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At LogicWeb, you are provided an industry top guarantee of 30-Days on all cpanel web hosting, reseller web hosting and vps hosting services we offer. We’re confident that you will be satisfied with the proven quality and web hosting credibility LogicWeb offers. If you have any pre-sales questions please call 866.611.1556 or speak to a live rep via live chat option conveniently.

Our core values emphasize quality and customer service. LogicWeb is adamant about providing services under ethical and moral grounds. Quality: service is nothing if it is not backed by proven quality. Our goal is to provide service and quality with no corners cut. We know that technology changes rapidly. We are determined to grow with you, our valued customer. We’re just like you. We expect excellence for what we pay for. We understand our customers at LogicWeb.

A web host with a determined vision to provide ongoing customer service. We’re proud of our dedication to customer satisfaction. To us, customer service is a holistic art, and we take great care to make sure our responses are fast, accurate, and polite. Our support department is staffed with experienced hosting professionals who are passionate about the technology they work with. Not only can you expect a rapid response to any support inquiry you submit, you can also rest assured the answer you receive will be accurate. LogicWeb customer support representatives work in a collaborative environment where they are encouraged to work together to solve challenging, hosting related issues.



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Hosting Reviews for LogicWeb

alejo facundo

    Review Rating

The customer service is the best that I have seen so far.

Ekin Koc

    Review Rating

I have been a customer of LogicWeb since 2004. Hosted a couple of websites, some of them were high load sites and had no problems during these 6 years. I'm more than happy that I found them.

    Review Rating

Logicweb my webhosting service provider for 5 years, excellent service.

    Review Rating

We have been with Logic Web for years and they are awesome. Every concern or question I have is answered very fast. They are professional and IF ever a problem it is resolved right away. Great job Logic Web, keep up the good work. Im a happy customer and will stay with you for along time .:)

Eric Slight

    Review Rating

Best value for the price, support is efficient, and uptime is more than acceptable.


    Review Rating

I renew for third year. Server is good, 10GB memory. They move me last week to this faster server and I'm very happy.

    Review Rating

Logic Web has been our hosting site for 5 years and we will never change. The customer service is wonderful and the staff are very helpful. I also had a problem with my iphone not deleting mail from my business email and the iphone advanced tech support could not figure it out. A Logic Web Tech actually took the time to use his own phone to find the setting to fix my problem and he emailed me all the details. I am truly happy with Logic Web and throughtout the years we have only had a couple issues that were resolved promptly. Thank you Logic Web for everything and being a professional company.


    Review Rating

I've been with them for many years and I now have two VPS units with them hosting several dozen sites. They just keep getting better and better... The support is always very helpful and prompt, and the servers themselves seem extremely fast (my smaller 512MB/20GB partition reliably outperforms a 2GB dedicated machine I host with another company). Thanks guys!

    Review Rating

always behave as logic high and gives the solution to what it offers

    Review Rating

My company (Airport Plazas LLC) and I have been with Logicweb for years. This company is amazing with support, I had a couple issues with my company email, one call to logicweb and they assited me to correct issues I had on my end. They are extremly reliable, I have had no service interuptions at all. Logicweb supports my whole corporate team and we are very pleased with there service,pricing and reliabilty. My company is spread out through several different states, all sites are supported under Logicweb. We appreciate the team logicweb has and wish them all the sucess.

    Review Rating

I have joined LogicWeb 9 years ago, when they were operating as Virtuoso Net Solutions, and since then I am very pleased with the excellent services at an affordable price and great support they provide. My issues were always handled very promptly by very knowledgeable staff and I always get quick and friendly responses to any questions I have. I look forward to doing business with LogicWeb for a long time to come.

    Review Rating

Been with them for years and recommend them all the time.

Majd Shaheen

    Review Rating

I'v been a client for logic web for six years and till this moment I'm so satisfied to deal with them for their credibility and professionalism


    Review Rating

Thank you very much, I want to go on record that I am very pleased with the support and the speed at which respond tickets.

Your company is very good here in Brazil this type of service is very bad.

I am grateful for the help provided so far.

Congratulations for the work done.

Nick Bokhonok

    Review Rating

Great service and high level support team. Thank you so much :-)


    Review Rating

Great customer service...Actually, best I've experienced. Moved all my accounts from HostGator and haven't looked back.


    Review Rating

I sign up 7 months now and logicweb is fastest in support and server speed. I run sandbox development site with heavy plugins and content, no problems. Better than Godaddy from experience. Support ticket to respond efficient, fast.


