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We admit it. We've got a strange name not typical of your average hosting company. But we kind of like it that way - because we're not your average hosting company.

Kualo was founded in 2000, and quickly became established as a leading host for resellers. Over the years we have diversified our offering to meet our customers needs, and we now offer a very complete service suited to the smallest home user up to large high traffic web sites and e-commerce businesses.

Over the past ten years we have expanded and strengthened as a company, providing our customers with an unsurpassed level of service and remaining at the forefront of online technology. Our team are adept at choosing the right solution for the right task, enabling us to offer the best level of service at a price which is surprisingly affordable. Our employees are not only experts in the field, but all go through our rigorous training systems to ensure that they are, at all times, at the pinnacle of web hosting technologies.

We're not a fly-by-night web host. Nor are we looking for the quick sell. We're not a business run from a bedroom or basement. We're the real deal - and we're in it for the long haul. Cash flow positive, profitable and debt free - we're a partner you can depend upon to host your web site.


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Hosting Reviews for Kualo

Duncan White

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I came on to Kualo via a web designer in the UK, and I was a completely ignorant novice. What I needed and desired was intelligent, polite and professional service with patience if anything was not correct. Kualo has consistently provided this support over the past 4 years - and always with the same dedicated support staff.

I am on their mMulti-Site plan.

Fast-forward to 2015, and as I look around at many of the American heavily-advertised sites,

I see I am very lucky to be with Kualo.

No problems, no complaints. These are real people with whom a customer can intelligently

and respectfully interact.

Their prices for a Multi-Site plan are good, too.

I recommend Kualo.


    Review Rating

I am going to review within one post: both the RESELLER and CLOUD plans (UK datacenter).

Their reseller hosting environment is pretty restrictive: less than 150'000 inodes (files) which is easily triggered with a big Joomla website with the cache ON. PHP scripts are strictly limited to 256 MB. Too much traffic and your website will be automatically suspended for 15-30 min (not very nice!). Scripts aren't allowed to run for more than 60 seconds, but cron jobs can run as long as you wish. They don't allow overselling so you cannot create more CPanel accounts if you don't have any (reserved) disk space left on your plan. Most hosts today allow overselling~. There are NO mod_security rules (which is good). High load is quickly contained, but uptime is never 100% over the month (!). I don't recommend their reseller plan for busy websites.

Their cloud servers (more like scalable VPS in the cloud) were supposed to be self-healing, safe, reliable, 100% uptime (technology marketing blablabla), but they still crashed completely for 6-8 hours! Both of them! Their I/O performance is below average. You need to reboot the server when you increase/decrease CPU power or RAM, which is done manually by their staff. There is no auto-throttling. There is no reboot interface: you have to open a ticket for that if your server is completely offline.

They provide unlimited dedicated IP addresses for £2/month/IP.

Their price is not cheap, but with an EU location, privacy compliance is the key.

Their support is OK and fast enough. However I think their support plans for their cloud servers is overpriced for the level of service provided: I have this feeling that there is a lot of misconfiguration going on. You can ask specific task/support/downgrade/upgrade/installation to occur at a certain time (which is pretty good). They are very honest and when they mess up they tell you upfront (without telling you lies or making up fake stories). Do not go for their fully managed plan (cloud only), the semi-dedicated is well enough. They don't do any configuration tweaking anyway~.

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