousands$$$$. I could not recommend their service for anything now.

Jason Bogota

    Review Rating

I host 3 domains with iPowerWeb and had decent service - up until about 6 months ago. Since then they have been absolutely horrible. Email is hit-or-miss. You may have email today, you may not.... Customer service does not exist. I have left over a dozen messages for technical service over the last 2 months. I have not received any response to date. It even says that a customer service representative will contact you within 24 hours if you leave a message. They don't. I just had a client call me and say that all of the emails they sent me yesterday were returned to them saying they were rejected by our email server. To anyone looking at iPowerWeb - look elsewhere. Don't say you were not warned! This is being posted on 9/22/07.


    Review Rating

I've used Ipower for a couple years. When I first signed up with them, they had some of the best prices. While their hosting plans, on paper, have gotten better, I've seen their "quality" gradually decrease over time.

Their "technical support" is a big joke and the lack of accessible customer service is quite frustrating.

Presently, as the ipower hosted sites transition to the server farms owned by the new company, I don't even have vdeck access; I have ftp access, but can't get into my account to do what I need to do. Good luck trying to figure out a solution.

As I write this, I'm on hold attempting to get through to Ipower billing. It's a pain to move a fleet of sites to another host, but some things just have to be done.


    Review Rating

We had a very disappointing experience with Ipower during their server upgrade migration. We've spent four hours on the phone with their technical support without a remedy to the issue at hand. Our most recent experience has led our corporation to make an immediate move to a new service provider, ASAP. We are one of the many clients not renewing with Ipower. We are interested and investigating class-action cases. We're sure there must be others.


    Review Rating

Caught up in a tech mess all most every 15 days! No capable technicians support line available with them. MOST UNRELIABLE WEB HOSTING--- ONE MUST CHECK OUT WITH EXISTING CUSTOMERS BEFORE SINGING UP THE NEW ACCOUNTS WITH IPOWERWEB.




    Review Rating

1) Website is highly unstable. Sometime up and sometimes down.

2) FTP is unstable. Sometimes it works and somtimes it doesn't. Working now, but was not working on several occasions. At this time FTP is not working.

3) aWstats not working.

4) PHP was not working at all which means that this board could not be viewed for almost 1 week.Compounding the problem is sometime the scripts work as quickly as they did on vDeck 1. Othertimes PHP scripts work so slowly vDeck 3, that it is best not to use PHP scripts at all.

Email from this domain has never worked; since transfer to vDeck 3. Even today any email sent will get 'bounced'. The current status is that email does not work for this account. Email forwarders don't work and is bounced. Auto responders at this time doesn't work.

5) Tech response is NON-Existent only to ask for my "Pet's Name". It doesn't work so I published it to my homepage. Problems still not fixed.

6) MySql is useless unless you use their auto-script loader from the vDeck panel. I've had no problems loading PHP/MySql programs on vDeck 1, cPanel and even Yahoo webhost. I prefer to manually load my PHP scripts rather than use any webhosting auto-install.

7) iPowerweb was good back in the days when they offered 250MB of space. Now they offer 300GB of space that is completely useless to any webmaster.

Geoff Landry

    Review Rating


CA Reason

    Review Rating

Anemic Support

Apathetic Management

Absence of Professional Comptetence

Abysmal Service Standards


    Review Rating

Customer support is too slow, too inexperienced, and unresponsive.


    Review Rating

We are a small business and originally signed up with iPower due to good reviews. In the early years, not much to complain about, though the site was down more often then we would like. (Fortunately we've been running a parallel system for email.) The lastest transition has been a total disaster for our company site, and based upon the universal user comments this is not news. I've spent hours on a mobile phone abroad trying to get help from tech support, and twice got through to the chat support folks who were no help at all. No email, no email forwarding, passwords not working, even the main account could not be accessed. The support people are totally overwhelmed, and if you get through, even the nice ones can only deal with one small low level issue when there are several related ones that they end up being forced to ignore. Level 2 escalation has resulted in no further activity despite trouble ticket reports stating something has been "resolved". Other people have said the company was sold and this is the reason for iPower's downfall. All I can say is we're getting out and I would warn anyone considering iPower to read the comments before taking the leap.


    Review Rating

Ipowerweb tried to upgrade my site to vdeck3 and failed. My site went down for 3 days. My email is still down (5 days and counting!!!). When my website came up 2 days ago, SSIs stopped working. Tech support hasn't fixed the relevant issues in over 120 hours. Never ever, ever, under any circumstances sign up with ipowerweb. I am not a crazy raving lunatic. I am a smart and reasonable person, with various postgraduate degrees in philosophy... I am a calm and measured person, but I swear to you this company is nothing but trouble. Stay as far away as possible from them.

Again... if you are wondering... don't. Do not wonder. Just take your business elsewhere.

    Review Rating

Trust me, get away from ipower now, unless you have a little rinky dink site that you could care less about. Like everyone else here, I have been on the phone for 20 hours this weekend ALONE trying to get support. They over-charge me and the block heads over there can't do math so I have to run them through the numbers. After they finally figure it out, they say they took care of it. Yup, they took care of it twice now, and it's still not right, lol. I have been with ipower for 6 months now. As an ipower user, you fear the moment something goes wrong with your site..because you know it won't be fixed for a few weeks. They're running a circus at the moment. Their company won't survive like this..they better change something very quickly.


    Review Rating


    Review Rating

When I first started with Ipower, about six years ago, they were great. Sadly, about two years ago they turned into the server from hell. My site is often down, and always goes down for 2-3 days, on the annaversary of my joining, due to their late registration of my domain name. I was scheduled to go on their new system 12/4. It is 12/17, and I am still not transferred. This is not a big deal, since I am leaving them, and have already uploaded my site to another service. The problem is, that my domain name still points to their server. Even after putting through, both email, and phone (40 minute wait) requests, this has still not been changed. I will doubltless waste many hours on the phone with these people, before they finally get the job done. Thank you ipower, for making my expreience with you consistant, right to the end.


