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Lithium Hosting was founded to provide the best web hosting experience. If you're okay with having a guaranteed 99.7% uptime, staff that go the extra mile for you, and affordable prices, you just can't go wrong. Especially as we offer a 30 day free trial along with a 30 day money back guarantee on all Shared Hosting Accounts.

Des Moines, Iowa.

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Hosting Reviews for Lithium Hosting

Chris Fejes

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I began using Lithium for my private sites based off word-of-mouth advertising. I used them for several years. They had a few issues that led to downtime (I think that was 2013 or so? Hard to remember), but everything seemed to come back up quickly. I encountered a few little quirks, but they responded promptly to tickets and got our issues resolved.

Fast forward several years, and our contract web developer at work is telling us we need a VPS. I suggested Lithium based off prior experience, and got a VPS spooled up.

Troy was very helpful when we had some issues (user error not hardware or software), and when the web dev turned out to be a little less on the ball than we thought, Troy even offered free advice that he shouldn't have without managed services. Based off the technical ability of the web dev, we ended up purchasing managed hosting services for the VPS from him anyway.

I've been keeping an eye on the tickets our web dev files, and our site wouldn't be up without his help. The VPS is fast and very reasonably priced; the managed hosting support is a tremendous bargain for our organizations needs. In the past three months, we've had 100% uptime.


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Price was right and service was solid until they cancelled the email service without any warning. I've searched my mailbox (including spam folder) and there was no warning, it was just shut down one day. I lost access to multiple accounts for the week it took to move my domain to another provider. Support was less than helpful, and tried to upsell me in order to restore access to the service I'd had access to for the previous three years. Would not recommend.

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Just cancelled service with Lithium after a major server outage knocked all of my sites, and the sites of many other Lithium customers offline for almost 24 hours. This is completely inexcusable in this day and age of RAID drives, multiple server farm locations, and offsite backup storage. Don't even consider any hoster that has a known outage lasting more than a couple of hours. Awful, unreliable service. And not very forthcoming about the causes during the outage period, either. Stay away.

Jeff Brown

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The price may seem too good to be true and that is because it is. The uptime isn't the best. Outages lasting upwards of a day. My biggest problem is customer service. My account was terminated a week after I paid for a full year. I was told by support after contacting them that there was a script that was fishing for account information (untrue). They refused to refund me for my year of service that I didn't receive. I find the timing a little too convenient for them. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Lithium Hosting.

Anne Roth

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I volunteer for a nonprofit group that advocates for disabled people. Our site was down for several days when the servers at Lithium Hosting supposedly got hacked. Then a month later, our site was down for four days when a config file was not set up properly by Lithium. It took my boss several emails to finally get Troy Siedsma, Mr. One Stop owner and fix it all, to take responsibility for the file but he never apologized or refunded any hosting fees. Despite the fact that he violated the 99.7% up time by taking our site down for four days, he was unrepentant.

When my boss told him he violated FTC regulations about false advertising, and he violated the ADA by not giving her reasonable accommodations, he fired our nonprofit and gave her 14 days to move the site. When she complained to Paypal, he suspended our site and our email completely, without any notice. He said that contacting a third party to handle a dispute cost him "research time" and charged the nonprofit $35. Who takes down a website when the issues are in dispute? My boss had already requested a refund from him and he refused.

I cannot email from our accounts or check our email and neither can my boss. I think that Mr. Siedsma is vindictive, retaliatory and that he has no ethics or morals. I am glad we have moved to another hosting company.

Lastly, Mr. Siedsma put a "suspended account" page in big yellow black and white lettering to try to shame us. He is the one who should be ashamed.

Zero stars.

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