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Now part of Internap, iWeb offers high-performance dedicated servers and cloud hosting across our original Canadian data centers and Internap’s global network of data centers. We share both the innovative spirit of our startup customers and the global footprint of our most established. And we’re here to help you, wherever you are on your own journey, with a guaranteed 100% SLA, qualified solutions architects and system administrators, and a friendly team that speaks your language.

iWeb has been providing reliable and scalable Internet hosting infrastructure solutions with its dedicated servers , managed hosting and colocation services for over a decade. It also provides shared web hosting under the Funio brand.

Founded by Martin Leclair and Eric Chouinard in October 1996 and headquartered in Montreal since 1998, the company enjoyed a steady growth since its inception. In 2011, iWeb was privatized by a group of investors led by Novacap Technologies III, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec and an investment vehicle affiliated with Bank Street Capital Partners. It currently employs more than 200 talented hosting specialists and operates four data centers in the greater Montreal area.


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Hosting Reviews for iWeb


    Review Rating

Probably the best dedicated host I have ever used. iWeb gave me %100 uptime with 20 min support ticket response times. I can't say enough about this provider to give them true justice.

Sebastien L.

    Review Rating

I've been using iWeb for a while and at fisrt it look not that good. But will speaking with tech support we solve a lot of problem. I even suggest modification they do to there solution. Espacially and Menalto and Drupal. It think they are very good and they monitor performance closely. I have open a few ticket and all of them as been solve the same day. In comparaison with top solution hostjury, i think iWeb could and sould be rate much better of what it is actually. I'm using a lot of park domain in my hosting solution and all my client are happy with the good performance and bandwith. For me it's a very good solution.

    Review Rating

The best dedicated host I have ever used. iWeb gave me %100 uptime and fast network.

    Review Rating

Don't know why many people experience issue with iweb. But here is what i experience so far with iWeb

1. Most valuable dedicated server in terms on feature and in price.

2. Support staff is amazing they will guide you on every step, will it be billing, technical thing or you are doing migration. I had no problem so far, yes it can happen that sometime you will get replies little bit late but it can happen to any support staff of any other company.

3. Very reliable seriously very reliable. As iweb is my 4th company and i am very confident that it would be my last one also. I will not leave iWeb.

I will recommend iWeb to anyone.

    Review Rating

Well, my experience with them has been nothing but superb. Server uptime 99.99% and support i rarely use it since i am a webmaster.

so i guess this is were it fails iweb. For sanity sake if you are going to have a dedicated server and you want to have a peace of mind. Please look up your local developer/webmaster.

he will handle all your issues other than hardware failure.

don't really on the hosting support. since they are over burdened and over stretched with calls all the time.

    Review Rating

We have been using an iweb dedicated server for 6 years, and we have found them to be very reliable. I have been dealing with dedicated servers for over 15 years, and iweb are the best I have dealt with (as well as the cheapest). As for support, it does take a day or two for them to respond to non-urgent queries, but so what? If you have an urgent problem you can easily escalate it and they will usually have it resolved within an hour.

    Review Rating

Best host,I got my dedicated server withen 15 min after payment.And the support is too awesome.

    Review Rating

I found this host in 2006 and am very happy with them ever since. They constantly monitor devices for possible faults and detected morbid hard drives and replaced them immediately. Their support is very fast and included in my package.

Over the years I have upgraded servers various times and booked additional machines from time to time. Setup was very quick and support helpful. There was only one time where a new account manager refused to give me good service. I complained with the retention department and received a new account manager on the same day.

That said, I will always give iweb a shot before I try another company.

    Review Rating

Good support sometime fast some time not. Very cheap dedicate server


    Review Rating

We have been with Iweb for 1 year now running a dedicated machine and it's been a total hassle free year. We will continue with Iweb for the next year as well.

The tech support on Level4 is fast enough, but honestly, we never had any serious issues.

So for us Iweb works very good and re-assuring.