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I managed our church Website and we experienced email outtages twice, once for over a week, and another for over two weeks. They said they were working on the issue, but they showed that they are not reliable.

Also, I made the mistake of paying for the hosting service myself for the first year. When I cancelled they ended up billing me again one year later. I told them that we cancelled the service over a year ago and I am still calling trying to get them to remove my credit card number and pay me back.


    Review Rating

Things were more or less ok for a few years. But that all changed on 12/13/2007. My mission critical online database system with hundreds of users on ipower dedicated server is gone. They apparently 'cancelled' it. It is paid for through March 2008. Numerous calls to tech support with terrible hold times have resulted in no help. One guy said 'Sorry' but no one has even bothered to try to explain how it is possible for them to go into 'my' server and erase 'my' data without 'my' permission.

I am totally devastated. It took years and untold thousands to turn system from dream into reality - and they decided to 'cancel' it.

I am still in 'denail' stage. I wouldn't want to be them when I get to 'anger' stage....

    Review Rating

iPowerweb was good back in 2002 when I joined. Now they are utter crap. My email goes down constantly, and my website goes down at 3am every night. Call 24/7 tech support you say? maybe if I had three hours of spare time to waste. Try the livechat you say? Too bad they need to you to access the website to fix the problem of getting your site back online. iPowerweb is rubbish. Better off just getting the cheapest web host...


    Review Rating

I have been with this company for a few years now. I had to recently transfer my site to another company because of their poor customer service. They lost all my shopping cart information. Emails were lost. The hold time for help is unbelievable. Do not do business with them. You will regret it.

Hans Le Roy

    Review Rating

I was hoted with them for four years, but suddenly problems appeeared (FTP acount no longer valid, webapplications broken, no response from support). I left them as soon as I could.

    Review Rating

Stay FAR, FAR AWAY from this company.

Once a decent company to deal with, I've watched IPower/IPowerweb spiral into one of the worst companies that I've ever dealt with. Their customer service is nonexistant, and their sales staff is rude and extremely unhelpful.

DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY... YOU'LL BE SORRY. I'm in a billing dispute with them now, and now regret prepaying for service for more than a year. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!


    Review Rating

I have had 2 accounts w/Ipower for the last 4 years & since the "new plantform" change I have had nothing but problems. I can not sign into my account to update websites, customer service is not even trying to help, if the information I was trying to upload was not time dated I might be more understanding, but 5 days to resolve this in not exceptable for this & it still is not resolved. I will be switching host servers!

Chris Miller

    Review Rating

After five years of hosting with iPower, I've finally moved away in frustration. Customer service had never been great (long wait times, boilerplate answers, and an arcane Knowledgebase), but it got worse after the buyout last spring (which included an unannounced technical transition of some sort that cost me a week of downtime).

Of late, I found my transition to the new vDeck platform perpetually "unscheduled" -- yet I also found myself unable to log into my old cPanel. When I contacted Support about that, the "fix" left me unable even to log in to the Support Kiosk!

Finally, after my move, iPower support was inconsistent and unhelpful in getting my nameservers changed and making sure the registrar (OnlineNIC -- ugh!) facilitated my domain registration transfer.

Brian Wright

    Review Rating

ipowerweb.com lost my web site 3 months ago and doesn't have a back up.

Does anyone know a good attorney in AZ or if a class action suit has been started??

Lance Johnson

    Review Rating

This is the worst hosting provider I have ever encountered. Until recently, I was relatively pleased with them, but when I was forced to migrate my site from the old platform to vDeck3 things went south very quickly. Following the migration, entire directories of my files were lost, resulting in over 1 gig of data being unavailable. Thankfully they were able to restore it, but not for several days and after REPEATED attempts at getting someone to answer the phone or respond to a support ticket. It took at least 2 full days before I even got a response.

iPower support does not pay attention to what the customer is asking for. I repeatedly instructed them not to renew my hosting plan, and they did. I repeatedly asked them to unlock my domain so I could transfer it to another provider and they refuse to even address my request.

I am trying to get away from iPower as quickly as possible and will never return, even if they offer me 10 years of free hosting.


    Review Rating

The host was actually chosen by my client I would not use IPOWER if they paid me to use them. It is just not worth the hassel they are cheep but what good is a low price if your site is slow MYSQL crashes frequently and your luckky if your site is up at all.

So in this case what you think your saving your not, as the frustration you will have makes it not worth the low cost

which is now even lower as the new owners Endurance International try and get new suckers to sighn up using their smoke and mirrors to fool you about how great IPOWER IS

I can tell you they are the worst the ftp does not even work correctly you will be lucky if it stays conected for 3 mins, how Endurance is allowed to even own a hosting company let alown like 27 is beyond me, so now that IPOWER is owned by them the IPOWER sys VDECK 3.0 is even worse then you can imagine, the support is near non existant they are worth less so what do you realy get for the savings? If your sites go down as ours did. Hey we were down for about a week do the care nope, then they finally decided to fix the prob after threats were made by my client as it is a commercial site and down time is loss of income ...

Would you want a host that you must threaten just to get your site back up and or fixed?

My client has several sites with them we are moving one by one. all I can say is if you do not heed the warnings given in this review and thousands of reviews world wide

then you must need a brain transplant and if you feel you do not need one you will if you signup with IPOWER or any endurance owend property thats right property there only in it for the money I would hope all who read this can see that.

Maybe this review will stop you from making a very big mistake. DO NOT USE IPOWER


    Review Rating

Have had continuing trouble with VPS reliability. IPower technical support worthless and incompetent. Lost service tickets and promises never kept.

Extremely long hold times (often over 1 hour). Plus their on hold music sucks.

Ross Clark

    Review Rating

They have made a MESS of their upgrade. Dragged on for MONTHS! My emails constantly vanish, and their customer support is TERRIBLE!!! Try it before you buy. Try getting a hold of Tech Support. HORRIBLE!!!!!!

