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From its inception in 1998, (mt) Media Temple has been on a mission to help people and businesses succeed online.

Over 125,000 customers in 100 countries now rely on Media Temple's simple tools for domain registration, web hosting, business applications, virtual servers, and other cloud services to power more than 1.5 million websites. We take pride in offering a premium service at a competitive price, along with exemplary 24/7 customer support. Our customers range from everyday people to top bloggers, creative professionals, and small businesses.

(mt) Media Temple. We host great ideas.

Now part of the GoDaddy Group of companies that include GoDaddy, Media Temple, Host Europe, 123-reg, Heart Internet, domainFACTORY, Domain Monster, RedCoruna, Domainbox, Donhost, Brand Fortress, PlusServer, Server4You, and the Paragon Internet Group which uses the brand names TsoHost, WebFusion,daily internet, EVO, MrSite, Dataflame, and Vidahost!

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Hosting Reviews for Media Temple


    Review Rating

I saw MediaTemple popping up all over the place and decided to give them a try. Their prices were excellent and they said they offered multi-domain hosting. Needless to say they didn't offer true multi-domain hosting and their control panel was extremely lacking (ensim). Their customer support however was very fast and friendly.


    Review Rating

I have been using Media Temple for two years now. I'm using their (gs) and (dv).


If you have a chance to go to their "Systame Status" Page under support. You will see a lot of problems after problems for their (gs) service.

I was lucky to meet a guy whom I met at the party of my friend one night early last year. He actually built the system. He told me all kinds of story that his boss thought that the architecture of the design was perfect. And the boss believed so much that the boss didn't listen to my friend's friend's friend advice.

Well, I didn't fully believe this guy's story. I mean, who should believe in the conversation with the guy after tons of glasses of tequilas. You don't even know him anyway. So I just forgot about this for a while.

But starting last Fall, my Joomla and SNS sites started acting very slow which I was hosted on (gs). Eventually, last Nov, I had to wait 10 seconds to load my simple Joomla company site.

When I contacted the support, they told me that my MySQL database was very big, and recommended me to move to (dv) service or subscribe MySQL Container.

I first tried to shut down some of my sites and deleted the database to two 200KB MySQL tables. But the speed was unchanged... super slow.

Luckily, I got a bigger project, and slightly a bigger budget. So I decided to buy their (dv) service in addition to (gs).

Although many people are complain about Media Temple, and you see a lots of problems.... it's only about their (gs) service. I don't see a SINGLE person complaining about their (dv) services from this Hostjury.com. So I decided to keep going with Media Temple, which turned out that I was not wrong up to now.

I am continuing to use (gs) for HTML static sites. I have services in both Cluster 2 and Cluster 3 of (gs). If you want to sign up, DO NOT SIGN UP ONLINE, SIGN UP ON THE PHONE, AND MAKE SURE TO SIGN UP FOR CLUSTER 4 or later. The most troubled Cluster are 1 and 2. I think the people who are complaning about this are Cluster 1 or 2 users (including me).

If you want to run Joomla, Drupal or other script based system in (gs), I won't recommend to subscribe Media Temple at this moment. But they are developing a new cluster system called (cx). So hopefully, we can cross the finger for that one. But I hope Media Temple fired the guy who designed (gs).

By the way, their sales tag "Built to Scale" is not entirely true in terms of moving from (gs) to (dv).

(gs) is pretty much shared hosting. And (dv) is VPS.

So I had to copy the data manually, set up the database and stuff.... so the time and money that I spent was the same as moving from one host to another host.

But when I moved from (dv) Base to (dv) Extreme, it was no brainer, so their "Built to Scale" only applies to the (dv) customers and above.

So, the contrary to the (gs) plan, their (dv) service is fantastic. Their Knowledge Base, and Support Forum have tons of resources to optimize your server. If you know what is SSH, and have a little more money ($100/mo) to subscribe (dv). I will completely recommend it.

I do not recommend for (dv) Base which is $50/mo for the beginning administrators because it does have much room for RAM (256MB). If you are comfortable shutting down the name server, and Plesk, you can deal with (dv) Base.

Anyhow, after switching my main sites to (dv) last year, I am fully comfortable with their stability and speed. By the way, I was a film major. But luckily, I used to work on campus at computer lab, their tech staff taught me how to install and use Debian and stuff. So I had a basic knowledge of UNIX system.

So until (cx) reveals, or unless you have money and knowledge of the server, I would not recommend Media Temple. If you do, I will highly recommend Media Temple's (dv) and (dpv) plans. They are super awesome.


    Review Rating

I have multiple domains hosted on MediaTemple with no problems at all. I personally like their control panels very much.

When you have multiple domains, you have your main domain, and directories under it called blah.com or whatever. This is common, and their prices are looow. And from the outside world it makes no difference at all.

I am enjoying their service very much.


