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KVC Hosting round the clock customer service is always ready to serve the clients for solving their queries and problems. kvchosting focus on providing cost effective web hosting solutions to clients. kvchosting capabilities and extensive experience in the industry assure their clients with high quality and economical web hosting, suitable to their needs, with veteran technology.

Oklahoma, USA

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Hosting Reviews for KVC Hosting

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Before I've started using Kvchosting I used 4 other hosts and every company was lack of something: stability, performance, support, features. With Kvchosting I receive even more than enough of everything. My websites uptime is 100% if not count planned maintenance. Support team are always there to help with any, even stupid, question. Additionally they are providing huge variety of free features that were really helpful for me.


    Review Rating

there service is good and customer support is fast.. but they used to suspend my site one every 2-3 week for excessive server usage. i only get around 1000 visitors per day and my RAM usage monitor shows no unusual RAM usage.. but they told me i should move to VPS and when i decided to leave for another server refuse to refund.. before kvc, i hosted my site with routhost.. they got there own problems such as long down times and very slow customer support. but they never suspended my site for so called "excessive server usage..."

final word: good only if you plan to host a site with very few visitors and have no much server side scripts.. do not buy if you plan to host any serious site with a moderate amount of visitor..


    Review Rating

I am totally satisfied, they offer a service at a really good price, but what I really love is the support assistance that always go the extra mile for the customers - truly reliable and professional, I would not hesitate to recommend Kvchosting.com! They are supporting my account very smoothly without any downtime.


    Review Rating

With Kvchosting.com everything is working blazing fast. I have never noticed major issues on uptime or performance, so I can say they have perfect hardware. Support is super fast. Anytime I opened a ticket, I've received reply back within 24 hours if not an hour. If you want to be sure in reliability of your host than go with Kvchosting.com ssd solutions.

Jason Winslow

    Review Rating

First time using a hosting site...... Great support .... most of my questions were answered with added info... chat option works the best ..... ticket process is also fast.

Kaitlyn Coningham

    Review Rating

Had some issues transferring some domains from one site to another and they were so helpful in getting everything done correctly. They were communicating with me at all times until the job is done right, thank you so much for your excellent service.


    Review Rating

I've been using kvchosting for 3 months and just wanted to share my experience so far. The service has been nice so far with no interruptions.

I've used the live chat a few times, one before I signed up and another after I signed up, because I wasn't sure how to setup my nameservers but they set it up instead of me. I have various features with my plan which saved me a lot of money.

After some time I've submitted several tech tickets and they've replied really fast, stuff is helpful.

Otherwise I haven't had any issues with the service so far but I'll be sure to post any updates.

Jasminko Kerec

    Review Rating

Finding a cheap dedicated server wasn’t happening for me, until I ran into kvchosting. I couldn't be more satisfied, everything I need for the price, best value around.

David Kaiser

    Review Rating

Unlike most other hosting companies I have dealt with, this company has quick, friendly and competent customer support replies. I love getting work done using their live chat option as it allows me to do other things on the side during the short wait times.

Radzimierz Zielinski

    Review Rating

I will continue to do business with them! I have nothing but praise for the process, the documentation, the support, the site's performance -- all of it great! I hope you're not just being nice to a new customer...

Their support is extremely polite and helpful and resolved the issue quickly. This is the best hosting company I've ever used.

Prudenzio Li Fonti

    Review Rating

I actually consider myself intermediate when it comes to knowledge or websites, dns, domain setup, etc but every once in a while I come across something I don't know. I've put in 2 support tickets to KVChosting within the last few months and both were responded to within 20 minutes and my issue fixed. Their customer service is amazing and I won't ever go anywhere else for hosting.

Jacob Dahl

    Review Rating

I just made a contract with KVChosting and desperatly asked them to transfer my entire website from my machine to their server.

They answered me that my website had already installed. So fast! Amazing!

Thanks KVChosting!!

Marguerite Hervé

    Review Rating

I have never experienced faster support responses before. We have both a moodle and a Wordpress installation. Allows us a very high availability. I would and I recommend KVChosting to each, who is looking for hosted applications.