    Review Rating

There is no need for comments, this is the terrible hosting provider with terrible support. actually it's not a support, it's "something"!!! you have to wait for few hours to get in touch, than another couple hours to explain what you want, and last couple hours to understand that they are stupid !!! or just don't care what your problem is!!!

I'll move my sites from this hosting as soon as it will be possible!!!

-1 client...


    Review Rating

I also am having probl;ems with the new platform that IPOWER choose to go to. First I couldn;t accesss my site, now I can't update it. After holding for hours I was told by the customer support rep that my problem would be fixed in an hour.. Days later and many open tickets that went unanswered, I still am waiting on that magical contact that they have corected their problem, that is costing me.....

Pam Burt

    Review Rating

I have had mutiple sites on ipower for years... when they started changing over to the new vdeck everything went to hell in a handbasket. I am in the process of moving my accounts over to hostmonster. The reason I chose them was because their techs answered my chat in about 10 minutes. not the 2 hours I waited for ipower. The techs don't know what they are doing... when you tell them the php sessions are screwing up on their end, they tell me that one of my files are missing. I installed the same files on another site (that had not been forced to the new vdeck yet) they worked perfectly. today is the 19th and my ticket has been open since the 12th.... I'm losing money and time fooling around with them.

I'd rather wait the 24 hours for the new site to resolve than put up with them. What's 24 hours compared to another 7 days for them to NOT fix it.

They are just dummys to think we will stay.

John Kruger

    Review Rating

I've read the many complaints and I've been through the same frustrations as well. Since we all know this company drifted down hill does anyone know what triggered this company’s downfall? Was this company bought by an India firm? I sure would like to know what caused this horrible nightmare and maybe a class action suit is needed.


    Review Rating

Since Ipower or Ipowerweb transferred to the new VDECK 3.0 everything that once was paradise went to hell! Stay clear away from them! Heed my warning. I complained countless times about their MYSQL servers slowness and unable to access at times, and yesterday (2/20/08), I threatened them that I wanted my money back for such a pitiful mysql and hosting service. Now, Today, my site is down and out, most "likely" because some frustrated tech pulled the DNS on my site to show me who has the power, but that's ok. Not sure that's the case with the tech, but I am believing it is. Check my site out, and see. Looking to speak with Judge Judy now, or that TV program...Shame, Shame, Shame. Stay clear of Ipower, last warning.


    Review Rating

Quite possibly the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Continual email problems. Support tickets went unanswered.


    Review Rating

What happen to the really slick looking vDeck control panel everyone knows and loves? The way v3 was advertised, I thought during the whole transition time we were going to see an enhanced look to it, rather than going the other way. I have to be frank, this new system looks really generic and my first impression is that the young and trendy thinking has made a turn back to old school development (very 90’s). I’m guessing new (and poor) management.

Unfortunately, for me and others, iPower has lost its luster and we will be departing as soon as possible.


    Review Rating

I've never dealt with a more frustratingly incompetent company in my life. Tech support is laughable. Customer service is non exsistent. I now have an insight into the tragic minds and stimulating triggers that cause people to go postal. This has been absolutely one of the worst experiences of my profeesional career.

My site has been down for 4 days now. I've spent a total of 13 hours on the phone (90% of which is hold time) over the last 72 hours. I've sent countless emails. The problems were brough on by iPower trying to migrate my site to their new platform. I did not request this btw. I did not get a response until an hour ago. They explained via email that they "THINK" the problem was that my site was not pointing to the new platform, and that they "SHOULD" have the problem rectified in 24 to 72 hours. What a f#^king joke!!!

I feel that myself, my company & my employees are being held hostage. My business has been crippled. I'm not sure what I can do at this point. If I knew their actual physical address I would hop on a plane and deal with them personally. I've been in contact with other hosting companies to take over the site but there hands are tied until the problems on ipower's end are resolve.

This is not the first problem l've had with iPower, far from it. I should've made the switch to a different hosting company long ago. It's just such a pain in the ass. However, I will not let them burn me again. The only thing I can say with absolute certainty in this nightmarish endeavor is to stay as far away as you can from the piece of shit web hosting company known as iPower Web.


    Review Rating

iPowerweb is the first host I used beyond Yahoo Geocities free accounts. I regret it completely. I had the account years ago, so I don't remember any specifics to write a review about. All I am left with is the overall feeling of frustration and being screwed over. I got fed up with their horrible support, reliability and the relatively not-so-great pricing and switched to a different host.


    Review Rating

I originally hosted my phpbb based forum with IPower and had HORRENDUS problems with them...I very quickly moved on to a different provider.

Twice within the first 2 months of my site being live I had major crashes in which their support could only tell me that 'ghost scripts' were damaging my database and the only solution was to delete everything and rebuild. Oh man...I even fell for it the first time.

The second time I managed to find some help in a phpbb forum and found out the problem was simply one line of code that could be repaired with a one line query in SQL!

Seriously...to anyone looking at IPower...RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!


    Review Rating

Our organization has been with IPOWER for years, things were "so-so" but manageable and then the VDeck transition happened and it's been a black hole of problems since. Our site's have been down, e-mail has not worked, etc. etc. Everything imaginable has gone wrong. Tech support has been horrible and we are STILL down on many things. I am in the process of moving to a new host (Fuse Network) and that can't happen fast enough. They could offer their hosting for free and I would NEVER recommend them!

    Review Rating

I have used IPower for years for many sites. Since this switch-over it has been nothing but a nightmare. First my emails went down completely. And now the latest... the load time of my site is absolutely horrible. Everytime the pages pull from the database it screeches to a halt. Thought it might have been my coding, but, even when I log into the cpanel and go to PHPMyAdmin it doesn't load the databases. Comes to a dead stop. They tell me the problem is with my ISP and that everything is perfect on their end. Told them I tried it on three different computers, 3 different browsers with 3 different internet connections, Cable, DSL, Satellite. They then told me "a 2-3 minute load time for high speed is normal". What a joke. Time to move on... for good.