    Review Rating

Hi, i will advice anyone who is thinking to migrate to iWeb to re-think this decision.

Their service is good, support is also better than average. i am saying this since i had 4 servers with them and personally referred over 20 clients to them.

After 3 years just dealing with their support, 2 years ago, i got a newsletter promotion which was too good to be true. (trust me). i signed up for it and guess what, it was a trap for Canadians to signup and get billed in USD.

Fast forward to 2 years later (i know its long but when you have over 50 servers lying around and other expenses you don't have time to review each and everyone, so considering i knew very well i was billed in CAD even Peer1 i never had to second guess on reviewing i found they were honest and to the point.

Now when i factor the exchange rate of which last month came up to 628.46 (service was supposed to be 499.44.)

guess what billing says? Too bad we can't do anything. but they have had much more money coming to them from me each month for the past 2 + years.

For peace of mind, even though the service is reliable and support good. don't bother. Peer1 (toronto data centre) can easily match whatever server you have and their support is way way better than what iWeb provides.

Please don't and i repeat don't use iWeb. Their billing and advertising practises are questionable.

    Review Rating

We also hosted here for 3 years and everythings was fine. We never needed the support, so thats why I give an "average".

But the prices are "below average" about 20 bucks per months is high for 2010 thats why we have changed but all in all It was a propper choice to host there.


    Review Rating

We used to host with Canadian Web Hosting out of Vancouver. We used to have 6 hour turn around on support calls involving our websites being "down". The shared hosting service is oversold and they do not have enough resourced to be handle even one site with a half decent amount of traffic.

With iWeb, we have never had any downtime in the three months we've used them. We've never had to submit a support ticket beyond requesting some minor configurations. Their security on their servers was better than CWH.

If you're doing shared or dedicated hosting I would recommend hosting your DNS servers if you have someone capable of maintaining them, but I would consider that true of any hosting service.

Overall, we've been very happy with iWeb and would recommend them.


    Review Rating

Cheap dedicate server.

All in all, there's not much good to say about iWeb.

    Review Rating

I just hosting some sites there for a couple of months but they look ok 'till now. The support team could be more fast on some answers but not big issues there. For those looking for a Canadian host at affordable prices they are one good choice, better if speak french (Joking!)

Sol Col

    Review Rating

I signed up for a shared hosting for a .ca domain name with iweb hosting, and chose their so called 'allinclusive' package. This is really a scam. Their all inclusive package appears like a great deal from the surface. The problem is that iweb is not ready to host these numbers of accounts that it has been advertising for. As such It will take more than 5 days from when you register with them to when your account will appear on the world wide web. When you contact there support you get umbigous and non definitive answer to a simple question. Unlike other webhosts where from your cpanel, you can perform maintenace and domain name services, iweb has 3 different links to do this. if you wanted to transfer your domain name, it is like pulling out teeth, first you have to go to a maintenance link, which by the way is still in french only, so if you do not speak french simply forget it. There then your username and password does not work, because it takes two weeks from when you register for it to appear here. so you have no choice but go back through their live support. Here is were the dance continues, they refer you back again to this french link, even if you have told them that you dont speak french. If you go through the Cpanel, some links will still appear in french and others in english. so you are stuck on what to do. Iweb is not ready for the main stream hosting, they were still in the quebec oe french mode. They are scattered all over the place. They don't even offer zend or ion cube. There tech support lack knowledge of what to do. If you need to register a domain and want to up and running within 24 hrs, then forget iweb. Their systems are not automated but are still manual. I would not recommend iweb today, maybe 6 months down the raos they will have stream lined themeselves but for today dont even bother registering for theie all inclusive package.


    Review Rating

Terrible, terrible experience.

The first and only host(worked with Dotster, Dreamhost and Godaddy) to just delete sites by mistake.

