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On August 19, 2014, Datapipe acquired Layered Tech and Layered Tech Government Solutions, extending its leadership in delivering secure managed hosting and cloud solutions.

Layered Technologies (LT) provides dedicated, self-managed “on-demand” hosting and utility computing solutions that are reliable, affordable and scalable. LT invests in the hardware, software, and network infrastructure to support our clients’ technology needs thus allowing them to focus on their core business competencies. We recognize our long term success depends on great service, a solid client understanding and technology innovation, all the while working to perfect our price points.

When you choose Layered Technologies, you get the experience, quality and assurance you need for your business success. From entry level servers to complex enterprise systems, we have a solution that will match your technology requirements.Dallas, Chicago,Kansas City,USA.

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Hosting Reviews for Layered Tech

Chris Sedlmayr

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The only problem I have encountered was created by myself, yet the problem was solved within minutes and the Admin that sorted the problem was friendly and efficient.


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I was with them few years ago for about 9 months. I paid $129 / month for an Athlon 3000+ with 1GB RAM and cPanel. Had no major issues except that sometimes the connection was lame to Romania. Slow and sometimes disconnections. I mailed them that I will be late with a payment for about 3 days and they were ok with it. Reasonable people.

It took them 3 days to take the server down after I canceled.


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A lesson, for hopefully any host to learn from:

I was in the process of bring 20+ servers over to LT. We add an average of 2 servers monthly to our current setup. I am glad I had only got 2 partially moved to them when they pulled this.

I experienced a low level of support, network issues, and great delays in response time. But I put up with it as the price was reasonable, and it was frankly better than the place I was moving from.

I wrote them the following in response to their initial email citing 'upgrades' as the reason for the price hike:


I see no legal documentation that states you may make such a change, with or without notice, and my invoices/quotes state no expiry on the pricing, indicating a contract to the effect of; no prices changes could happen. Your sales people also indicated at the time of purchase that price changes do not happen.

I have signed no 'month to month contract' , and one of the servers listed is paid quarterly.

I see packages priced on your site for lower than I currently pay, for the exact same configuration. I have seen no increase in level of service, response times, nor quality of connection. Average bandwidth prices across North America have done nothing but drop in the last 24 months, there is no staff shortage, power prices are stable, and software pricing is lower than ever. These are unmanaged servers, so you need not do anything unless your entire network is affected, so my servers incur no extra costs in labor. 50% of your list of improvements has absolutely no affect on my services. Your competitors, (which I also have servers with) have not reported, and have just confirmed no price increases in the foreseeable future. I see nothing to justify this level of increase.

I cannot justify a 20%+ increase to my clients, with no benefit to them, and may not be able to afford moving my remaining servers over to you, let alone keeping these here.

What can we do? What protection do I have from further substantial 'ad-hoc' price increases?

They wrote me back that the increase was due to increases in costs across the board and there was nothing they could do (even though their email suggested migration and upgrade promotions). They did not address a single FACT that I had listed in the original email (as though they didn't read it at all).

They suggest I prepay, which I had already done, but was told earlier the price change would still affect me regardless, so I responded with this and they confirmed (and apologized for the miss-direction). I see that other people were also told the same thing, and it's a shame to see some fell for it.

They then replied suggested I go to a VPS because it was cheaper (and they would give me a special price on it), yet 750GB of space is listed at over 7 times the price of what I currently pay them, for 1/10th of the processor and memory! I respond saying it's inappropriate to suggest a VPS as it comes nothing close to our requirements, and not even remotely close to the current server specifications.

I wait 4 days for a response, and get


Sir, I can try my best to work with a price on a dedicated server for you if you like, I do have some room for "negotiation". If there is a new dedicated server you are interested in, let me know and I will work on a quote with you.

I reply with


I already have a 'new' dedicated box with you, only a couple months old. If you are going to pitch a better price on that one, you have less than 2 hours to do so, I am currently considering a competitors offer and will decide before 3PM MST.

I was literally entering my credit card information at one of their competitors order pages at the time. But decided to wait (as long as I could before the competitors offer expired) and give them the chance.

They reply the NEXT DAY with


I can not offer you a better price on your existing hardware, but If there is another server we offer I can see what I can do in terms of price.

As a result of this price increase, the way they have handled it, and after hearing nothing but conflicting explanations from them, and I am gone.

From this day on, I will refer to LayeredTech as a company TO AVOID AT ALL COSTS.



A note, the above is EXACTLY what I had posted on the LayeredTech forums as a paying customer (I still have one server left with them).