    Review Rating

I have been with iPower for over 5 years and their customer support has plummeted to pathetic in the last 18 months. Any time I need support, it seems to take over an hour to get sorted.

The final thing this week that caused me to leave was I couldn't access my reseller Control Panel and their support person made it impossible for me to get the problem resolved.

I moved my hosting to MediaLayer after reading some reviews about them and they have been absolutely brilliant. So good in fact that I have total confidence in moving all my client's accounts to them as well. MediaLayer's support has been fast and the best I have ever experienced.

    Review Rating

TERRIBLE: uptime, email, loading time, php, MySql, vDeck3. Basically nothing works consistantly and most things just run bad. I've filed 2 complaints with the Attorney General of Arizona, Terry Goddard. You can trace the link below for all the problems. I have been a customer of iPowerweb for about 8 years and cancelling all my accounts with them.


iPowerweb a great company many years ago TODAY IS USELESS!


    Review Rating

The tech support from IPOWER is downright terrible. I've been in contact with support for the last 3 months trying to fix my problem, and all i EVER get is a canned response, with NO help at all.

My website takes 1.5 minutes to load a simple OSC shopping cart. On my previous host, this would be INSTANT load times. They have acknowledge that somebody else on my shared server is using too many resources. But 3 months later, still nothing has been done to remedy it. I plan on going to angryhosting.com or medialayer.com now.

Former IPowerweb Customer

    Review Rating

I had shared hosting with them for five years, until only recently. I hosted with them, because I was a newbie and they popped up in Google searches for "best web hosting." Of course, I obviously know now that none of those reviews are particularly honest, so I learned my lesson from there.

Reliability? It was touch and go. I consider myself a "power user" when it comes to computers, so if there were problems, I was often knowledgeable enough to ask the exact right questions to their support. Still, every few weeks or months or so, you'd get crippling downtime, where your sites were down for hours at a time--sometimes, it would seem like a whole day. I cannot comment on their post-migration reliability, because I got out before then. Towards the end, my nagging problem with them was with their server encrypting FTP passwords, thus locking me out, and I had to have them fix that, at least, three times since the beginning of 2008.

Support? The best way to describe it is that it's a labyrinth. I never used their phone support, because I didn't like being on hold forever. Their old support ticket system used to work well for my needs, where I'd get a response the next business day usually. Not the fastest, I know, but I was okay with it. But then that stopped being reliable altogether during the migration; however, at the same time, their live chat support improved considerably, so I started using them exclusively, where I was prepared for a 30-45 minute wait each time. Basically, the only way to use their support is to be patient and tech savvy, which, if you've got a site problem that you want fixed ASAP, isn't much comfort.

Features/Pricing? It was exactly what you'd expect from an overselling host. Their features were nothing particularly special, and nor was their pricing any cheaper or more expensive than their competition. Basically, you get what you pay for.

Frankly, I left IPowerweb, because my patience finally ran out; ultimately, it was a combination of little things like intermittent reliability problems, support wait times, and the impending migration that made me decide to leave now. It just felt like I was on a sinking ship, and the last thing I needed was to suddenly find myself drowning with even more difficult headaches. Caveat emptor!

John Miner

    Review Rating

I use front page 2002 and publish from the program. I had six sites with Ipower until two weeks ago.I had no real problems until they changed their platform and I tried to publish to my main site.

The instructions they gave me did not work (but my front page preview browser worked fine).

After ten days of try I gave up and bought a site with another hosting company. That was a week ago, I am still trying to get my url transferred. My other sites are working even though I canceled them as well

because if I cannot keep them up to date, then I will park them until I decide how my new host is.


    Review Rating

ABSOLUTE WORST company I have ever dealt with. I have been with them for 5+ years and all of a sudden my email goes down, my simple web site goes down, and there are $200 charged to my credit card without me knowing!

Every time I call for support I am on hold for 1+ hours (I am on hold with them right now).

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and got a response 3 months later saying they would give me $15 back.

I highly recommend NOT using this company.

    Review Rating

Another day, another downtime for our website. This is horrible. IPowerWeb is truly a disgrace. Even their own website goes down once every week... I am canceling our account TODAY - well, first I have to downlaod everything from our server which is difficult to do IF THE SERVER IS DOWN!

    Review Rating

I have been an IPowerWeb customer since May 2003. Around the Summer of 2006 my site began experiencing more and more technical difficulties (outgoing e-mail broken, control pane login-in not working, etc). By Summer of 2007, their average hold time for e-chat tech support was about 2 1/2 hours. Getting support was no help.

Since I renewed (wrong choice) in August 2007 for another year, I have been 'in transition to VDeck v3.0'. Today it is March 14th. I closed my business website in early 2007 and am now building a very, very, very simple family web-site. It's been 6 months and they claim I am in a 'comprehensive QA/QC process to ensure my site has transferred with full functionality' despite contacting them twice by e-mail and once by internet chat to tell them to feel free to delete my entire site if it means faster 'transition' to VDeck v3.0.

Every time I log into the panel, instead of getting my web-site, I get pointed to the 'transition Kiosk' until I am transferred to VDeck 3.0. My web-site development has been crippled for 6 months and I am finally going to sign up for webstrikesolutions.com hosting.

Be sure not to run any of IPW's 'built-in' PHP apps like forums or guestbook - none of them actually work. You'll get it 'installed' only to find messages disappearing and lots of long error messages when you try to use those 'built-in' features. When trying to install 'third party' PHP applications, Ipowerweb's servers often do not meet the minimum criteria required (SQL and Apache version requirements).

I am tired of typing, but I think you get the picture. Don't let their practically unlimited storage space and bandwidth lure you in - you'll never have enough up-time for those limits to even matter.

