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Hosting Reviews for Ixam-Hosting

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This is the worst customer service i have ever faced. after perching not allowed to add addon domains. but their website they says unlimited addon domains allowed. also after two days cPanel stopped working saying This server is currently not licensed.. i asked why and they asking me witch server.. even they dont know whats going on with servers. and no very good support. now still cPanel not working. and the answer is they ready for refund. for refund i dont wont to get any of service form them.

again very poor customer support i have ever faced. :(

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I own my own domain and bought hosting from them via bitcoin.

It took them 5 hours to mark my payment as paid and I had to open up a ticket after the confirmations on bitcoin went through.

I wasn't provided with any nameserver information, tech support didn't even know which server I was on to provide me with the information.

When my name servers propagated, after 12 hours, I couldn't access the cPanel to make any changes. This persisted for the next 11 hours. Their sales site was functioning the whole time, when I asked for a refund they flat out declined. Oversold oversold oversold with no service guarantee.

I moved to another host and as you can see my website is up and I'm actually paying less per month than I would have with ixam-hosting.

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