Jerry Miranda

    Review Rating

We have been now 6 months with iweb and we never had major issues, but a few days ago they got an electrical power supply failure that had my server out for about 13 hours, then all my configurations were lost and they took one day to restore my backup, though i have level 4 management, the next day i got mail notification that my server went down again for about 4 hours, and then up again and still got problems again recovering my passwords. I know this electrical failure was a critical for their personnel and resources but still they took long to resolve a problem.

We are now looking for financial retribution since it is stated on their 100% uptime warranty. If they can't get us good resolution and compensation for this, we'll sure be looking for another web hosting.

Jeff Hammerberg

    Review Rating

We have a smart server and it is VERY UNRELIABLE... the network out of Montreal is down a massive amount of time and you are never notified ~ suprise... your site is down again! WARNING... VERY POOR RELIABILITY!

    Review Rating

Although their prices are pretty good, I'm a little disappointed with iweb's level of service. I requested a RAM upgrade almost 3 weeks ago, and no action has been taken. My so-called "account manager" won't return my calls or e-mails, and the complaints and support tickets that I create online are flagged as resolved without my hearing from anybody. I phoned them, was put on hold for a long time, and then I was just forwarded to my account manager's voice mail. He has not called me back. I recommend iweb for personal use only and not for businesses.

    Review Rating

This is probably the worst possible choice for dedicated hosting on the Internet. Strike that. This IS the worst possible choice for dedicated hosting on the Internet.

It is impossible to get a straight answer from these people for even the simplest of questions. They will reply to your questions with generic responses that don't even relate to your original inquiry.

Here is an entire transcript of a chat and follow-up email communication:


Head for the hills, grab all your ammo and head for the hills. Whatever you do, don't get suckered in by this bumbling bunch of screwups. IMO.


    Review Rating

Our corporation recently moved one of our websites over to IWEB. Only after signing up and discussing several options with our IWEB sales rep, did we realize that the sales staff at IWEB misrepresented their products and payment options. We discussed this in great detail with our sales rep (Elias) who was about the rudest individual I have ever dealt with. We expected professionalism but found the complete opposite. After a lengthy conversation with the rep, he claimed he was going to discuss the matter with his manager and was suppose to contact me regarding the outcome. A week later after not hearing back from him I sent an email to him which went without response. The delay in his inability to respond to us put us over the 30 day money back limit. Unprofessional, and Poor ethics. We are currently considering filing a lawsuit for misrepresentation and breach of contract. Be extremely careful with these guys..

An unhappy custommer

    Review Rating

I have been with iWeb for way too long. Can't wait for my contract to end up so i can get the hell out of there. Ive lost to much time writing to them in the last month. All i want is them to import data in my database.

I would do it myself, but they dont allow shell access or import of .sql files higher than 4mb. Its been almost a week since i made my request. Been writing to them almost everyday since and they get back to me with stupid questions (like "what is the name of your database", which i stated twice in the original email and the next ones) or no answer at all. I'm really tired of this.

To the iWEB team, you should stop answering all the emails from customers the same way. Stop referring people on your damn website (or the HUB), it's not always what we are looking for....

I'm moving all my sites to dreamhost asap. I also been with them for a while. Much more reliable, friendly and the support team actually does something. At least over there i can do everything myself without having to go through a team of lazy people. WAKE UP GUYS!!

Dreamhost is much more cheaper also, faster and even on shared hosting you get many advantages other host can't offer. iweb is far far far behind.

To anyone, follow my advice and ont waste your time/money with them.

Feel free to contact me if you have any question.

[email protected]


    Review Rating

We just signed on to iWeb at the beginning of January. Had a few issues porting over from another host. As such we had a few simple questions and requests that needed to be answered from customer service.

Any very basic request was answered within a day. All other requests were responded with a question "Are you still having problems" and any reply to that will be another one day wait time. Ok...

Then our database went wacked out and we put in a request to see if anything changed on their server. In one day got a response saying this is going up to an "advanced level of support". From there it took 10 DAYS to get a response from them, even after raising priority level and adding a followup request.

I complained to management and after multiple emails, they assured me that their response time will be better in the long term. Hopefully it will be fixed before our next problem.