    Review Rating

I just CANCELED MY ACCOUNT WITH IPOWERWEB. Thanks to this website, I called their corporate headquarters an hour ago (after experiencing another 3 hours of outage), waited only 45 seconds to speak with someone... they even refunded us the unused portion of our hosting fees! ADIOS IPOWERWEB. I feel so liberated!!!!!!!

    Review Rating

For 4 months I cant use my website, I cant upload files, I cant send e-mails, I cant recieve emails. All they say that they apoligize and appericiate my patient. It is so much funny that I can not use service which I made payment in the begining. In addition to this they have very insufficient support. When you make payment they reply mails and messages in short time but when you ask support you may wait for a month without any reply.

I highly recommend all web developer not to use ipower web or ipower not have same difficulities with me.

Emrah Ayvali.


    Review Rating

I have three sites hosted through IPower. Through the luck of the draw, the first site I hosted with them had relatively few problems, until about a year ago.

I have numerous complaints, but the biggest problem has been the number of times my site has been down. It has gone down repeatedly, sometimes for days, and I can't get a single representative to help.

I would call and stay on hold for hours, fire off a dozen emails, and try anything and everything I could do to get a response.

Usually I would get a reply after the site came back up. They would say that everything looked fine on their end and that they could get to the site. That didn't explain why it was down for the previous 48 hours or more. They would flat out deny the site/sever was down, even though their own stats showed my site had zero hits and bandwidth, when I normally push more than 250Mb with 15000-20000 hits.

The bottom line is that IPower has failed to deliver on its promises, it is unreliable, and it is now lying to try to cover up its problems.


    Review Rating

I've been with iPowerWeb for about 4-5 years. in the beginning there were a few problems and throughout the last 5 years there has been intermittent email issues and the occasional downtime on the site. Since then it has gotten progressively worse to the point extreme frustration. I've suffered from reoccurring downtime, lost emails, lost files, billing mistakes, server lag and, and most recently very slow mysql response which has brought all my php/mysql applications to a halt.

Technical support, when you can get them on the can, is less than response, reading off of cards and completely unintelligent. Today I called and they told me they couldn't transfer me to a higher level of technical support because they were on a phone that cannot transfer. Meanwhile they said they were waiting on an arrival of new servers to help lighten the database load. They also said that a week ago.

When I first wanted to move a while ago, I felt like it was not worth my time to deal with it at the moment. Now I feel like its not worth the hassle I deal with to setup databases and blogs. ridiculous.

i'll be moving this week.


    Review Rating

average wait time 30 mins +

all tecniciand are called Jason and never get back with you


    Review Rating

Been with ipowerweb for years now...was fine in the beginning and no issues. Now it's a constant nightmare. One of my three hosted sites was down for TWO WEEKS. Tech support literally 'read off cards' with canned responses.

Recently, they are migrating all of us off the existing vdeck to cpanel and the new platform is riddled with issues...namely the SQL servers which are overwhelemed. I cannot do a single thing with my SQL driven website and they are saying it will be TWO MONTHS before it will be resolved. WHAT?!?!? I'm sure I'll be billed on time though.

Their billing is never off though, you will get billed...full price...on time with no issues.

Unless you really like the price, go elsewhere...tech support is useless and you literally have to know more than them to get an issues resolved (I literally repeat my first ticket information each reply because a new tech reads only the last reply you made and you end up in an endless cycle of stupidity with them). BLECH! Go elsewhere...I can't wait to leave them.

    Review Rating

Cheap webhost, you get what you pay for. The recent upgrade of the servers has caused everything to go down the tubes.

I am simply now trying to change the nameservers to get the domain pointing to a actual reliable host and cannot even accomplish such a simple task, it will take me more than an hour to get a support person in chat so they can probably tell me that there is nothing they can do.

I literally feel like they are holding my client's website hostage at this point, I cannot even fix it as you can when you purchase domain on your own.

Please stay away from this host, use ANYONE else, heck, setup a box on a pentium 100 in your basement, you will have better support and reliability.

my opinion 0/10, yeah its cheap, but nothing works, just rip up a $10 bill each month and you will save time.

    Review Rating

Absolutely the worst hosting service you could possible buy! My websites were off line for a solid 3 weeks! I was on the phone everyday, on hold from 2 to 4 hours each day before reaching customer support who mostly gave me empty promises. Even when my websites were up the access time could be counted in minutes, not seconds! Not worth it even if it were free hosting!

    Review Rating

I am not sure where to start so I will just start listing problems because there are no positives except I might win an ipod, lol. I have been a customer for over 3 years now and they were great in the begining. Now it takes 1 to 1.5 hours to reach someone on the phone or chat. I was charged 2 months early for my hosting account which put my checking account in over draft. I was charged $90 for that and they wouldn't even pay for that. Not only did they charge my account way too early they over charged it by $35.40 which they did refund but by that time the damage was done. My clients and myself have experienced long down times as well as a whole host of e-mail down times. It is really embarrassing when you have to explain to your client that the host's servers are down again. Save yourself time and money and pick another host.

David Collins

    Review Rating

This company sucks. Interestingly their uptime record has not been too bad from our perspective (or maybe I've just missed it.) What's so frustrating is that there is no support - none, nada, zip. You can't get them on the phone, the min-wage troop of 'Jasons' they use in Mangalore are given nothing to work with; no training, nothing. Did I mention that this company sucks? I may seem alittle frustrated with them since OUR SITE IS DOWN WHILE I'M TYPING THIS. Nothing to do, so I thought I'd flame ipower.