    Review Rating

I have had very few issues with their service when I did they resolved them quickly. Their new gridserver although experimental worked more than not. I only left because I wanted more control over my environment.

    Review Rating

Media Temple is the best host out there. For $20 per month you get the grid server package which eliminates the bad neighbor effect and thus makes your site indestructible in terms of traffic.

    Review Rating

i have been using mt's grid service for just about 4 months and my experience with them, thus far, has exceeded my expectations. i had read some not so positive reviews on the grid's reliability but i decided i would take chance on them.

as i alluded to previously, i have not been at all disappointed with my decision. during my time with them, the past 4 months, my uptime has been very, very close to 100%. in fact during aug and sept i had no downtime at all - according to hyperspin. pages load quickly and their support is top notch.

for added piece of mind, i recently purchased their 128mb grid container due to the fact that my site is mildly database intensive. i appreciate the fact that you can such items on to your existing plan without having to upgrade to an entirely new service.


    Review Rating

I think the reason there is so many negative reviews on this site is because people are more likely to write a review when they are upset. If all the people who have had media temple wrote a review, i'm sure there would be more positive reviews then negative.

I have had no major problems with media temple. They give you waaayyyy more versatility than any other hosting companies I have used (he.net, godaddy.com). You have full ability to access the servers & databases remotely.

The customer support and knowledgebase is outstanding. Huge repository of answered FAQ, and they respond very fast to any questions I have.

    Review Rating

This host is great. I call for support frequently and never wait for more than 2 minutes until i talk with someone. I have 100% uptime so far and couldn't be happier.

    Review Rating

I've signed up with the Media Temple's (gs) service after hearing a lot of good reviews.

I think they provide are decent hosting providers. Trying out new product every year, and rolling out new services.

My server is hosted at cluster.2. Soon after the year turned to 2008, they started having problem with the power management system. And my account also delayed sometime, and they just finished scheduled maintenance, and my server was down for 2-3 hours.

Though the series of the problems that they are encountering, I have decided to keep having the account for the following reasons.

1. The price is very reasonable.

I know other web hosting service which provide shared cluster hosting plan. My first host does provide shared cluster hosting plan for $10/mo, but the disk space was only 500MB. They never actually had a problem, and their customer service was very good. However, I had to take off since I needed more disk space. And simply the media temple provide the service.

2. Very good customer service

They are very good at customer service. Although, the server was down for the past month, they were very informative about the update. Whenever I had to call the tech support, they were very helpful. Unlike my 2nd hosting, who gave me some problem.

3. Straight-forward control panel

Their control panel is pretty much straight forward.

4. Simple plan

Unlike other hosting plan, Media Temple only provides one shared hosting solution, and three VPS plans. If your site don't expect to have a lot of hits, and just want to save money, such as $2~5/mo for our budget, and then you should consider for other plans, which I occasionally recommend some of my clients. But if you have a budget for $20/mo, and then you could consider media temple.

5. The concept of GPU

I like the idea of GPU to measure the percentage of CPU usage (technically speaking, the cluster usage). Usually, shared hosting server does not really monitor who's occupying the CPU usage on the server that much.

But that is main reason why that their server tends to get stuck some times.

For your information, I'm running Joomla 1.x on my site which has about 15~20 pages. And according to my calculation, the Media Temple's grid server plan, they will let me have upto 250,000~300,000 pageviews per month before they start charging for the additional CPU usage.

So if your MySql contains much more, then you may want to consider getting the "MySql container" option, or move to (dv) plan.

Anyway, its kinda sucks that media temple monitor the usage, but on the other hand, that's one of their attempts to keep everybody happy. And I can get ready to move on to (dv) plan by looking at the graph.

6. Always trying new things

Simply, I just like where they stand - trying out new things, and trying to be on top of it always.

As long as they don't cause too much problem by being too ahead and causing a lot of problem, I think I would give them a shot for a while.

So that's about it.

We'll see how much problem they may have in the future. For now, I'm happy with their services.

    Review Rating

I have used mediatemple for a few weeks now, and i have been more then pleased. Much more

The site has always powered my social networking site with ease, no matter how much burst in traffic i get, it still runs very fast.

I use the $20/month GS hosting package

When i made my order, it was on the day that the sales department was not in (sunday), and my order had to be manually approved for security.

So i called tech support (only web host i have found with actual phone support!!) and he looked into it for me, and asked me to wait a few minutes. There was one sales rep in that day, and he contacted him and within a few minutes my order was approved, and my site was up and running!

There support gets a grade A perfection from me, reliability is as well perfect, and this site has more features and options then any web host i have used.

It may be $20/month, but for this kind of service, i will gladly pay it.


    Review Rating

I am not sure about the gs(grid server) but their nitro dedicated server is the best dedicated servers I have ever seen. Their dedicated server set-up doesn't take that long either.

B. Woods Design

    Review Rating

I am not quite sure how the (gs) Grid Service goes, because I am a (dv) user. I leased space on the (dv) Base server plan back in March of '07 and haven't looked back since.