On the brightside, iWeb shared hosting is much more stable than our previous host (Ehosting/Mecca).

Either way, NOT recommended if you can't fix your own problems. Don't waste your money and most especially your time.

    Review Rating

I am hosted by WestHost, who are amazing -- I cannot fault them, except they do not offer DDoS protection. I publish a lot of warnings about online pharmacies run by criminals and so occasionally these people try to take down my site. So I looked around for some hosting that offered DDoS protection and settled on iWeb. Big mistake. In their tech support department I have never encountered such an incompetent bunch of fools in my life. My account manager desperately tries to get them to actually read my emails after I threaten to leave almost on a daily basis, but to no avail, they still send back answers that make me laugh in disbelief. They all speak French first and foremost so I've taken to writing in French, but even then they don't read my requests. Example: "My site is unavailable, I can ping it but cannot access via ftp or browser. Please help." Answer: "Sir, your site is online. Ping report follows."


    Review Rating

I closed the server and tried to get money back U$223,00 for payments I made in advance but the company refused to refund the money back to my card. So far their services were good, but for me a company is only good to the last phase in the process. And Iweb proved that they are a very disrespectful company in regards with other people's money. So, webmasters, please: be aware not to pay a dime in advance because they will eat it like a shark. But they' play very fishy to get your money.


    Review Rating

I have so mixed emotions toward Iweb, I give the hardware/pricing 5 stars. I am not even sure if there is any other company come close in this area.

Now, when it comes to the support/communication they are LOOOOOOSERS. Every time I intend to contact them it become like a nightmare , really bad. I am not sure why they don't even have the minimum communication skills.

Overall , I love their hosting plan so much but if their communication doesn't get better i will for sure be looking for new hosting plan.

m marks

    Review Rating

iweb.com is the worst hosting provider ive ever used,

- their support staff takes forever to respond to tickets,

- they are always too busy to perform small tasks like server upgrades

- they will fight your requests to replace hard drives even when the harddrive is clearly failing and has corruption visible within the filesystem

- technical support staff lack technical expertise and are extremely lazy

- almost impossible to get ahold of anyone there when you call, messages for call back never get answered

- account managers too busy to respond to simple requests, too high of customer -> account rep ratio

- support is horrific, they left a down server for over 9 days due to faulty network switch and arp cache,,

- stay away from iweb unless you want to hurt your business and reputation

krishan Singh

    Review Rating

They People are really pathetic.

I have a dedicated server with these people and have hosted 8 VPS in that.

They closed my server and all the customers are suffering where are I have paid $426 on 4rt march only.

I want to abuse them a lot


    Review Rating

I have a small online business that only relies on internet. Do not trust iWeb for your hosting. They lie about their 100% no downtime. I have had a shared hosting with them. in a space of 6 weeks, the site was down 3 times - a total of 12 hours!!! In addition, it is very difficult to speak to someone to fix the problem. Last time, I had to wait 20 minutes over the phone to get to speak to help desk. They did not want to get me in touch with a manager. Finally when i treated them to take my business away, i was able to speak to someone.

I found them not customer focused at all and not reliable. Take your business elsewhere.

David Geier

    Review Rating

I ordered a server from IWEB last month and waited 3 days before I called them about the delay. They told me on the phone that it would take another 2-3 business days to get the server installed. I cancelled on the phone with them before they did anything with the order. They promised a full refund. Then they wrote back days later denying our refund in full saying that their agreement does not allow refund of the installation fee. The credit card company finally relented and gave us $25 but we still lost $20.


    Review Rating

I hate this...

I paid for 1 month, but was not satisfied because the server location is not what I need, I need US, but they give me Canada.

I ask for a refund, but they just give me half of them, saying there is setup fee, which can't be refunded...

