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M247 was founded in May 2000 by two professional Internet engineers with the key objective to provide the best quality services and customer satisfaction that was in everyone's price range. Surpassing every expectation in the first year, the reputation of the company and the services it provides has nothing but grown within the industry and in 2010 was ranked the fourth fastest growing technology company in the North of England by Deloitte. M247 Ltd remains independent and privately owned with the majority of shares owned by its staff.


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Hosting Reviews for M247

Richard Jojo

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Since M247 upgraded in May 2014, I have had my website hacked into over 20 times, lost emails and have had the website permanently damaged. The Directors have not cared a jot about trying to compensate my losses over the past 14 months or so and have offered nothing to me at all. They keep banging on about my website was vulnerable not their hosting, therefor it is logical that in dealing with them for over 14 years prior to their upgrade, I had never had any problems. Now it seems that their hosting has been infiltrated with the "Black hole Exploit Kit"

This Company and its Director Chris Byrd are in complete Denial and I am now taking them to a small claims court and I will let the Courts decide on a level of compensation from them. Please warn all future users of this Company.

Jimmy K.

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I run a small IT solutions company. I started reselling M247 servers in 2018. In 2018, M247 was still a good company. Since 2019, the customer support of M247 is getting slower and slower. Usually, they reply within 2 days, but at the end of 2019, they started not to answer my questions. Up to now, the quality of IP and network is also very bad, and they will reject any request for repair or replacement.

I have lost many of my customers because of them, so I recently asked them that I want to terminate all my servers, they again rejected my application to terminate the service. Then they threatened me and my company with a contract. Obviously they just want to take your money.

I have called my lawyers and they are welcome to visit me in the United States at any time.

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