    Review Rating

We have been hosting with LogicWeb for a considerable amount of time, certainly long enough to appreciated their superior customer support especially when it comes to the technical side of things. Thank you support team for your prompt action & solution.

Andrew Burleigh

    Review Rating

I have been pleased with the product they offer and support is very quick and knowledgeable.


    Review Rating

I highly recommend this hosting company. They have top notch support and their products are superior.

    Review Rating

Great hosting, absolutely amazing support that answer my tickets in minutes. I'm very happy.

    Review Rating

Whenever I have a problem with my site, I never worry because I know the support guys will always get my problems solved immediately.

Revolution Media

    Review Rating

fast, knowledgeable support service

Wolfe Gleitsman

    Review Rating

While nobody is perfect, the support at LogicWeb makes a huge difference in my experience as a reseller hosting client. Whenever an issue has come up, they've been very helpful and make it clear that I'm valued as a customer, making sure the issue is resolved correctly. And their prices are very competitive- can't overlook that.

    Review Rating

We have been LogicWeb customers for several years. We are entirely satisfied with the quality of service we have received.

    Review Rating

These guys are pros and I have been associated with them for a long time now. If you come across any issues whatsoever, they will put in their best efforts to get them solved. Also they seem to have the latest stable versions of software loaded up.


- http://CodeBerg.com/

[Web Design and Development Services]

    Review Rating

I've been with them for almost 10 years now starting when they were Virtuoso. Fast sites and great features for the price! On occasion the support staff have been rude but then you get a really nice support person and it makes up for it. In the end the service is up and running and it's good! I'm not moving.

R J Mike Nielsen

    Review Rating

I've been with logicweb since they were virtuoso and very small. They have done nothing but improve in all areas and the last two years have really become very responsive, courteous and efficient. Kudos to all.

    Review Rating

To be fair, in their recent difficulty they did respond with this;


I want to sincerely apologize for the issue you were facing and our lack of responses. Please know, as a customer that has been with us a while now you know this is not normal LogicWeb support time responses. We had an internal conflict with the ticketing system on our side. I do apologize for this and hope you

accept our apology and understanding that sometimes, strange things happen out of the blue. We have never taken this long to respond to tickets at all and

sorry for the troubles.

All sites are live and services are all go now.

One again, please accept our sincere apology.


    Review Rating

I have always had quick response to tickets opened. I had some issues with an outage on my site recently but LogicWeb followed up and made things right. They have been upgrading servers and adding features. I have been with them for over 8 years now and they have only gotten better. I would recommend them to anyone look for a competitively priced host with full features and good support.

    Review Rating

I've been with LogicWeb for around a decade. They're one of a few hosting companies I use, but they're at the top of my list. They are reliable and they provide very good and responsive service. Their prices are competitive. They work with me on issues and don't just blame me. It's sad to say a lot of companies wash their hands of their client's problems, but LogicWeb is not one of those companies. I definitely recommend them.

R. J. Mike Nielsen

    Review Rating

Up until the resent domain transfer withing their company the support people may have been competent but always left me with a feeling I must be dumber than the average rock. The domain transfer was frought with problems because I am not a true IT person but also because the instructions on how to perform the transfer were written like the old IBM days - they assumed you knew a lot about this and only needed a few hints.

Through the course of this exercise it seemed there were two kinds of folks working tech support, the bad cop and the good cop, or one bi-polar cop. In the end it all did work out and they were patient and helpful for the most part. I did receive a note that they had rewritten their domain transfer instructions with more clarity and information.

I hope in the future ALL of the tech support folks understand that we're not all IT professionals and being curt and terse with the customer base, no matter who, is not the best sales policy.


    Review Rating

My site and others appear to have been down for going on 2 days. Normally tickets get responded to within two hours. No response this time. It is like they pulled the plug. I can understand downtime.... Not communicating the issue with your customers is bad business. I will be looking elsewhere


    Review Rating

You get what you pay for. Web services are fine for the most part, have only been down a couple times in the last couple years. Mail and support on the other hand are HORRIBLE. Mail services both POP and SMTP are often down, with a variety of problems.

The support is even worse! Initial actions on the tickets are prompt, but expect to wait HOURS for subsequent communication. Support staff fails to check local challenges first (IE telling me there was a problem with my DNS host when it was in fact the malfunctioning spam assasin), and will give terse and unhelpful responses. It seems that other than wiping firewall entries the only abilities the staff have is to reset the server...their answer to almost everything. If just hosting web, it works great for the most part, but avoid email like the plague.