Prior to that, I was with NightmareHost (aka Dreamhost), whose service back in 2001 was excellent but then started spiraling downward around 2005 or so after having achieved the ridiculously high level of overselling to the MAX.

Now I've had 100% uptime with MediaTemple, had all (slight) issues ironed out pretty quickly over the phone with their toll-free support and/or through their online tickets, and although I have never managed a server before, it wasn't rocket science. I had do roll up my sleeves and do some reading and digging around before buying. I can safely say have gotten comfortable & familiar enough with Plesk to know how to do pretty much anything my clients need for hosting their sites properly.

Speed is good, and the price isn't bad at all. Especially considering I never have to worry about unplanned server upgrades & PHP changes affecting my clients' websites. I can upgrade that stuff manually whenever I'm ready without worrying about it breaking the scripts and software on their sites.

Overall, I'm very satisfied.

    Review Rating

I am more than happy with Media Temple. Their phone support takes forever to get through to during the day but when I get there, each and every time (15 times now, and it keeps a detailed log of this in your admin), they provide extremely detailed and accurate help. I have a theory of why it takes so long to get through during the day: Their staff KNOW WHAT THE EFF THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT and so are paid well. In today's extremely competetive hosting market, I'd imaging you have to balance call handle times with wages(etc.). I'd rather wait longer for the correct answer than be given several wrong answers very quickly, which ends up wasting more time, which greatly muddles my learning process. I came from 1and1 which is a prime expample of very fast yet horrible inaccurate service on 90% of the calls I made over the 5 years I was with them. Anyways, mediatemple is the company I have trusted and so far they have come through 100%

    Review Rating

After reading some of the above reviews I have to admit I was a little shocked. MediaTemple has made my life so much easier I don't really know where to begin. Suffice it to say that these guys are setting new standards in web hosting and in my opinion are the model for what every other hosting company should strive for.

Before finding out about MediaTemple (from some very high end software developers) I tried out their GS. I have hosted multiple joomla websites on siteground, hostgator, dotster, and unfortunately godaddy (shared on the first 3 dv at godaddy). My experience across the board was mediocre at best with godaddy being the absolute worst - don't get me started - let's just say they left a very bad taste in my mouth.

After trying the GS at MediaTemple I quickly decided to move 15 other sites over to their dv rage server. Hosting multiple joomla sites takes considerable resources and page loads on all the sites have been lightening quick. As opposed to godaddy which requires navigating a nauseating maze of ads and poorly laid out content (9 clicks just to get to cpanel) MediaTemple has the cleanest hosting interface I've ever seen.

Then there's the customer service - unparalleled. Their free, 24/7 phone in support has minimal hold times and when you get through you will encounter some of the most professional, knowledgeable techs in the business. I have yet to run into an issue these guys can't figure out in minutes. I will say one last thing about godaddy - I was paying more for the dv and they failed to answer a single technical question I ever posed to them. I can't say enough good things about MediaTemple. They may have had problems in the past but I've been using them for almost a year now without incident and would strongly urge anyone to try them out.

    Review Rating

MediaTemple is an amazing host. Over the past couple of years I can only remember one or two down times. Each time the server went down I contacted support and every time they got back to me within an hour. The host has never been down for more than an hour or so.

The pricing is also amazing. For $20 a month you get more than you could ever hope for.

MediaTemple has help me launch a number of blogs and I'll use it for any website I ever host.


    Review Rating

MediaTemple is everything and more that I could ask for in a hosting company:

* Their tech support is awesome -- I once had a senior tech support agent and an engineer work over their scheduled hours just to fix some issues I was having

* There's virtually no limit on databases. You're limited to 100 databases, and 10,000 tables per database -- will you EVER use all that?

* Most hosts take you offline when your traffic surges and your shared hosting requires a lot of processing -- not with MediaTemple. Their cloud platform outperforms any host out there, it's Digg-effect-proof.. and if your MySQL database is using too many resources, you'll get bumped up into a premium MySQL container until the load balances, so your site can keep up

* Their user forums are a fantastic place to ask hosting questions. Staff themselves even post answer, and generally just chat with you too, they're very friendly.

* These guys go above and beyond to serve their customers. They even hired "Tweetologists" as custom support via Twitter, in addition to their already awesome customer support!

* Their user Knowledge Base is immense -- almost all simple to advanced questions you have about hosting can be found in it.

MediaTemple is an awesome host :)


    Review Rating

I've hosted my portfolio on Media Temples grid service for about 6 months and I haven't had any problems yet. Intuitive design for their online control panel which is appreciated. I also experienced friendly (and knowledgeable, for what I can tell) support when I was first setting up my website and domain.

    Review Rating

I am currently on the DV Rage and will be upgrading to Extreme within the next couple of weeks. I started out on Base and noticed slow loading during heavy traffic times, but things have been smooth since the upgrade.

