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JBServers is a hard working grass roots company proudly offering independent service, support, and quality. JBServers provide corporate grade I.T. service, and in-house one on one support staffing.

JBServers provides a serious arsenal of services included with every hosting package. JBServers backups every site, nightly and weekly. JBServers monitor all servers both locally and remote to ensure every server is running at optimal performance.

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The person who posted this above is really "off it" - no offense, but I've personally worked closely with JBServers for almost 5 years now - hundreds of our customers are hosting with JBServers without issue, and recommend them enthusiastically. Check out our support forums for yourself:


Many times a user will have a completely UNREALISTIC expectation level of what their hosting provider is expected to provide for them. They are a HOSTING PROVIDER. They will not tie your shoes for you, nor will they provide installation services for your PC.

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I don't know what this angry fellow is talking about. I've been with JBServers.net for MANY years now and they have been fantastic. I had bounced around from host to host with many various problems... but, have been extremely happy with the services provided by JBServers.net. In a shared hosting environment, there are occasional problems. JBServers has always gone the extra mile to get things fixed when there are problems. Look at the time and datestamps on the complaining poster... he was riding their case almost immediately. When a problem is serious, it can take some time to track down the problem. If you want full control and total reliability... go pay the hundreds of dollars a month it costs for a DEDICATED SERVER and quit your whining.


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If you host on this server, only God will provide you with Customer Support lol. No Support, No contact whatsoever from this Guy.

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