John Bonifield

    Review Rating

I've used them for five or more years with a few problems over much of that time. Problems were usually solved with a phone call or e-mail. In the last year or so service has deteriorated but the "transition" to vDeck 3 is a total fiasco. A couple of MySql databases were missing and I had others that didn't belong to me. Still don't know what happened to some of them. Connections to MySql databases were all screwed up. Everything is slow, slow, slow. When you access databases using phpMyAdmin you can practically go to lunch and return before you have a list of your databases. Support is non-existent. They don't bother reading what you submitted in a ticket. They respond with we've checked and everything is working fine but to check further tell us which script you are having problems with (the one you described in your first ticket which they didn't read). Also service is spotty. Last night I couldn't access any of the sites I have on ipowerweb nor could I reach the wonderful vDeck3 panel. Now that I think of it, they probably consider that a "feature". I'm moving all my ipowerweb sites to other hosting services that are much more reliable. Stay away from these guys.

Luis Gonzalez

    Review Rating

Support reps are rude and unfriendly.

There is no high level support - are transferred to it but get nothing but terminal music.

Request for a supervisor gets you terminal music or a disconnected call. Changes done to IPOWERWEB equipment ruin sites and IPOWERWEB bares no responsibility.

2 of applications stopped working after IPOWERWEB's platform change and they refuse to do anything about it and actually told me that "you can cancel your account if you want to". I'm moving mu site to another host!!!


    Review Rating

I've been with I power for 7 years and have 4 sites hosted with them. Since their recent merge with Endurance, another mega-size web host, everything has gone haywire. My major problem is that the mySQL servers are really, really slow. So if you have a site that goes beyond HTML the load times can be as much as two minutes per page. That's death for a website.

I spent two months trying to fix this problem via email, and all I got the runaround, with support telling me each time that the problem was fixed.

Finally I had the time to call. After a chain of supervisors I was told that if the server load is high then the site will load slowly. I know this, that's why I'm calling!

Unfortunately, this is the way their system is set up. iPower/Endurance must have a thousand databases on one shared server.

They basically ended up saying that there was nothing they could do about it. Do not setup an account with iPower or Endurance.

As soon as I get a whole day to myself, I'm going to start the arduous task of leaving iPower for another host.


    Review Rating

Been a long standing customer of iPower since 2002. Since December of 07 their performance, response and service has become so bad its almost comical.

It started with a slow/crashing mySQL performance. It's taken them the better part of 6 months to transfer domains over to the 'new platform'. With each botched/ruined website they switch, it just gets worse. Their canned replies and apologies are no compensation for the 40+ hours of time I've spent cleaning up the mess.

Not worthy of consideration for any business.


    Review Rating

I've been an iPower customer for a few years, and have always been very satisfied with their stability and customer service.

However, the past 6-8 months have been absolutely POOS regarding stability, performance, customer support and service. Something must have happened internally at iPower as everything has basically become worse and worse.

In fact, so bad that I have switched hosting provider now, despite giving iPower the chance to improve. They didn't.

    Review Rating

DO NOT JOIN THIS HOSTING COMPANY. I had to fight and go as far as the attorney general and ICANN to get my domain name back when switching hosting companies. If you register your domain through them and switch hosting companies, the will hold your domain hostage.

Eric Tourangeau

    Review Rating

I have been with iPower for many years... That migration process is a nightmare. It's a simple process in fact. But the technical service at iPower suck so much that they can not even figure out how to do a simple thing as to replace a database. If you ask them two things in a "ticket", they only help you on one thing and ignore the other, because they don't read all your mail (if they can read). I have received more "apologizes" than usefull help from them. They are great to apologize by the way... even if you KNOW the problem and tell them what to do, they cannot figure what is your problem. They have failed to transfer my site from their old server to the new in 2 months... and I have be able to transfer everything myself and be up and running with another host in just a few hours!! hahaha

    Review Rating

Terrible, terrible, terrible. They actually "lost" one of my sites during their server migration. I've been on the phone and chatting online with their support folks most of the morning and there is no end or solution in sight.

This is only the latest problem in a LONG string of them. I've even been hacked - twice - and had my site blacklisted by Google for having malicious code. That one was fun to undo.

If you value your mental health, you'll avoid this company.


    Review Rating

If anyone ever wanted to move gotohell.com to a host matching that domain name, then ipowerweb would be it. Fortunatelly the people at that domain name weren't stupid enough to use Ipowerweb for a host. This host is a nightmare. Ipowerweb 's technicians after waiting 3 hours online blow there customers off as fast as possible. Their customer support was rude and hostile and the guy even laughed at me at the time I had their service. So I switched to another host on the net and have had no downtime. The way they treated me goes beyond bad, it was sheer torture and they inflicted and enjoyed inflicting intentional hurt. The people at this company overall are mean spirited and they crap on users. If you want to gotohell.the web go here, otherwise avoid ipowerweb and save your internet soul for a new host elsewhere. Anything is better then this internet host and the nightmares they enjoy inflicting on others.

Suzette Waters

    Review Rating

Due to a server migration, my site has been down for a month. No one at iPower knew that my site wasn't working and after hours on the phone with inept technicians, it is still down. The customer service has been horrendous. I have been mysteriously disconnected twice after being on hold for 25 min. I can't talk to anyone who knows if the problem is being worked on...all I can do is update my support ticket, which gets ignored. They did offer to sell me a back-up of my site so I wouldnt' lose everything when they shut their old server down on 6/30. That was the last straw. I have lost countless orders due to their inability to fix their internal server issues and the only communication I have gotten from them in the last month was an automatic billing notice. Nice. I would not recommend iPower to anyone--even a competitor! If there is a class-action lawsuit, I am all in.

    Review Rating

It took me about a year to finally get all my domain names and websites outta there.

I was with them for over 8 years and the last 2 have been horrible.

If you landed here because you are trapped in the hell that is ipower email me, I started my own hosting company and I offer service to victims of ipower web to inexpensively move them over to my hosting, which is awesome and has more bells and whistles then I ever had at ipower. Feel free to contact me.


    Review Rating

Never use them, ever. Poor support, a complete database crash, and the worst uptime I've ever seen. The only thing that I truly appreciate about them is their money-back guarantee.