Srđan Vukelić

    Review Rating

Excellent service they provide. Guy on the phone was very knowledgeable and helpful. We had a problem earlier in the week and to insure that it would be fixed he stayed on the line with me and worked to insure things were corrected. When the email did not go through he alerted me and asked me to send it to a different location.

Benjamin Carr-Boyd

    Review Rating

Thanks to you I think I have found the new web hosting service for my blog! I know that speed matters and KVChosting appears to be the best web host out there to make my blog load super fast!

Nicholas Chandler

    Review Rating

KVChosting has very good hosting capabilities, they have provided great services to me time and time again. They have a great customer service, good features, great uptime. Couldn't ask for more.

Hüseyin Wielens

    Review Rating

One of my friends recommend KVChosting services when I complained about my previous provider and the problems with reliability and the site being down. Good thing I switched to them - no more issues with it. I'm very pleased with their customer service overall - prices are also quite reasonable, glad I found this site. Very reliable and very affordable.

Eric Naumann

    Review Rating

I can say with complete sincerity and honesty that I have always received courteous, kind, and professional customer service and, importantly, tech support from all those working at KVChosting; and I've had my Website on its servers for more than five years! Similarly, I can say that my site has never had any problems with reliability, since the up-time record has been exceptional. I would highly recommend them to any business that is looking for a professional hosting company, with great rates, superb service and tech support.

Peverell Monty

    Review Rating

Well a lot of hosting providers don't provide the security options that KVChosting does. Plans contain many useful resources which help to run websites smoothly and reliably. I'm fond of them.

Ambessa Aman

    Review Rating

Fantastic Service - I would like to thank KVChosting for the excellent services. I am very proud of this company, because the speed and agility in addressing has been tasteful to me. Congratulations!

Eligiusz Nowakowski

    Review Rating

KVChosting is an excellent choice for web hosting. They are reasonably priced, provide excellent email-based support, and are incredibly reliable. I have really enjoyed working with them. Two thumbs up!

Daniel Pope

    Review Rating

So the price you see is rarely the price you get in the web hosting world. While this holds true for KVChosting when the dust settles you are still coming out on top. KVChosting is reliable and well priced. Good enough for me.

Medoro Courtois

    Review Rating

KVChosting's customer support is really friendly and ready to assist with any of your concerns. Without a doubt, I am 100% confident with the services they provide and their ability to deliver.

Dražan Jović

    Review Rating

The most lovely provider I've encountered. Simple, awesome, and the technical support is super helpful!!!! Honestly so thankful for what they've done to help me out.

René Bachmeier

    Review Rating

Great hosting. Excellent prices. I have never had any trouble with the hosting. Anything I need to update, I am told in advance. The customer service is great. Waiting period is not very long. Help is there at your service 24/7. When needed, their replies have walked me through the steps and resolved the issue at hand. Fast, efficient and there for you.

Johan Mikkelsen

    Review Rating

The services of KVChosting are top notch, I don't think I have seen the likes yet.

I have had issues with my site crashing which was my fault and issues with the renewal of my domain but it was sorted out excellently.

Excellent customer service, fast reply, it's just awesome.

It's a model I think so many other web hosts can learn from!

Daniel Brereton

    Review Rating

Second to none hosting. Great services, great support, great price. I would recommend to use them for everybody who are interested in getting quality services.

Éric Desnoyers

    Review Rating

Wonderful customer service, and a great price for a new business just starting out, thank you! When I couldn't figure out how to add a CNAME to a specific service, they did it for me, and very quickly too!

Jonathan Harker

    Review Rating

KVChosting has the best supporting team. They are patient and informative, they won't leave you without solving your issues The agent is very helpful and empathetic as well! He explained everything in great detail!

Eliot Lussier

    Review Rating

Excellent support - chat works great. Uptime is awesome.I have been hosting with KVChosting since 2018 and can't remember the last time the site was down - if it ever was!

Natasha Locke

    Review Rating

Very quick to respond. Friendly and knowledgeable. I got everything I needed out of the session. Great customer support is available from them.