    Review Rating

I have been with Logic Web since they bought Virtuozzo Net Solutions which was my first host. I've had inconsistent uptime, inconsistent data rates, and e-mail is so slow. Their support staff, like others have said, are just downright rude. They close tickets before a solution is complete. I have been in the tech field for many years and have run my own web servers but have decided to let the burden go to others. I know what it takes and I feel like they don't take it seriously. I am considering leaving this year before my contract automatically renews itself.


    Review Rating

This people would do random maintenance in the middle of the week that would completely take all our services offline for hours. When I would open tickets to bring out server back online, it would sometimes take hours before they get acknowledged and if you opened up multiple high priority tickets, they would get angry and complain about having too many tickets opened. Just not a reliable host and I would encourage people to look elsewhere.

Also their emails will be rude to their customers regardless of the frustration the customer is going through

Alex McCabe

    Review Rating

Been with them for about 6 months now and I have had nothing but issues. I used this site to decide upon them, but I regret my decision.

First of all when I open a ticket it can take days for them to reply, and when they finally do they are pretty rude (except for one guy, who was very helpful).

Secondly, I have pretty much have issues connecting to the site all the time, whether that be via http or ftp. Connections often just time out, this makes it VERY hard to get anything done.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend their shared hosting package.


    Review Rating

The attitude of their support team is downright horrible. They act as though it's a burden to deal with you and help you out. As if someone's forcing them to sit there and answer your annoying questions. I am a professional, fulltime website/graphic designer and I have dealt with many hosting companies. This is the only bad experience I have ever had in the past 12 years of using hosting companies. I would love to show everyone the conversations. I have them saved. Contact me if you'd like to see them. I finally said I would appreciate it if the person wasn't a smartass, and then that person decided to go off on me, the paying customer. I have never heard of a company that treats their customers with such disrespect.

    Review Rating


logicweb has been the worst hosting service i have ever had. I send more than twenty tickets and still frecuently my website is down. Plese try another hosting not logicweb.

Lizzy Starnes

    Review Rating

I was with logicweb when they were Virtuoso. When they were Virtuoso the support was very friendly and very good. Now, they are downright rude. I had an issue with nameservers and they responded very rudely to my ticket. They closed the ticket before a solution was reached. The reliability is also very low in my opinion because my website has been down many times before. I am now moving to another host because logicweb is that bad!

Jon Howard

    Review Rating

We have been with LogicWeb for 4 years, and as far as I'm concerned it was 4 years too long.

They would do random maintenance in the middle of the week that would completely take all our services offline for hours.

When I would open tickets to bring out server back online, it would sometimes take hours before they get acknowledged and if you opened up multiple high priority tickets, they would get angry and complain about having too many tickets opened.

Just not a reliable host and I would encourage people to look elsewhere.

Rajesh Vankani

    Review Rating

I am using Logicweb reseller hosting since 2008 and found taht in general terms it'w working fine. But if you have any technical issues than support team language is very poor and not at all accepted.

In June 2012 they had server hardware failure and all my websites are down. The technical team took 10 days to make server up and running. And It turns to big loss to my company.

In those 10 days they are not answering tickets more than 2 days. And Language is poor. I must say that they have to train support staff to answer generously.

Else things are fine. But if you have batter option than go for it.


    Review Rating

What is support ? What is customer service ? These topics don't hit the radar screen with these guys. Today 5/7/13 servers been down more than 12 hours. even there site is affected but managed to get a ticket in.... DO YOU THINK THEY WOULD RESPOND ?

NOT LogicWeb. Is Their account closed at their co-lo center ? Are they coming back online ????

Only God knows....


    Review Rating

When frustrated with LogicWeb, they accuse, defend, belittle, ridicule, and talk back. Multiple tickets (full of back talk) to solve tiny issues.

When they finally realize they are wrong, they fix the problem, no apology.

Good support is calm, and tries to understand frustration, even when the customer is wrong.

LogicWeb support does not know how to use these words: please, sorry, thank you, is there anything else I can do for you?, thank you for choosing logicweb, I apologize.

They defend themselves to the grave, even when they are proven wrong.

They only want customers who pay monthly, and never get around to actually using the hosting.

They are not interested in working with people who actually use their hosting and require support when something goes wrong.

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