    Review Rating

I could not access my account and support was worthless. They kept charging my credit card and the only way I could stop them was to cancel the card. These guys rip people off. Don't be fooled by the low prices.


    Review Rating

We have been hosting our business with iPower for 6 years. The first four years were great .... the last two have been a horror story.

We left them today.

Ipower is a great hosting solution if you have a personal web page, or applications where performance and technical support are not important to you. Very feature rich and very good pricing.

However, NEVER NEVER NEVER go on iPower if you have a business or some other application you need to run smoothly. We use PHP and mysql for our web operations. Sometimes their servers will respond in 3 seconds ... sometimes you will wait up to 90 seconds for their mysql servers to respond with even the tiniest of queries. That's unacceptable.

What's worse, the technical support is so inept they cannot even spell "PHP" or "SQL" much less be able to give you any support. They simply look at your html and say everything seems to be working on their end.

So, simply, if you need something other than a simple set of HTML pages, then find another solution ... iPower is great for posting your mom's recipe collection but a horror story if you need to conduct business through them.


    Review Rating

I just switched away from this horrible company. They might have a low price but, not having access to your site and no one able to assist you is no good. They were good a few years ago.

never again,

    Review Rating

People say they are worse now than they used to be; I disagree. They were always bad.

I had my sites there starting around 2001. It was a nightmare. Current PHP libraries weren't supported, tech support was a 40 minute wait, the site went down periodically, renewal notices were not sent.

I switched everything away from them except one domain name which was close to expiring. Then I continued to get no renewal notices, and it still experienced outages because their staff is really confused about the fact that they registered the domain name using onlineNIC before they started using tucows' openSRS.

Now I can't transfer the domain name away from them either because they can't figure out how to approve the request (it keeps coming back as denied) or because they are dishonest.

The only thing that has gotten better about iPower is that now they have a toll free support number. But you still have to wait on the phome a half hour.

Try ICDSoft. Incomparably better.

Bob S.

    Review Rating

I have had iPowerWeb hosting 6 sites for 10 years. This past year their quality has been atrocious. They suddenly cancelled one account because it was over the limit for storage space (they claim each account is unlimited!). When I spoke to customer service they displayed the worst customer service I have ever experienced. And to top it off, my sites have been down numerous times for days. I would NEVER recommend them to anyone!


    Review Rating

I've completely lost my patience with ipower. By itself, the recent server outages wouldn't be a big deal, because things happen, you know?

However, I've been going through DAYS LONG periods of Internal Service Issues. Whenever I complain, tech support spends like 2 seconds on my site, and if the problem doesn't show up immediately (and sometimes it doesn't) then they close the issue and tell me nothing's wrong.

I'm so sick of paying good money for a service that is making my site look bad and causing visitors to not visit my site. I'm done with ipower. I've been with them for over 3 years, and I've been very patient with them, but they obviously DON'T CARE.

    Review Rating

I've been using Ipower web hosting for years. It wasn't until the last year that their service has went down so badly. I have 9 web sites hosted with them. I recently started a new ecommerce web site with them and I bought an EV SSL certificate with them. They installed it incorrectly and it was showing an Invalid cert message to all my visitors. Well I submitted a support ticket and they attempted to fix it, except they accidently installed someone elses SSL cert and I had to reopen the ticket 6 times over a period of a week to get them to finally get it right.

Each time I complained, they claimed that their 'senior tech' person was fixing it and each time they claimed it was Resolved, it was still not working properly. Now that it's finally working properly with 90% of my customers(still giving an invalid cert to 10% of them) now today my site only loads about half the time and loads very slowly. I have a huge ad coming out for my tea company next week and I'm wanting to move my site quickly. Stay far away from Ipower. They moved everything to India and didn't upgrade their hardware to meet the demands of their growth. Huge mistake.

    Review Rating

Run as fast as you can before iPower cancels your account without notice or even a reason, takes down your site, and refuses to explain why or resolve the situation except to send a survey asking "why I cancelled my iPower account"!!

I have tried every possible communication route for two months, including faxing and re-faxing all my credit card info., etc. with absolutely no response. The worst.


    Review Rating

From the web page and whats there it looks like a safe place to buy web space but its really not. The first thing is that all correspondence accept the first day that you buy your web hosting is done with an English speaking here in usa, but any day after that you have to deal with people from the Philippines who cant speak english well, and there is lots of back ground noise during the call. So not only can you not make out what the rep is saying but you can barely even hear what they are saying. I had issue with email control panel.. basically it sux so I asked for a refund... this was back in late march early april 2009. Today is june 22 2009 and I have not received my refund yet. I cant get anybody to talk to me about the refund anymore. I dont recommend ipower to anybody unless your looking for a bad tech support and bad billing issues to deal with. And having to wait to speak to somebody who cant even solve the problem is a slap in the face. Every time you call you might as well be leaving a message on an answering machine with the horrible help you receive. I believe this company needs to be investigated further for unlawful business practices, and I would not reccomend ipower web to host a pitbull fighting ring webpage let along anything nicer. If you do business with ipower you do it at your own risk. No Refund, No Exchage and no talk abou tit either... you pay... you lose, now go shut up is theyre attitude... do not... do not buy anything from ipower.


    Review Rating

Do they even have tech support? Four days of no help, on a two minute job!


    Review Rating

Support and reliability are below average. I decided to switch in mid August, 2009. IPower denied the transfer of my domain to the new host (hostgator). I have since contacted the BBB and ICann in an attempt to resolve the issue, as IPower continues to claim that it is "not their problem."

Allen C

    Review Rating

I hate iPower and am switching from them. They are evil. They have all sorts of tricks to get you to pay for Private Hosting, even though I have repeatedly contacted them and told them that I never want it and that I want them to stop harassing me.

They pretend to respond but actually do nothing.

