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M2Host.com has been providing advanced, straightforward hosting solutions since 2005, and has quickly risen to leadership in the web hosting industry due to m2host customer-focused mission: to make hosting reliable, helpful and easy. All m2host equipment is carefully chosen to ensure maximum uptime and performance for your sites. M2Host.com uses superior quality servers with dual quad core processors, 12 GB of RAM. m2host use high-performance hard drives setup with raid 10 to provide increased speed and data security.


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Hosting Reviews for M2Host


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I have used M2host.com for about 2 years now and have been very happy with them. I have registered multiple domain names with them also. Their support is always very friendly and helpful. Their evening and weekend support a few months ago has gives me a lot of confidence in their customer focused approach. The reliability of their hosting has always been excellent and I have been very impressed with the value adds that the hosting packages come with.


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M2host.com has features that cater to both people who are creating their first website and those who have web hosting experience. The service would benefit from more intuitive usability and quicker response times. And while its entry-level hosting package is rather sparse, M2host's other hosting packages deliver unbeatable value with unlimited hosting capabilities.

I moved from a competitor of yours who offered unlimited hosting, I was beginning to think slow host was the norm when meters wern't in place but after a week with you it is clear that I just made a poor decision in choosing my previous web hosting. I couldn't be happier I moved to you guys, thank you so much!

I have been happily hosted with M2host.com now, support is great, the servers are excellent and the price is... well.. it speaks for itself!

Bambang Utoyo

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The Service here is excellent. I was looking for a low cost website hosting company that met my needs and didn’t leave me without the essentials that I needed. I found everything right here at M2host.com. Registration was fast and my domain was up and running in no time.

Technical support is fast and prompt. I would highly recommend M2host to anybody wanting there own hosting, domain, and webpage.

Lerma Juurlink

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I just moved my site to m2host.com for a couple of reasons. m2host.com price is great. They have unlimited space, traffic and domain. They also have exceptional customer service. I had no problems getting everything set up. I am very impressed by m2host.com.


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I had a few problems to set up my new account, but thanks to the awesome support of M2host.com finally I managed it. Their support is outstanding. Very fast and friendly. Even Im using my webspace for a short time, Im very happy with my choice. The hosting package is coming with a bunch of free software, like 1- Click WordPress installation and unlimited databases. For me one of the crucial factors because Im going to host a number of WordPress sites on my space. I would definitely recommend M2host.com.


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M2host.com is a truly outstanding host. Not only are there prices cheap, but every aspect of the hosting is brilliant.

The most impressive aspect though has to be customer service. With most companies, you'd be lucky to get a reply that day, whereas with Webhostingworld.net I normally hear from them within twenty minutes, and the advice is always helpful. Oh, and even the chat feature is brilliant, for once it's a real person who can actually solve problems on the other end.

If you're considering this, go ahead, you won't regret it.


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I have had M2host for 4 years now and maybe 1 day down time. this year they changed IP address (shared) got on live chat fixed in 5 mins. Wife's site same thing fixed fast too. My site at U of Florida is down 10X more in the last 4 years!(in the computer lab 3 mil$ system)$12 a year?? M2host is a deal for me with 100-1000 hits a day site.


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I was searching for a good hositng company for like 5 days now. Reading reviews, forums, blogs. Its a very tme consuming process. At the end of my weekend I was ready to make a move with m2host. Frankly speaking everyone else out there offers pretty much the same - unlimited package, premium builder, collection of single click install popular software for blogs like wordpress, e-commerse, forums for your site. What made my buy is thier customer support, 90 days full money back and price. Sales process was easy and no problems. I'm building my site around wordpress, I had to contact m2host spport twice and both of the times they fixed my issues while I was talking to them. Really a quick customer service!!!

sean y

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asked for a refund but they refused telling me I have to call.. I tried, the number just goes to a voice message.

Marut J

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Scam, our web service from this host were down at least 3 times/yr. Today, they delete our web and all data were gone...!