But you guys said that there is no SETUP Fee in this package...

here is a dispute in the paypal between they and I


From Buyer - Eric Li9/24/2010 19:58 PDT

I order a server from iweb, but when I install the software on that server and detect that it's a canada server, not a USA server, which I need USA server to be a VPN server for our company to watch Hulu, pandora, ABC in USA, so I ask a refund nearly 4 days ago, but iweb give me just $50 back, which is not the money back guarantee we agree on. and I hope you could give me a full refund, because you didn't mention that there is a setup fee in the server and so how can you see I benefit from this ? No one told me that I need to pay for 12 months if I need a setup fee, your sales just told me that it's $99 dollars per month with no setup fee and money back guarantee, but when I am not satisfied with this server, you break your promise...

iWeb Technologie inc. denied Eric Li's request for a $49.00 USD refund.

9/27/2010 11:16 PDT

From Seller - iWeb Technologie inc.9/27/2010 11:16 PDT

AS per our written terms and guarantees:The present guarantee does not apply to administration packages, domain names, bandwidth or traffic billing, work billed hourly, setup fees and Premium hosting packages.

From Buyer - Eric Li9/28/2010 19:26 PDT

But When I asked your sales for if you support Money Back Guarantee, your sales say YES!!!

But now, you say that there is TOS that doesn't support full money back. You are just cheating me!!!

First, There is No Setup Fee right? And now you say there is 49 dollars setup fee in this package, so you don't have money back, it's conflict, Why when I order it, there is no setup fee, and now, it has...You even DIDN'T mention it .

I think doing business is not like this...I hope you could reconsider this Complaint!

Michael M

    Review Rating

Simply put very incompetent bunch of fools. Not only do they now know what they are doing but the are disorganized. Would not even be my last choice

Ronald Mason

    Review Rating

Do not host your sites with iWeb, they will not take your calls, they will make you talk to a lot of the staff making you explain over and over again without giving solutions and it is also extremely expensive.

That's all I can say

Ronald Mason

    Review Rating

Consumer beware

After using the dedicated hosting services of IWEBB, I would definitely recommend not using their services. My business used their level 5 server plan and discovered a number of ongoing issues from the get go. Our server was slow and often went down. We made several requests to IWEBB, to correct them. The service was about a three week turn around. Then in April, I discovered our server had crashed once again, not unusual. We began the routine of calling, emailing, and their tech support. I was finally, after two days of being completely down, told that a drive had failed and it would be replaced. Another day went by no server, no answer. I waited 3 hours on the phone to be told that our data was lost and they had to put us on a new server. There was no recent backup which was a part of my service plan. I was outraged that my business programs and database were lost. I asked to speak to customer service and the response I was given was even more outrageous. I was told that because I was a small company, I needed to relax and they would get to it when they had time. The rep then passed me back and forth through various departments. I was told that the drives would be sent out to have the data recovered. I then followed up 2 days later to discover this had not been completed. Once again, I was sent through various channels. I have still not recovered the data and I have had to send home 37 employees. Also, lost revenues are well over $ 850,000. I hope no one has to live this nightmare again. This is also a good example of buyer beware


    Review Rating

Worst possible experience with a hosting company. Ever. The list of bad experiences with them is way too long to share it all here in detail. It starts with false advertising - offering Server Management services on their website, accepting the payment for them, but then telling us bluntly that we were mistaken, those services didn't exist for the server we had chosen, and downgrading us to the default level. We're still waiting for the refund by the way, only two months now...!

Then the RAM on our server was supposed to be replaced, suspected to be faulty. They did so... but only replaced half of the RAM! Instead of the 4GB we paid for (included in the package), we suddenly only found 2 GB installed on the server. This has been leading to frequent server timeouts (at least once a day).

After notifying them of their mistake, they took the server offline. Half an hour later (!) they notified us that they ran out of RAM and needed to buy more.

(Icing on the cake: as I am typing this, our server "is not coming back online" and they are "troubleshooting").

Stay away from this company folks. Worst. Ever.