Jacob Parkes

    Review Rating

We are client of KVChosting for more than 5 years now and we consider their Customer Support to be the best in the business. We have 6 customer servers with them and rarely we experience downtime. In case we encounter some issues, we can easily access their support team and get help and the issues are explained and solved in a efficient manner. Efficient, knowledgeable and courteous. We get the best support available and our customers are happy.

Jai Angliss

    Review Rating

The Best Hosting Company! They take care of the customer 24/7 -365 days. All experiences have been great, since transferring our account from the previous hosting company. Professional understanding and caring! In today's Universe hard to obtain such quality services.

Eren Snoek

    Review Rating

I recommend KVChosting as well and happy to add my story with them. I found out about their services from my friend and won't lie, it took me some time to figure out which plan I need for my blog page, but after some reading on their site (presale support would be an advantage for kvchosting), I am happy with my decision to use their services. Talking about their customer support for me after I subscribed is fast, professional, and very positive. All in all - price, easy to use cpanel and speed will keep me with them for longer.


    Review Rating

Liars, cheaters and disgusting. Hosted by a bunch of Indians.

kvcwebsitehosting user review / evaluation

A bunch of disgusting behaving thieving Indians.

Stay far away. They only care about your money.

Save yourself the trouble of dealing with these thieving Indians.

They have so called money back guarantee, which actually never happens when you ask for it.

I asked Prasad Naik my money back guarantee, but I guess it must have been half his monthly salary in Bombay the way he clinched to my money.

After complaining on this Naik and one of his coworkers, he threatened to close my account (after I asked for refund), refused to transfer my domain

when I opened a complaint in Paypal for my money back and they later DELETED ALL of my account and website data.

Their technical support is a disaster with useless people like this Prasad Naik which will delete your account and your data and refuse to transfer

your domain if you ask for your money back or complain about their staffs disgusting behavior (which you can see an ensample of below).

That is the kind of service and people you can expect, and your money and all of your data gone if you don’t tolerate their

disgusting manners and games.

Here are other links showing what people think about them, (they write fictive positive reviews about them self (http://basicsforwebsite.blogspot.com/2009/08/kvc-hosting-review-for-their-cheap-web.html) or pay others (see comments below)

to write positive review about them. A bunch of useless Indians like Prasad Naik.

Don’t trust them or you will regret it technically, financially and in lost time and data.

Their servers are down every weekend.

Their support is nonexistent and terrible when available, with rude dirt like Prasad and "Deby" telling people to fuck off and closing chat windows.

A bunch of useless Indians. service like that might work in their country but I would advice you to stay far away from such unprofessional trash.

You are warned about kvcwebsitehosting.


The biggest cheater in Hosting business


KVC hosting is the worst thing, when you want web hosting ! I used thier "seo web hosting" and unlimited web hosting sh***t. They stole my money, at first time i bought the c unlimited hosting, there are many problems at upptime, they cant set up my new account in 3 days.... :))) the uptime is under 25%, and the support response time is around 2-3 days.... i think this is a joke. They said, there is a server issues but they will fix it in 24-48h. But when i go to bigger plan i get more resources from thier servers... ect. Ok i bought a seo plan with 10dedicated ip. There is when my IT business started going down - (thanks to kvc scam hosting). The uptime is more worst thant the other plan there is only 1-2 day online in a WEEK ! The customer support dont reply me only once a week ! And when my sites are online there is irreal ping around 2500 - 3000 ms ! I told him i want money back, but they cant reply me only once a week to like this game:

2.week: "are you sure want cancelll your account and refound ?" -me: yes

3.week: "why you want to cancel your account ? -me: because your services dont meet our company req...ect

4.week: "we will transfer you to our other server ok ?" me:-no i want my money back

5.week: "sorry we cant refound you because only in 30 day able our money back"

Haha so its the biggest cheat what i ever heard in this business, and when i said them i response my money back request in 30days, they said: "ok give us a ticket number, and we see around when it created" - i told him the ticket id and then:


So boys if you want gift your money and customers and seo ranking away, "KVC HOSTING IS A RIGHT FOR YOU !





1) If this is real review, please provide us your domain name?