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I had a few problems to set up my new account, but thanks to the awesome support of M2Host.com finally I managed it. Their support is outstanding. Very fast and friendly. Even Im using my webspace for a short time, Im very happy with my choice. The hosting package is coming with a bunch of free software, like 1- Click WordPress installation and unlimited databases. For me one of the crucial factors because Im going to host a number of WordPress sites on my space. I would definitely recommend M2Host.com

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don't waste you money with this poor company, if you check the price 12$ peer years this is unbelievable but you can understand why because after 7days of payment you can see "404 Not Found error" every day on your website the support will try to escrow you block your page index to reduce traffic or block other page who have huge traffic

my website n2 have 1000 visit per day and the host down every 4 hr & the company can't keep his official website without this error so how they can host other site


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This hosting is scam.

I was with m2host for 4 months. My web-site was hacked, I reported it to support team for help, and instead of helping me they deleted all log files and closed my account. I had to move to other hosting.

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Very cheap rate with Unlimited features of all including UNLIMITED DOWNTIME too. I hosted my site before 10 days back and out of these 10 days almost more than 30 hours found down. Support is very slow and got in-resposible reply. About site down, I raised ticket and got reply after 5 hours. It is totally non-reliable web hosting.


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M2host is a scam. you only loose what you pay.

if you need more details please write [email protected]

never try with m2host, i paid for 3 yrs and got nothing.

emilio gonzalez

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ana herv

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Please spare yourself the hair-loss and go with a more reliable (and yes, more expensive) host. The money you will save with M2host is not going to be worth all the trouble you will have with their poorly-functioning system and terrible (and painfully slow) customer support. I have had so many issues with them from day 1 that I'm not even going to go into all of them here. I have literally had problems every step of the way when I tried to do anything (even paying bills!). I've been locked out of my account, I've been sent phantom invoices, I couldn't register domains, and I have spent days trying to resolve simple issues... list goes on. I have moved most of my business to HostGator and so far I have had zero problems with them. They say you get what you pay for and it's true.. except with M2Host you will end up paying 20 times more in extended downtime and lost customers.

    Review Rating

I have ordered their hosting services as they offer plesk control panel. After few hours I decided to cancel my account as it was not what I expected to have. They do not respond any of my requests to cancel account and refund. I have been forced to open paypal dispute. Do NOT use them.


    Review Rating

dont use this host

they are take my moany and after 75 days i get 404 page

after i talk with them in the chat they say i have to pay more than the 45$ I pay before 75 days

scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam


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I've registered at M2Host two domains and 2 hosting plans. One of the sites has been down dor few months. And no help from support team. There were troubles with wordpress on second site. Nobody helped. As the apotheoses - they simply lost one of domains! They wrote that domain is lost and offered to register another one for free!!! The story of second domain is funny too. One day they wrote that domain will be deleted! No explaining! In despite of all paid invoices! And no help from support. No answers. And they simply delete support tickets in client account! Terrible service. As a summary: M2Host have lost one of my domains, deleted a second domain without a reason. And they continue to send me invoices!

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Hi, we have taken www.vastuconsultantusa.com domain and hosting from m2host.com provider, due to payment unauthorised issue we did not done payment and later we complete payment, even after 20 days also the site was not up, we are asking many times to up the site, they said it will come within 6 to 8 hours. How to complain on them. Please help.

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Here's my experience of www.m2host.com ...

I am starting a programming project for a game and I decided to register the domain. Thankfully I registered it from a 3rd party registrar instead of m2host.

I saw a hosting service offering $1 a month service and is advertised as "The Perfect Web Hosting you would need". They also advertised a 30-day refund guarantee. It seemed ... acceptable as this project I'm working on is unlikely to become something big in the next month or two.

Anyhow, I purchased service from them on a 12-month payment (how silly of me). The website performed fine, it had acceptable speeds and ping times. However, the problem was that I couldn't access my webmail properly; which is an important part of my project. I contacted m2host.com and waited 3 days for a response. Nothing came. Then I asked for a refund on my 12-month purchase saying that I'd rather home host the website rather than publish it on shared hosting. A whopping 2 weeks passed by of waiting for the same response, "Billing dept will contact u shortly". Their live chat service agents are only programmed to answer with a huge array of pre-programmed messages that aren't even grammatically correct. They even refuse to help newcomers on their live chat responding, "push this page and order the service".