    Review Rating

I've been patient with this company's unreliability, in the past, though today's outage has proven to be the final straw. When I called tech support, the call was answered surprisingly quickly, but after I began to speak, the tech (in broken English), began YELLING that he could not hear me. I tried to speak again, but he continued yelling that he could not hear me, that the network is down, and to please call back when I had a working phone.

This, just two days after I tried using the Live Chat option online, only for that tech to try to access the wrong account.

Needless to say, I will be canceling my account. Unfortunately, I can't do THAT until their servers are back up. Wonderful. Stay far away from these people!

Dan Rishor

    Review Rating

Have been with Ipower from it's early days, my first domain with them was on server one. By the time this is read, I will have my site on another host.

They will, and have on more than one of my billing consoles, changed my renew rate without telling me. Then when asked, they state that my rate was introductory. Even though I have renewed at the same rate multiple times. And, I don't do "introductory", would not have signed up with them in the first place if that were the case. "One plan, one rate, for as long as you stay on", that's what I recall the conversation going like way back when.

Then, when I provide them with a screen shot of my billing console with the original rate, they state the file is corrupt and cannot open it. They seem to be interested in tossing as much B.S. out there as possible in hopes that folks will just get tired of it, pay the new rate and move on. The help center talks you in circles and never seems to read your questions or understand them, or perhaps the majority of the help center employees do not have a grasp of the English language.

I used to always tell my friends and whoever else to try Ipower, no more. Am in the process of moving all my sites elsewhere…

My advice, always get screen caps of your billing console. Always do a live chat when looking for a host and ask about pricing, for the long term and any other important questions, then do a screen cap of that as well. File these away, on a flash drive or something for long term…

Ipower got too big, too fast, now it's clear they have lost vision.


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I've been a long term customer with ipower and used to be happy with their service (that was years ago). It seems like the more money I spend with ipower, the worse the service is. I now have the daunting task of moving all my services off ipower to another hosting company. I used to get technical problems resolves. Now there are more bugs than ever, and if you try the online chat, they'll tell you they need 5 minutes, then another 5 minutes and in the end they'll tell you to email or raise a ticket. Lousy.

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It is now 2011. I was hosted with iPowerweb back in early 2007, and up to that point, I had been with them since about early 2002. I had even signed up for their reseller program, and had about 40 clients on their reseller system. I was good because I was able to login to my clients' control panels, and upload stuff for them, or help them when they were having issues. Well in late 2007, iPower did the move to the dreaded vDeck 3.0 system, which was supposed to be an "upgrade", but actually my clients (I've lost some of them since then, due to the exact issues I'm posting here) seemed to have further issues. Thinking it was just a "fluke" (I was hosted on the old cPanel system and hadn't yet experienced the issues my clients were experiencing), I tried calling in to get support, who then told me to "submit a ticket" which I did. I don't remember how each scenario played out with each client, since it's been years since I've been with iPower, but I do remember, that NOTHING got resolved. So I upgraded to a VPS, which they recommended I do, to host my 40+ client websites, rather than using their reseller system (since their tech support guy called me a "power user"). The VPS then started to have issues because they apparently assigned me IP addresses they had sold to another customer. So I wrote into support, and explained that I needed this resolved quickly so that my clients didn't continue to experience downtime. iPower's solution?? They deleted the ENTIRE VPS with all the clients' data/websites on it (over 8GB of data), and simply created a new one and assigned it to me. After that, I decided to move to Hivelocity, who I now have 2 VPS' with, and have 4 dedicated servers with. I now even recommend my clients to Hivelocity.com -- and I started using SiteUptime.com to monitor my uptime every since the iPower fiasco, and I can say now that I actually have a reliable host, with 99% uptime. Last year, I had ONE outage, and it was planned, and Hivelocity sent me an e-mail to let me know they would be upgrading a router or something at like 2AM, and that my server would be offline for approximately 15 minutes. My server was offline for 6 minutes. Now that is what I call a good host. Steer clear from iPower. There are better hosts out there. I wouldn't recommend HostGator, or BlueHost either, since they have their fair share of crappy reviews as well, and are resellers for larrger hosting companies like ThePlanet.com and Hivelocity.com. Just go right to the source (ThePlanet.com, HiVelocity.com, RackSpace.com), it'll cost you more, but it'll be worth it. When it comes to hosting, you almost always get what you pay for. Cough up the extra money, and be satisfied with your hosting -- try to pinch a penny, and you'll end up like all the other iPower horror stories.

Marti Roy

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email is down they can't tell me why again. we can send but we cannot receive any email. 3 weeks ago we could receive but we could not send. they just act oblivious. they told me to figure it out.

Dan R

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Ipowerweb and EMAIL accounts.

I have posted about Ipowerweb before, but have found another sneaky thing they do and wished to share. As of today, I have dropped another hosting account with them due to this.

When I first signed up with them, the control panel was just that, a control panel. I could really control my pretty much all aspects of my hosted domian. But, with each "upgrade" of the control panel, features disappeared. The one change that really got my goat was the removal of the ability to change e-mail box quotas. You know how they advertise that you can have unlimited email accounts and unlimited disc space? Guess what, that does not apply to e-mail accounts. Each account is capped at 250 megs. I kid you not, 250. I have found if I called them and asked what happened to our original agreement, they, after much B.S. spewed, will up one account to 500 megs! WOW!! Gee, thanks…

My new host, which will get a raving review soon, has not tried such tactics and I hope they never do.


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I have hosted a half dozen different websites with IPowerweb over the last 6-10 years. If you don't need to do anything too complicated and don't need to rely on support, Ipowerweb is a cheap option. I don't think I'd host a new one with them, but it's like shopping at KMart. You get what you pay for.

Simon Buchwald

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IPOWER is the most incompetent pack of ill trained morons on the net.

Cannot understand, let alone answer a simple question. Cannot assist in any way shape or form as they are not authorised. managers who cant manage, 2nd level support open only 9-5 central US time.

Close cases with inane answers, don't tell cases are closed.

If you want a life, stay well clear from IPOWER!!!!!

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