Customer support rocks. I had an issue setting up SSL for one of my clients and called them. They not only knew what the issue is, but they fixed it and sent me an email letting me know it was up and running.

Rock on guys. Rock on.

Dominic Wood

    Review Rating

MediaTemple are awesome, the Support is awesome when they aren't being swamped by idiots, the price can't be beat, the Control Panel is really easy to use once you get it's not cPanel.

The only issue I have is with the hardware replacements, but I rather think it's more they do what most hosts don't and actually tell you when things are going wrong. The downtime is absolutely microscopic when there is a problem.

They are good at what they do, it's not overpriced claptrap, unlike hostgator and bog standard shared hosts.

MediaTemple is unique, fun, responsible and interacts with the customer.

And they gave me a free t-shirt.

    Review Rating

I've had my site and several sub-domains hosted on MediaTemple's basic (GS) service for over 10 years, and have had nothing but positive experience.

I've experimented with a few of the under-$10-a-month hosting services for my price-conscious website clients, but have been disappointed by lack of prompt service and site speed. I believe you get what you pay for. At $20 month, MT is a bargain.

Media Temple responds quickly to my support tickets, and keeps introducing cool new services and add-ons. Consider me a loyal customer!


    Review Rating

Media Temple are simply the best at what they do. No doubt. Why would companies like Sony, Warner Brother or Qantas trust their sites to MT if they didn't deliver outstanding results? I have hosted one of my most valued clients with MT for about two months. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that MT is the best host I have ever used. And I have used the best. . . . Those that are trying to compare MT to a budget host (or any host) with cpanel are missing the point. There is no comparison: cluster vs single server, application server vs std apache. Ruby and django! Need I say more.

Laurie Slater

    Review Rating

I have only recently moved to media temple but could not be more delighted with the service to date.

    Review Rating

I came to Mediatemple via the recommendation of my webadmin after the demise of my partnership at the end of June 2007. My expartners didn't want to be greedy, so they took the company website and everything the company had except the $300,000.00 in debt we had generated in my name including a 3 year lease. Six months later they tried to shut down my website by suing me for copyright infringement on the website I had reconstitued from the original and presenting Mediatemple with an order to shut me down. Due to my budget I had to settle instead of win as that would have cost me another $60,000.00 I didn't have.

I am so thankful Mediatemple looked things over objectively and balked at shutting me down. I'm still trying to crawl out from under this debt which has been almost halved over the years but Mediatemple's support has been superb and gone the extra mile when I needed it. Their sales team saw how many years I've been with them and gave me a great deal on their latest server configuration.

Recently I had a 'major issue' in that I had no idea you cannot 'restore' from back-up if your back-up is not on the server at the time. Even their support did not realize that was the problem after I ended up with a high volume of 'sql errors'. They had a 'spot back-up' from Nov. 13 and Oct 19 2010 and were able to restore my site by way of the Oct 19th back-up, but my info and products added since then was gone. I had a back-up file from Dec 1, 2010 and when I uploaded it, initially it gave a very small size that left the second level support 'scratching his head' as my file on the server was over 100MB. Well, turned out it was going to take over a half hour to upload the file. Once Dante restored from the completely uploaded file there were no more SQL errors and I had all my data including all orders and customer info as well as recently added products on the website. The extra mile Dante / Mediatemple went helped to keep me in business as the website: http://www.rsscctv.com is my whole business on the web. Thank you Dante and thank you Mediatemple for being there for me for the past going on four years.

Best regards,

Redda M. al Sadat


Remarkable Surveillance Systems

    Review Rating

I'm using MediaTemple's (gs) Grid Service to host multiple websites, including a couple of my clients. They're servers are reliable and fast for their 'shared' hosting classification (dedicated/virtual would be a lot faster), and overall everything works great. The only downside is the limited 6 MySQL users ($20/month upgrade to "MySQL Container", ups limit to 15).

I'm not sure why (mt) is getting such bad support reviews. I've been with them for 8 months now, and have always gotten quick responses to simple questions over their Twitter (@mediatemple), and quick (FAR quicker than any other web host i've used in the past) responses to support tickets.


    Review Rating

I've been working on the web since 1994 and using Media Temple since 2002. I started with a shared server and now host on a Grid and DV accounts. The bottom line: I've never found a better service.

I've used (and abused) many hosting services over the years. Media Temple has not only been extremely reliable, but also flexible.

MT places high value on customer support and it shows. They've always had excellent support. Top of the line. Their features can't be beat (basically, you can do anything you'd ever need to do).

Their pricing is also extremely fair, especially when considering their reliability, service and support.

I'm guessing that most of the previous posts that gave MT a sub-par rating are either plants from another hosting service, or from hacks who don't know anything about good hosting service.

A very happy, long-time MT customer..

