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Little Oak Hosting treats you with respect, offers personal service and values your business.

Little Oak's philosophy is that we grow as our customers grow. We are most successful when our customers succeed. To that end, we've designed our web hosting to be as intuitive as possible, without sacrificing power, speed, and stability.

Little Oak Hosting is a small, family-owned web hosting company located in Torrance, California. Our service is reliable, affordable, and easy to use. California,USA.

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LittleOak is a small company, with a specialty: hosting websites made with Rapidweaver (the BEST website creation tool for macOS. Well, that's my opinion): they have dedicated people who know everything about Rapidweaver...

However, it does work perfectly with Wordpress, NucleusCMS or any other tool...

Their service is OK: never had any major issue. And when I needed support, they answered my tickets in 6 hours, or solved the problem through live chat.

Pricing is OK, too: not the cheapest, but definitely not the most expensive for what you've got.

Every plan includes unlimited sites, unlimited domains... The only differences lie in the disk space and the bandwith, but starting at 5Gb disk space and 500Gb/month bandwidth, it's more than honest.

The service is not oversold.

The admin area is a proprietary one. No Cpanel, here.

Could be disturbing, but for what I use it for, it's more than enough.

A reliable provider, with honest prices and good customer support.

My choice, for my 12 websites, including a "big" one.

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