So in anger, I attempted calling their 1-800 number. I waited about 15 seconds, then received a response, "This call center is no longer in service". Numerous times I have tried resolving this issue with them peacefully, but nothing came except ignorance and unreliable service. I most definitely would not want anybody to go through the same unreliable and untrustworthy service m2host offers that I went through.

It is true, however, you get what you pay for.

    Review Rating

Conventional cheaters:

- 4 years ago I used WebStarter.

- Every year my website was inaccessible up to two weeks, at the time of renewal of the domain, without explanation.

- at least once a month email accounts have been out of service for one to seven days! without explanation.

- My account and website are completely suspended 2.5 months before the expiration! without explanation.

These are ordinary fraudsters and thieves.


    Review Rating

This company is a scammer. In march i ordered a plan with a domain for 3 years and was assured that everything will be up in 2 days. however after 3 days i saw my domain still available for registration so i registered it out of frustration and applied for a refund. Its been 4 months now and still nothing. their live chat says they cant help coz of limited system access and when i email, they dont respond. even when i log in and send messages on the ticket i opened they dont respond. In the begining they responded by persuading me to stay and register another domain etc but when i refused and went foward with my refund, i stopped getting replies from them. I definitely dont recommend them. they rip their customers off.


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Worst experience ever with m2host. Not only is this false advertising but they don't have working #. Called multiple times but their phone # was disconnected. I asked for a refund and now they are not replying my emails. DO NOT USE.. BEWARE!!!!

    Review Rating

This is a chat exchange I have had for the last 2 days with them:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'M2Host - LiveHelp'

M2Host - LiveHelp: Welcome to our real-time support chat.My Name is Gary Smith. How can I help you today ?

M2Host - LiveHelp: Hello

agustin: More than 40 hours ago I purchased a Web Starter Plan for 3 years and I installed a wordpress site at casjrac.com and when I visit this site it says "SERVER NOT FOUND". Everytime I contact you on this site all I am told is that this is "under regisatration" What is the deal with this????

M2Host - LiveHelp: Please hold on for a moment while I check this for you

M2Host - LiveHelp: I have checked and found that your domain name is in registration process

M2Host - LiveHelp: It will be active soon

M2Host - LiveHelp: Once your domain has been activated, you will get update via email

agustin: I would like to speak with a Supoervisor

agustin: or manager

M2Host - LiveHelp: I have updated it to our team and it will be resolve as soon as possible

agustin: Yes BUT I HAVE BEEN HEARING THAT FOR THE LAST 2 DAY!!!!!! This is a horrible start. Horrible service, horrible custumer support. WHAT ARE YOU ACTULLY GOING TO DO TO HELP ME????

M2Host - LiveHelp: We do apologize for the inconvenience cause to you

M2Host - LiveHelp: It will resolve as soon as possible

agustin: DO I HAVE TO CONTACT SOMEONE ELSE TO GET THIS ISSUE RESOLVED? Please tell me who. I will gladly contact the correct person if it is not you.

M2Host - LiveHelp: No, you will get update via the email

agustin: OK in the meantime I will make a copy of this chat and I will visit some forums to promote how horrible your service is. Thanks for not helping me.

M2Host - LiveHelp: You can contact us 24x7x365 via live chat and email support

M2Host - LiveHelp: You are welcome

agustin: thanks for nothing. I am upset. My client is upset with me. I have used bluehost and host gator and I never had to wait this long. NEVER.

M2Host - LiveHelp: Once your domain has been activated, you will get update via the email

agustin: yeah same rote answer everytime and no help


    Review Rating

Beware people, I didn't read any reviews before I joined. I paid last week and haven't heard from them since. I've submitted about 10 cancel and refund my money tickets but no reply.

I read somewhere else that they collect your data through emails which really scares me.


    Review Rating

They stole thousands of dollars from my Paypal account charging it many times pero month. And when i opened the ticket they never responded me.

They have no phone and all the chat service is fake.

The hosting is extremely bad.


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My account with m2host was suddenly suspended. The company claimed for the service to be unpaid. I have submitted invoices proving them wrong that I have paid in advance, however they're simply not replying. I requested for a temporary access to download my files and customer database, they didn't reply. They're holding my business hostage. Stay away from m2host.com

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