    Review Rating

(mt) Media Temple are just fantastic, words can't describe how satisfied I am with them. I've never had a second of downtime, and all my websites load really fast.

Without a doubt, the best thing about (mt) Media Temple is their support, I've never came across another company that's provided such high quality and friendly help for my (mt) products, and also things not directly related to my service; they'll help you if they can.

Definitely put your web content in the capable hands of (mt) Media Temple, they're the best host I've ever been with, and I plan on staying with (mt) for the foreseeable future (probably longer!)

    Review Rating

I joined Media Temple a little over a year ago, and from the first minute, they've treated me well. I got set up in under an hour, and downtime has been really scarce, which is incredible.

They're consistently innovating, adding new technology to their hosting, adding new staff with knowledge I can't even comprehend, all while staying "human". Their Twitter support guys are always there to make your day better. You feel like you're part of a family, instead of a customer of a company.

Media Temple is the Apple of hosts.

    Review Rating

I recently joined Media Temple and bought their (gs)Grid Service, but, they we're experiencing some technical difficulties at the time of my purchase which failed to add the service to my account.

After opening a support request, an employee got back to me within 30 minutes, even though the suggested time said longer.

The next day, they still hadn't resolved the problem, so I took advantage of their on-site chat feature in which I talked to another employee. I explained my situation, and they we're apologetic, and issued me a refund and gave me 2 months free.

They are certainly fair in making sure their customers are happy.

Paul Burton

    Review Rating

After have been a long-time customer of MT, I have finally decided to cut the cord and seek a new and better hosting solution. I have eight years of experience with them and will, accordingly, only comment on their Grid Server and Dedicated Virtual packages. Overall, MT is a decent option, customer service is great depending on your request, and the staff is generally really courteous.

Why have I severed the cord? The Grid Server has been disappointing. Slow, slow, slow, painfully slow. Frequent outages. Seemingly constant maintenance. Offers PHP4 and PHP5. Decent package price and excellent control panel. A wash in terms of a review.

I also had a DV (dedicated virtual) box - basically a shared set up with fewer "shares" and reseller privileges. Mediocre speed. Fewer maintenance outages. That is where the good ends. Now, I have to qualify this by stating "I am not a systems administrator" and have little to no knowledge of SSH. When I upgraded, I was assured that, using the Knowledge Base, I would find it easy to install PHP5 (which does not come standard on the DV). Dozens of wasted hours later, dozens of support emails, researching the Knowledge Base, and even finding another MT DV customer who had a similar bad experience trying to install PHP5 and I NEVER got PHP5 installed. I've been paying for two servers as a result. I was extremely disappointed with the service - not that they didn't try to help - only that constant referrals to the Knowledge Base articles I already read and found lacking was not solving my problem. MT has strict policies and NO interest in going above and beyond to help clients ... which spelled the end of my 8-years of loyalty.

I understand that there is a difference between a "managed" server and an "unmanaged" server, but the absolute lack of options for individuals such as myself is astounding. They flat refused to help saying, "we can't install PHP5 for you" ... despite my offer to pay $100/hour for their time.

Not to mention ... Plesk is horrible.

So, I pulled the trigger and found a supremely responsive host company that offers "managed" server packages.

    Review Rating

While (mt) has not got it perfect this year with regards to the Grid Server, they are pushing boundaries and are a great company with a personal touch.

I have been a customer for 1 year and host 6 websites on a Grid Server setup. I have had great uptime, any downtime was warned well in advance and the downtime was worth the extra performance boost from the maintenance. I am on grid cluster 2, which has apparently been worst hit and I haven't felt it...

You pay for quality, but also get quantity. I have no bad words for (mt).


    Review Rating

Slow load times, frequent down times

    Review Rating

I will never host anything with them ever again. I have had my site creativebitts.com with them for less than 3 months and i have had SUPER slow loading times, multiple errors and downtime, the SAME errors over and over. Their support is pretty good, but i am tired of having to talk to them every week.


    Review Rating

Have had various sites there for a year or so on grid serve. In 08 started notcing lots of outage and speed problems. They now almost constatly have 1 or more incident reports up saying intermitent outages. I use SVN to update my site and starting this week it can 5 minutes for a SVN update to update 2 files. I am looking fro now hot next week.


    Review Rating

Reliability ruins an otherwise viable host. Sure gs is affordable, but unless it's reliable, it is simply not suitable for any business. We've been with MT for over a year now, constantly giving them the benefit of the doubt that they are refining their service. Unfortunately, that doesn't serve our needs. There are other VPS providers that offer similar hosting and stellar support I won't mention them here for fear of sounding like a shill, but rest assured, there are good companies out there. Unfortunately MT doesn't make the cut.

Robert Hughes

    Review Rating

No problems so far. Beautiful control panel, great features and easy as heck to setup.

No complaints yet!

    Review Rating

I posted a while back with regards to my main site I host on the (gs). This review is for my based on my experience managing a larger website with an extended community (300+ members) that is pretty active.