    Review Rating

Although their prices are unbelievable, their support is dreadful! We never really had any issues on the server until we needed CURL to be installed on our server. tech support went ahead and did that, and the server became unresponsive. fine. they opened up an "Urgent Ticket". 5 hours later, I get a ticket response saying the server is back online. Well, none of the sites on our server worked, so we instantly respond to the ticket. Tech support writes back asking what sites are down (This can be easily checked on their end). So we write back and let them know. 8 hours later, site is finally fixed. apparently the httpd file was corrupted, and they wrote me telling me i shouldnt touch that file... huh? When the hell did i touch this file I never heard of? THEY were the ones installing CURL when the site went down, and he's telling me i should touch the file if I dont know what im doing? Its bad enough these guys barely speak english. oh, and to top it off, i spent a total of 3 hours on live chat with support, they take exactly 15 minutes to respond to anything I type, even if its something they asked me. We switched over to iweb from liquidweb, only because we needed to cut costs, but we are considering going right back to liquid web, as for $50 more per month, we have INSTANT support.


    Review Rating

iWeb is cheap for a reason. You pay less for your servers but you also get slow network and no customer support.

It took them almost 4 days to set up my dedicated server (They have 48hr SLA), network lag was just unacceptable (2-5 sec. ping from US) and it took me 2 days to cancel the server.

They also have the worst "30 days no questions asked 100% refund guarantee" policy which is:

1. It does not apply to the mandatory set-up fee (~50$, how's that for "try 30 days for free"?)

2. They don't refund your money and offer store credit instead.

All in all it was one of the worst experiences I ever had with a web hosting company.


    Review Rating

Terrible, terrible experience. don't bother using the rubbish iweb chat to sort things, as they are like robots that keep you there for hours.


    Review Rating

Decent pricing and features. However, extremely poor service and reliability.

This host would suit very small sites and should not be considered for any serious online business.

Support is understaffed and the staff that are there are either not qualified or knowledgeable enough for advanced solutions and those that are tend to be too lazy to find a solution.

It took 3 days for them to replace a faulty hard drive during which time the server remained down throughout despite repeated requests for updates.

    Review Rating

I paid for dedicated server in advance for 24 months via PayPal. However, they still needed me to send my cc data and ID.

Really unhappy with it... why do I disclose this data?


    Review Rating

Very disappointed with the lack of customer support. Site was down for almost a week. Poor communicators, and nobody will take responsibility for solving problems.

If your website is critical for your business, I suggest you do NOT choose this company.


    Review Rating

I recently had to deal with this company for a client. I have never come across a more lazy support team that needed an attitude adjustment. I came to the conclusion they actually didn't know what they were talking about and were intentionally rude and "short" because they didn't want to find the answers.

I deal with a lot of hosting companies and will select ones to refer to clients, and which to tell clients to avoid. This one is being added to the "avoid" list.

I was surprised they are in the top 100 most profitable companies when the reviews are so low, but I'm guessing it won't last


    Review Rating

I doesn't matter that iWeb offers attractively priced shared hosting packages when they can yank the plug from ALL of your web sites, at any time.

Even if it's not your fault (like when you get more visitors), iWeb appears to have no problem "suspending" your entire account for days, or weeks. It's extremely humiliating for their clients but from my experience, they just don't care.

Sadly, a serious web site can't be hosted with iWeb.com. They will destroy your company by savagely pulling the plug on your entire account while displaying a "This Account Has Been Suspended" message, for everyone to see.

Don't count on their lame chat support to get you anywhere, apart from short one-liners amounting to very little more than "opinions" (versus, real, definite, answers). And by phone, it's just more waste of your time.

I'm extremely disappointed with iWeb's "resource strangled" hosting service which put normal clients in danger of having their web presence destroyed.

Stay away from iWeb...


    Review Rating

Worst company ever... stay awayfrom them, Support sucks, all KVM switches are defective and technical staff are newbies.

    Review Rating

Although offering low prices and high network uptime, support staff is unresponsive, slow (average ticket open for 24 hours before any response) and lazy (will pass the buck and ignore suggestions).