2) We have search in our history does not indicate that he have even register with us

3) We can proof by checking previous Nameserver if this user claim hosted with KVCHOSTING.COM

===== SECOND UPDATE =======

It appears whoever write this review totally fake and no bother to respond to our request here.

We have tried to contact webhostingreviews.com - also the same this website does not even seems to care to resolve this matter. If this is true what this customer complain we will not writing this issue here.



They have good customer service and when the service works it works good.


Overloaded servers even for paid customers. Deceptive advertising on Money-Back-Guarantee.


Price: $1-$10 per month

Type of Provider: Standard Web Hosting

Operating System: Linux

Server Software: PHP, Perl, ASP, Ruby, SSI, SSL, SSH

Analytics / Statistics I don't know

Guide Review - Kvchosting - Web Hosting Customer Review

Description - Services Provided

Full service hosting free and paid. I paid for three months because it had great reviews. The server worked fine for three days then if went down for 8 hours. They said they were having apache software problems, please be patient. It work for another two days then the same problem, the server worked sporatically. So, they said not a problem, we will put you on a faster server this time. By now I had lost so much business that I said I'll take them up on the 'money back guarantee,' except they wouldn't give it even though they state that. I'd have to pay ten dollars and the ten days I used the broken service would be deducted too. So, I would say avoid this outfit even with its so-called great review that are posted. I'm waiting for some sort of refund right now.

Other Comments

AVOID! Run screaming if you see Kvchosting.com


Can someone direct me how to report a host master Report abuse


Level 1


Kvc hosting, is not a reliable hosting Company. I signed up C unlimited hosting account for 24 months but their support didn't work. In the first 3 days I had so many issues with setting up an account with them. I asked them to cancel the hosting account as they have 90 days money back guarantee. It was then that their games began. They said they will deduct $10 and the amount of days the account was running and refund me the balance. A day later, they sent me an email saying that my hosting has been terminated and that I won't be billed any further. They never said anything about refunding me. I waited for 2 days, and I contacted them for the refund, but the billing dept. told me that my paypal account wouldn't accept refunds from them as I paid them with paypal. I contacted paypal and explained the matter to them but paypal said that they don't deal with such items, even though they sent my money to Kvchosting. But paypal told me that my account is working fine as I have just received funds in my paypal account. May be the seller kvchosting doesn't want to refund me. I contacted kvc and they now began a story by sending me a video screen shot of when they tried to refund me the money, which eventually didn't go through. I said, that's not true. I asked them to forward me the email notification from paypal confirming that the refund couldn't go through but they said I must beleive them with the video screen shot. I gave them my 2checkout account,moneygram, western Union and my banking details for Tt transfer to refund my money but they are ignoring.

Last week they told me to contact paypal to sort my account, but when I did contact paypal again, paypal said that there is nothing wrong with my account and that KVChosting has not reported any matter to them. So paypal cannot do anything on KVChosting paypal account unless kvc contacts paypal themselves. KVC doesn't want to do so, all they do is to engage me in writting and fairy tells of my money.

Could anyone please tell me which authority to report this scam to?

Thank you for assistance. "


This feedback respond to the review posted by ISAAC GODFREY, his domain name is bluebench.co.za. This person is BUNCH OF BULL, we have proof that we could not send money back to him and he started to threaten like he is somekind of BIG SHOT with all FOUL Language. We have a proof for this case please refer to the link we paste below.

when we send him money back to him PAYPAL SAID " Currently PayPal accounts in South Africa are only able to send payments. This recipient is not eligible to receive funds. "

He never give us his 2checkout, moneygram and westernunion as he claim, we have all the proof that we can provide if anyone want to see.

Check this link for the proof: http://www.kvchosting.com/images/isaac.gif.

Beware of ISAAC for those hosting company want to accept his as your client, he will give you bunch of bull, headache and all kind of nonsense.

    Review Rating

One day all my sites were deleted for no reason. Kvc blame me and that's all the story. 8 years sites lost there ranking, seo and everything. They even didn't have any backup. Im realy angry but don't know what to do now. So be careful from kvc hosting!!

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