All gremlins seem to have disappeared over the summer, I have had no downtime for months now and my only problem is that page load timings on database-driven websites can be slower than expected due to the cluster hosting style. (I am on cluster 2)

I still am happy with them, I would recommend them, but only for websites that are not mission critical. For that, I'd recommend the (dv), which is reasonably priced.

    Review Rating

I run a single website on (mt) (gs). I am on cluster 2 if it makes any difference to you guys, while I do notice downtime and slow-page loads occasionally, for 95% of the time the site is lightning quick and responding well to heavy traffic. My site has around 10,000 active users with about 500k uniques and 1.5mill page views a month. It holds its head high, people comment at how fast the site is and I run the whole thing on CI php framework with caching.

I can understand why people could slate the (gs) but I've had a wonderful experience coming from F2S (UK), 34SP (UK) and Dreamhost. The CP for (mt) is just plain awesome, the most up-to-date of any I've ever seen making good use of AJAX where appropriate.

I will say that I have hit problems in the past but (mt) are very quick to respond and take user feedback well. The greatest thing has to be when you outgrow a particular service you can just head up to their next, apart from the grid, (dv) basic to (dv) nitro can seamlessly migrate. My site is likely on the edge of what the grid is meant to offer but check out the site and see how AJAX performs quickly and content is loading at a good rate.


    Review Rating

For quite some time, there have been problems with Media Temple's Grid Service.

The latest problems started a few days ago with latency. Matters have deteriorated significantly since.

As of this minute, a substantial number of Media Temple Grid Service clients have been without service for about 24 hours. This includes access to their web sites, access to e-mail and access to their own data. One person on the MediaTemple forum says that he has been told by MT Support that the situation may not be rectified until sometime tomorrow.

Enough said.

P.S. to the Administrators of this site. Quite correctly, you say that you "require a valid URL to check the validity of reviews". While I have given you my URL, you will not be able to access the site at this time, and apparently Media Temple has no idea when that will change.

    Review Rating

@Redge -Same here.

My GS has been slow and down so many times over the last year and now the grand finale blow over the weekend.

I can't even access my control panel to remove my domains from this humiliating hosting masquerade.

I feel betrayed and let down.

    Review Rating

I am a Media Temple customer, using their (gs) hosting service. Like the other recent reviews, I have been completely let down by Media Temple. When I first signed on with them, a couple years ago, all was very well. Since then, especially in the past year, their service has gotten worse and worse.

I'm currently one of the unlucky bunch that has been unable to connect to my sites, emails and control panel for about 30 straight hours now. MT has no idea when this will be resolved, and their updates on the issue are quite vague (I think they're completely stumped on this one).

If it were two years ago, I'd highly recommend Media Temple. Now, however, I cannot. Even though their customer service is very friendly, and they've even helped me in this case to migrate my sites to a different "cluster", it just doesn't help the fact that I've literally lost business and clients over this massive failure. I will most likely be moving to a different hosting provider and not accepting their migration offer (they're planning on crediting me two months, too, but it's a little too little, way too late).

    Review Rating

I have been with Media Temple since the public release of the Grid Service (gs). The service and support have been worth far more than the $20/mo..

The grid service is designed in such a way that while some people may experience severe problems, others won't. In their private forums for members only this has become clear because as some come in complaining that the whole system sucks, the majority report that they aren't experiencing any problems.

The 24/7/365 support is amazing and problems are often resolved in minutes, although the ticket system sometimes takes way too long. Some people continue to experience minor problems on the first two clusters, but customers on the newer clusters report they are up 100% of the time.

Finally, in the forums it's been seen that on many occasions people came in bashing the service only for others in the community to point out that the problem is failure to optimize. This has been the problem many times and not Media Temple.

    Review Rating

Media Temple is an amazing host! After reading the other reviews below, I cant believe that I am hosted by the same company as some people..

I have never experienced any downtime with there server... (apart from a little back-end/FTP issues)

Very fast support (even giving you an ETA on email replies)

There GS package is very well "specked out" and is very reasonably priced.

A Good All Rounder!

    Review Rating

MediaTemple is, simply, quite overrated.

My experience with them for the past 3 years has been quite shameful. Downtime is as often and frequent as a woman's monthly present. Yet I chose to forgive and overlook because they are always promising to improve performance and reliability - which honestly has gotten worse over the years. I will definitely switch to a different host once my prepaid balance is depleted.


    Review Rating

The typical system of submitting a ticket for support and waiting a good day or two to hear anything from the host to help resolve your situation was significantly speedy at Media Temple. I Submitted a ticket one night for a domain name problem I was having when switching DNS and primary domains and I received a response and resolution to my problem in less than 3 hours. I was amazed having just switched from a host (Netfirms) that could not resolve a database problem I had been having for several weeks.