As a result of me posting the above, they have banned my IP from accessing their site. I guess they forgot I'm still a paying customer (I no longer have access to their support), and they can't take any constructive criticism. I might have to consider legal action.


I just wanted to add to this my first experience with LT, and the experience of cancellation;


The 1st server I purchased was ordered without a control panel, and a minimal CentOS installation. I had paid them for their 'immediate' server setup, which was guaranteed in 2 hours. It was provisioned with a control panel and the wrong OS. Apon writing support I was told that it would be 24 hours for re-provisioning. It took nearly 2 days to get the server functional.

After that, the IPs for the server had RDNS configured for whomever used the IPs before me, and it took 4 tickets to get them cleaned up.

When testing the box, I noted 3% packet loss and odd 'spikes' in the speed, where for 2 or 3 seconds, packets would 'hang' in space, somewhere within the LT network (this was tested from 12 different locations, all results showed hang ups within their network). A ticket was opened, and they basically did nothing but try to shift blame to me. I gave up. 3 days later the issue went away (I'm assuming they fixed it).

The second box I purchased with a control panel, this time I didn't order their immediate setup to avoid the same issues. The box was provisioned within 3 days, however, the system was setup with someone other host name (not the one I had requested), and actually had someones (pornographic) sites still configured on it! Again, the RDNS was configured to someone elses domains, and many domains were still pointing to the IPs. I requested they do something about this, box went down for re provisioning, more time wasted. When the box was back up, it was still configured to the wrong hostname. I gave up on their support fixing it and did the work myself.

The original owner still had domains configured to point to the IPs as their authoritative DNS, which was causing alot of traffic (and costing me money). Their WHOIS records did not list their information (falsified) so I had asked if LT could contact them on my behalf, and ask them to remove these entries, so I did not have to pay LT for the bandwidth. They flat out refused. I asked for them to just give me an email address on file, and again they flat out refused. I asked for clean IPs if they couldn't do that, they flat out refused. It took a month of my own time to clean up their mess, while footing the bill.


1st server. 4 requests. Finally get directed to their ticketing system wherein I ask in writing for them to remove my credit card information from their file immediately (a requirement by law). It gets canceled and they do not bill me, however, the server remains online for 3 weeks after the cancellation time, causing issues with the migration elsewhere.

2nd server. Same number of requests. The payment due date is 3 days after the first request to delete my credit card information. They bill me and charge my card (with information that was obviously not deleted) regardless. I request a refund (with 28 days paid for at this point), they take their time and flat out refuse, after about 6 tickets, emails and phone calls. Guess who's getting a charge back? They took this box offline IMMEDIATELY after I complained, so they basically got 28 days of pay for NOTHING.

So, in short. Never, ever, ever, will I have anything good to say about LT. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

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From their website: "Eliminate single points of failure and never worry about hardware emergencies again"

A few days ago they claim that a power outage caused one of our devices to go down. I reported it. 20 minutes later it was back. Some hours later -- down again. I reported it AGAIN. Same thing. Up, then down. On the 4th support ticket they said I had some corrupt files -- from the power outage.

My first support request was

06/20/2009 07:51 AM EST. It's now 6/22 at 7:15AM and I'm still down.

A quote from them:

Normally this would not be an issue as your vps contains two volume streams so we can recover if on corrupts ..unfortunately your good volume is on a failing drive. This is not the norm and has taken two power outages to cause this . WE are working on this and trying to move your data off the bad drive to get you up and running with your data intact.

Here are some specs where they indicate my devices are located:


* TXU fault tolerant electrical grid

* 3000 amps of 480v input power – Riser A

* 3000 amps of 480v input power – Riser B

* 800 KVA MGE UPS Systems - Riser A

* 800 KVA MGE UPS Systems - Riser B

* 2.0 megawatt generator (5000 gallon tank) Riser A

* 2.0 megawatt generator (5000 gallon tank) Riser B

Yet a brief power outage has had us down for over two days now.

Because we can't do much work today without our domains, we will instead be shopping around to find another hosting company.


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Horrible support team. Takes over 7 days to update cpanel licensed IP. Try calling sales several times, only get a voicemail. Support phone doesn't work, rejects your call if the phone number you call from is not on file. Support team all are horrible, unprofessional mindless people. Out of the blue without notice of any kind, they decided to increase cpanel vps license fee from $15/mo to $25/mo just like that, after being a client for over 3 years. They are the worst company in the industry. They should be jailed for their disgrace practices.

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