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Hosting, email and cloud storage in one super-simple, super-fast and super-mac-friendly package. And that's just for starters: we're busy beavering away to add a whole raft of new features to make MacMate a comprehensive friend to your Mac and a great MobileMe alternative.

So there's no need to worry about re-doing your iweb site on your Mac, or looking for other MobileMe alternatives. iWeb will work on your Mac for many years. Of course, you can upload sites from Dreamweaver, Rapidweaver, Freeway and any other web-creation software really easily too. Activation is instant and you can have your site up and running with us within minutes. MacMate replaces MobileMe completely and compliments Apple's iCloud. Starting at a cool 10Gb, your MacMate "disk" sits on your desktop just like a real external disk (similar to iDisk), it's fast, secure and you can put whatever you like on it - however you like it. You can even work directly from it, and open files on your iPhone/iPad or work computer - MacMate's cloud disk is the answer.


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Hosting Reviews for MacMate

Peter Stremic

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Created havoc on my new iMac...Finder and additional app called Pathfinder consistently went wonky whenever I had the MacMate drive mounted on my desktop. Wrote to publisher to no avail. Running 10.8.4 w/16G ram

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