    Review Rating

I have been hosting on media temple for a quite a while now and i run a couple of websites on the grid server. I have a high traffic technology blog which take quite a bit of CPU usage but Media Temple seems to keep up with the speed and at same time providing reliable uptime as promised.

It has a good amount of storage that lets me host quite large files and also has good download speeds as know from my visitors who download the hosted files on server.

The good thing about Media Temple is that it allows me to personalize or in other words edit my php.ini file which i consider an important element which we usually find in dedicated servers. But, to have this feature on a plan that looks similar to shared hosting is main advantage of Media Temple over other hosting companies.

Despite these advantages, there is however an element of support. This is an important element and i think Media Temple can improve on this. At times, there is slightly good amount of time taken by its employees to respond to my enquiries. Also, employees tend to read just part of my implication and respond accordingly. They don't seem to read the later part of email which contains another question.

Overall, i think Media Temple is a good web host for someone who is willing to spend some bread for good quality of service.


    Review Rating

As far as their (gs) service, I think it's pretty good. Decent amount of features and a really good knowledge base when you have questions.

    Review Rating

MediaTemple has some great elements. I wish they were a good host. For me they are awful. There is an absurd amount of downtime. And the database issues which could be complicated by using wordpress plugins. I could live with the occasional corrupt table if there wasn't so much downtime.

I hate to complain and i can only imagine some people must be having good experiences.

Seeing all the reported issues is not comforting and the downtime is such a disappointment.


    Review Rating

I seldom post but, this person Bernard is way off base, media temple provides the servers that is it. When you lease their servers you are responsible for all the software you load on them, email, wordpress, joomla, megento whatever... what he said in his post makes no sense. they dont provide email. we host clients there that get 50k page views a day plus on both nitro and dv servers and have done so for 3 years or so and never had had a problem.

ian m

    Review Rating

I've been with mt for about a year on the gs. They have a really well done admin interface and knowledge base.

Reliability has been poor, with latency and service outages. The worst is that my site has been hacked several times, and not just your sql injection variety, but mt's lax security has led to several root level hacks. They have been less than transparent with the problems.


    Review Rating

I am with mediatemple for about 4 years and I can confirm what most people say here. The gridservice is a catastrophy.

I had a hosting provider that was about 1/4 of the Mediatemple price and never experienced any problems with them.

With Mediatemple you can count on having multiple problems a week. The service is down often for various reasons, maintenance, problems, hacks...

They are helpful and relatively quick in their responses - but what counts is that the websites are online - and they just have a lot of trouble and an inacceptable downtime or problems connecting to database etc.

Really disappointing.

I am now looking for a new provider.

    Review Rating

Media Temple has come a long way , Such as another user has stated. (and myself being in online customer service ) you generally don't hear from those that aren't having any issues. So I believe the average rating here is sadly understated . But I am certain as more of us experience there services and submit our opinions, that will change.

Of course they have had there issues, who hasn't, there ticket system I have had good results with several times now. Fast , within one hours time, with issues resolved.

The gui is hands down top notch, and I say this with no reservations, it's fantastic. And fast.

The on the fly php version switch is seamless.

Email systems work flawless.

Remote DB access also without issue.

The (gs) service is a marvel in the way it works. It appears to allocate bandwidth as needed , say you just installed your feature, site , whatever, you'll notice when there is no traffic in these times, you get a higher latency, once you get things moving, and traffic picks up, so does the latency, fast, within seconds you'll notice a much faster response time until your lighting fast. It's sheer genius.

I have several services with them and hands down for the price , although a bit steep, I see great things from this host in the future, I myself plan to stick with them as they grow in so many aspects.

I'm moving all of my other domains to media temple. And any new ones I might ad as time goes by will be hosted with media temple.


    Review Rating

I had a shared hosting account. They charge $20/month for this which is 3-4 above what you can get elsewhere. I suspected slow server response times, so I added the Wordpress latency plugin and over the course of 24 hours, the average server response time was over 70 seconds!

When I discussed with Mediatemple they just tell you, you need the dedicated service for an extra $20/month. This is a Wordpress ecommerce site that gets between 200-300 visits/day.

Shared hosting isn't an excuse for unacceptably bad hosting. Fat chance I'm going to upgrade if their basic package is this bad.

    Review Rating

They have been a pleasure to work with. The customer support and knowledgebase is outstanding. They respond quickly with all questions answered.

Mary Scohera

    Review Rating

Great customer service; horrible hosting services. Do not use for business purposes. Emails that appear to be 'sent successfully' are never received; constant SMTP errors and constant bounced emails. Basically not reliable. Also, no features for text editing, out of office messages or receipt received. While customer service is very responsive; everything they report fixed are broken again within 48 hours. Use for personal email or any email you do not care if it goes through; otherwise be aware.

Frank Stuner

    Review Rating

For the price and the constant issues that i've been having with the DV package, this host is entirely not worth in my view.

