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We are Localnode, a first-class Web hosting company providing shared and reseller hosting services to individuals, businesses and corporations around the world.

"So what? There are thousands of companies just like you, right?"

Sure, plenty of companies make the same claims as us: highest quality hardware, a strong, stable network, fast and efficient customer service, and if it's all true, that's great. But have you ever dealt with sales and support staff at a company that made you feel like you were just a number, a burden, and not valued as a customer or a person?

Localnode is different because we love what we do, we have fun doing it, and our customers see the difference in quality that a host committed to rockstar performance can provide.


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Hosting Reviews for Localnode


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All this company provide in terms of reliability is excellence. Plus the personalize support, perfection!

Never hesitate dealing with this company as I can confidently recommend them.

Kudos localnode.net!

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I am very happy with my host. From the minute I signed up they were there for me. They are wonderful with getting you through the set-up time. They are with you when you need help. I even got personnal phone calls to help me walk through things.

Another thing that I like about this company is They are with you even after the setup. I feel that I can contact them ayntime with a question or a problem. The site is always watched so you do not have to worry about people getting in and hacking your site.

Last but not least is the price. It is very affordable. I have a small store with them. I do not make alot of money. Because of the prices I can afford to stay on and try to sell my items. They work very hard to get you out on the web in as many places as possible.

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Can’t recommend localnode highly enough. The plans are very flexible and well priced and the support is amazingly good. Response within minutes any time I’ve needed them and they go way above and beyond the call.

We tried a few different hosting sites and had problems with all of them, Localnode has been brilliant, I couldn’t think of a single negative thing to say about them.

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