I really wanted to like this company, but there is little comfort in their uptime guarantee if your sites are offline because of some simple server issue, and for them 24-72 hours to resolve tickets is acceptable. If they invested in some competent support staff and approached their ticketing system with some sort of priority, they could really be a force to be reckoned with.

I wish I would have researched a little more before jumping into business with them.


    Review Rating

Got hosting at Iweb and must say the whole experience is beyond terrible...

They have very slow servers, zero support and transferring via ftp restricts you to 4 files per session, I even usually get kicked off even after transferring 1 file... The you have to wait a few minutes to transfer again because the blocked your IP...

I cannot understand how a company can survive under such an unprofessional circumstances. I have submitted a support request and did not get an answer after 2 days. Don't be fooled by the bogus reviews praising this lemon of a company.

I recommend anyone else but Iweb for hosting or anything that has to do with servers. This company is definitely on the way down.

Very Dissatisfied Customer

    Review Rating

We had a dedicated iWeb server for 5 months. There were problems at the beginning which they said they fixed. 4 months later, they were still not fixed. Moreover, their support is very slow- a lot slower than the industry average. When approaching them again, after the problem was not fixed, they said it is not their problem! We even spoke with the manager - the whole iWeb team has poor customer service all the way to the top. The problems we were experiencing should have never happened and were an easy fix on their side (which should have been right in the first place). They are also a very shady company because they cannot provide us the support tickets from when they said they would fix the problem - the newest support tickets are in tact though. They said it was a "problem" with their system but they checked and said they still did not see them. Deleting information to cover bad tracks is not a good way to do business. I am out money and time. I would not recommend this host to anyone. Stay away from iWeb!


    Review Rating

NO refund can ever be issued, no support, slow servers... You would be a complete idiot to go with this company!

Tony Payne

    Review Rating

iWeb hosts sites that copy and plagiarize content from other sites, and when reported they neither acknowledge the reports or take any action on these sites.

All of the posts on one of my blogs have been run through a program that replaces words by synonyms and reposted. The resulting posts still contain all the original links, but are unintelligible. The site in question is pure garbage, but despite multiple reporting attempts over the last 6 months, no word back from iWeb.

Hosting your site here will most likely only damage it's reputation, as iWeb's is already tarnished.


    Review Rating

Pathetic, Irritating, Clueless, No Value for Money, The World's Highest Cost for Support Tickets (75 USD hour) for Hosting Business.

The are the most unprofessional company I have ever seen, I would rather go for any reseller than these people. I had a good impression over them before my first purchase.

No Full Money Back (100%, they charge 50 USD for server setup which is non-refundable as per their terms which infact is very contrary to Fair Sales Practice)

Beware ... Beware ... Beware ... Beware ... Beware ...

On top of that, their most of the tool free numbers are not working, for instance, i tried India's tool free, which replied no working number. this is just crap!!!

Beware ... Beware ... Beware ... Beware ... Beware ...


    Review Rating

very very very bad provider he lies me with virtual access to vps and i buy that vps and after that i dont recive virtual access only SSH but very big liers they will be good with you but dont use this provider


    Review Rating

These guys are the worst service provider I ever seen. worst Servers and worst support. they stopped answering all support tickets without showing any reason. Be away of this scam company.


    Review Rating


i warn you!

they support are very not helpfully.

boby berman

    Review Rating

12:52 - reported a router failure

13:38 - was told there is a hardware problem

14:20 - was told the configuration of the new router is on its way.

15:45 - was told that it will be finished shortly

16:48 - Was told they need 30 more minutes

17:00 - the system is still down and I am so frustrated!!!

    Review Rating

I have dedicated Servers on iWeb. Last week this fu**king company crushed my all data. when I tried to contact. they said because of our regular maintenance your hard disk is crushed. we are unable to recover your data. I have 10+ websites and I loss $5000+ because this shit company. Even I try to contact company super visor they just apologize nothing else.

I suggest to all users please don't take services of this company.

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