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Mean Servers strives to be an industry leader in offering cutting edge technology solutions to everyday problems. We believe our clients shouldn't have to worry about if they are hosted on sub-par components or critical redundancies aren't in place; after all, running a business of any size is hard enough as it is let alone doing business with a web hosting company.

Mean Servers simplifies the problem with other hosts out there, we focus on what we are good at, keeping your websites and servers online, working 24/7 so you can focus on what you're good at! We are constantly evolving, as any good company out there should. Our servers comprise of the latest generation of technology at both the hardware and software level and of course, we love playing with something new!

But it's not just the technology that sets Mean Servers apart from other web hosts, it's the people. Our people are mean, but not in the traditional sense. We mean Mean as in passionate, awesome, and just plain kickass. Whether you are contacting our sales team or support team, day or night, our Mean Team is there to help, assist, and serve in anyway we can. Mean Servers goes the extra mile to make sure our clients and their hosting needs are completely covered.

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Hosting Reviews for Mean Servers

James McAddams

    Review Rating

Fast service, friendly customer support, easy to use VM control panel. Highly recommended.

Gordon Braun

    Review Rating

The best performing VPS I have. Their Denver VPS plan is great for serving US visitors while their Los Angeles VPS plan is great for Asia/Pacific visitors. Fast friendly support, even on weekends. Highly recommended if you need reliable VPS service.

Paul Elton

    Review Rating

We've been using MeanServers for nearly a year, VPS and most recently dedicated servers. I chose them because I wanted a Denver location and I had an unusual network request.

I felt compelled to write this review because we've been quite heavy on the support department and they've been nothing short of excellent. We're UK based and work with over 50 US hosts, most I have to wait till later in the day (when they've woken up!) to get responses, but night and day I've always had prompt and useful replies to my queries.

Network performance has been faultless in the nearly year we've been with them.

Cannot recommend highly enough and I deal with a lot of hosts, these guys are good!


    Review Rating

I used to be hosted with FDCservers in Denver with an unmetered VPS plan. it was okay but being single homed to Cogent made things difficult. I found Mean Server's unmetered VPS plan while looking for comparable hosts in the Denver area. Since they were the only host I found, I figured I would give them a try.

Right from the start I was blown away by their helpful sales associates who explained everything to me as I had quite a few questions. When I finally pulled the trigger on purchasing one of their 1Gbps unmetered plans I was very impressed. Not only did I get the full bandwidth as advertised but the VPS was much more powerful than the one with FDC. Mean Servers only costs $10 more a month for a comparable plan but since they are multihomed, use newer, more powerful servers, it is money well spent.

I have not had a single moment of downtime and the latency and download speeds to all of my customers, both local and internationally has been phenomenal. I have many customers in South America where I live and am very pleased with the performance. I will be purchasing additional services with Mean Servers very soon and cannot recommend them enough.


    Review Rating

I have accounts with over 20 different hosting companies and MeanServers is by far the worst I have ever experienced! I've never written a bad review of any hosting company before but they are so bad I feel I am doing an injustice not warning others about them. The customer service is blatently RUDE and dismissive about the most basic inquiries, always defaulting to "You should hire a webmaster to fix that" when the issue is clearly due to THEIR servers being down or having spotty connections. AVOID meanservers.com at all costs!

Gavin Keiner

    Review Rating

I am an IT professional who leased capacity from Mean Servers for about 6 months at the end of 2017. I purchased some KVM VPS resources from them. Top criteria for me was Denver location for low latency. I purchased 5 such VPS.

I found that they were quick to set up and easy to work with at signup. They were able to allow a custom distro install, which was very helpful.

It worked great when the network was in good shape, though they fail to communicate or respond at all to network outages, blaming the level of service I purchase. They were unable / unwilling to engage in a meaningful sales conversation about ways to solve my needs in light of their claim that the problem with their network was the product I subscribed to. Support would take days during outages. They do not communicate outages or network status accurately. Pricing is great, product was generally fine, service and communication an absolute failure. Only host non critical things here.

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