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Islandnet.com is a locally owned and operated Internet Service Provider located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (on Vancouver Island). Incorporated in 1992 and launching our Internet services in 1993, Islandnet.com was the Island's first ISP and has grown to service thousands of British Columbians as well as international customers with dialup and high speed Internet connections, sophisticated user-configured e-mail management, professional web hosting systems, a wide range of Internet tools, and web, software, and database development.

Islandnet.com is owned and operated by brothers Mark & Steve Morley, also the primary system administrators and programmers. Since the company's inception, Mark & Steve have been responsible for maintaining and developing virtually all of Islandnet.com's systems--"from scratch." Mark & Steve have developed systems such as our feature-rich webmail software, advanced spam filtering and e-mail management systems, an online customer Helpdesk, and even a proprietary CGI programming language. Their daily personal involvement with Islandnet.com systems means exhaustive knowledge about company systems is available to staff and customers. As a result, Islandnet.com has earned a well-deserved reputation for reliability, responsiveness, and innovation.

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