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JTLnet award-winning service, with a focus on customer service, has grown from a handful of clients to literally thousands of satisified customers.

JTLnet is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio USA. Due to tremendous growth,we have just finished renovating JTLnet new data center to help accomodate our ever-expanding client base. JTLnet new facilities will help us to serve our customers with even greater efficiency. As mentioned in JTLnet latest news updates, we now have almost 3,000 square feet of office and data center space to work with. The next time you're in Columbus please come by JTLnet offices for a complimentary tour of our data center. You'll be amazed (as we are) how a little technology can transform the world.


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Hosting Reviews for JTLnet

John Martin

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We started hosting with Jtl almost 8 years ago with a Vps, upgrading to a dedicated server about 4 years ago. They were great, but they have gone downhill in the past couple years to the point now where there are outages with no explanation, no service status updates, and all calls go to an answering service with no technical knowledge. Recently their entire subnet was unreachable for over 12 hours - my site And theirs. With no access to a trouble ticket site to open a ticket, I called their tech support line, left a message with the answering service, and never heard back from them. No posted mention of the outage, and no individual contact. In fact their last tech service bulletin is over 4 years old.

We are moving on to another provider that is more responsive.

Steve Kay

    Review Rating

Absolutely atrocious customer service. If you ever anticipate needing help from your host, please do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.

Absolutely horrible...

    Review Rating

Awful customer service. Anyone can host. In hosting they're totally average. They shine at nothing. It's when you have issues that you need a good hosting company. And there, JTLnet fails miserably.

JTLnet staff do not answer their phones or support tickets in a timely manner. They don't listen to you or your issues, so really can't improve. Completely unresponsive and unhelpful.

Jan Baracz

    Review Rating

Their server messed up my site and I cannot get through to anyone at the company. I placed numerous support tickets and they have not returned my calls or emails. They are hiding behind an answering service and they slogan: "Real People Real Support" is misleading to say the least. Can anyone suggest what to do?

Michael McCathirn

    Review Rating

I used to be a network engineer at JTLnet. The owner got into real estate trouble and sold the entire company to XIBI, They promptly laid everyone off, stole the severance package that everyone had been promised. I can tell you there are no people in the office. By the way my website was hosted there also. JTL’s website and all of our websites are down because they did not pay the bills to their upstream provider. How do I know? One of my coworkers whom I am still friends with, told me of the disconnect notice stuck on the front door. I am in the process of moving all of my sites. Good thing I had my own backups. I would think that if you had paid for hosting and they are not providing it then go after XIBI group.

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