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KickAssVPS.com is a privately held company based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Founded in 2005, KickAssVPS.com focuses on providing high quality network services, virtual private servers (VPS), system administration, and security services to clients locally, nationally, and globally. Although a young company, our solid track record and word-of-mouth reputation demonstrate that building good relationships with our customers is our top priority.

The mission of KickAssVPS.com is to be the market leader in mid-ranged Virtual Private Servers (VPS) on both Windows and Linux operating systems. As a leader in this industry, we will stay abreast of the latest technologies and bring these technologies to our customers without compromising uptime, reliability, and performance. To achieve this goal, we hold our vendors and partners to the same high standard we hold ourselves to. We will exceed customer expectations by being efficient in our operations by utilizing automation, ease of use tools, and 24x7 customer support. KickAssVPS.com strives to attract and retain only high-quality customers locally, nationally, and globally, that understands and appreciates the value, service, and support that KickAssVPS.com provides.


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