After hearing good things they seemed normal at first, since then not once have I managed to setup a client site and the emails just work. Amongst a host of other annoyances with functionality.

For a company that charges a premium they don't offer a fraction of what you get on the cheapest servers.

Service is good, but it needs to be with the amount of s**t you go through to get basic stuff up and running.

In the process of moving away now.


    Review Rating

I'm ditching Media Temple after 18 months. I've paid about $1300/year for VPS, and while aspects of the service have been fine, I'm so annoyed about recent downtime that I just can't stay.

13 days ago, I had 6 hours of downtime. 6 HOURS!! By way of apology, they gave me a $25 account credit. Tonight there was another outage for about an hour. The excuse this time was "Scheduled Maintenance". If it's scheduled, surely I should be told about it in advance? But no - this was the response from Tech Support: "Unfortunately our system does not send out notification about maintenance unless you are subscribed to the status page. The individual accounts themselves are not notified." (You can only subscribe to an issue on the status page once it's a live issue - so still no advance notice of scheduled work.)


    Review Rating

I started using (mt) right when they launched that whole grid thing hoping for better uptime - but it just didnt owrk out that well, I had many outages, which lead me to hostgator and then ultimaately to e2. E2 has been great - and even hostgator is better than mt.

Gabriel 'Jesus' Sharp

    Review Rating

Their "GridServer" package is priced well but slow, unreliable and full of errors.

They have made attempts to fix this but I have noticed nothing.


    Review Rating

I was drawn in to MediaTemple by all the hype surrounding their GridServer product. For the price, the bandwidth and disk space you get is very attractive. I manage 2 accounts on their Gridserver (one personal and one for my employer), each hosting several sites. I have never experienced as much downtime, latency, and connection issues as I have during my stay with MediaTemple. The gridserver is under constant "maintenance" and sites go offline for hours and days at a time. Not recommended.


    Review Rating

I had two accounts with them and I canceled both. One reason was that they were slow sometimes and other times the page would just display "No suitable nodes to handle your request".

Their support guys are ok but sometimes it takes a few hours to answer.

Hope they take care of their GS (Grid) problems.

Paul Isaac

    Review Rating

Their Shared-Server systems were rock solid - never any problems. Their new Grid-Server system is a shambles. Quality and reliability of service have absolutely plummeted, and however vocal they are about fixing it, they haven't actually solved any of the problems. Avoid - IMHO.

Andrew Makowsky

    Review Rating

Having been with this hosting company for over a year i can say that there support is very average. Features are good. Uptime is great.

Some notes:

When they first setup there Grid Server it had many issues and other review sites seem to dwell over this, it was buggy but the GS is working smooth!

I also upgraded to to a VPS which was good but there support wont help you that much! I recommend servint.net for VPS.

Tony Dew

    Review Rating

I really wanted to like Media Temple (mt) from the second I first saw their website. Great design, friendly blog postings and apparently awesome grasp on bleeding edge technologies. But then I signed up for some Grid Server (gs) space.

Other than 20+ second page load times and semi-occasional outages, the service is as advertised:

Beautiful, feature rich control panel...

Speedy content delivery...

But that's it. So I spent more than six months waiting to see if the page load delays and MySQL gremlins would get worked out. They didn't, so I left.

Too bad... I really wanted Media Temple to be as awesome as they looked on the surface. Maybe the Dedicated virtual (dv) service is as awesome as it is reported to be. But the Grid Service (gs) isn't ready for prime time yet.

Jussef F Pitti

    Review Rating

I just want to confirm what is being said here, GS (grid server)is veryyyyyy slow, I had to move elsewhere. The panel is very functional, and I was able to host multiple sites and lots of DB, but at the end is very slow. I didn't try the DV

    Review Rating

I have used Media Temple for many years. They are one of the most professional, relatively inexpensive hosts available. I have every confidence in their competence and stability, but their gridserver has been a mixed bag. It is superb when it is working as intended, which is most of the time, for most users. However there have been a series of unfortunate attacks, outages, and other problems recently, and for a time after the original (gs) roll out. I am optimistic that the new cluster service (to replace the gridservice) will be a big improvement.

Media Temple's customer support for the (gs) is typicall slow to response but generally helpful and professional. Very little support is needed because of the efficiency and perfectionism of (mt). The server control interface is superb, and the general setup is great. They have the best knowledgebase I've seen. If you want to come in and set up php/mysql applications without hassle, you can do that. Just read the instructions about the particular unique issues with the (gs).


    Review Rating

MediaTemple sucks. Plain and simple. They have "system maintenance" what seems like nearly every day, which brings down your site for sometimes hours. I tested server speed on a number of services and it takes a 1.92 KB page an average of 4.5 seconds to serve. Are you kidding me??!! Do not go with MT. You will be disappointed and will have to go through the trouble of switching providers--a major pain in the butt.


    Review Rating

Run, do not walk, away from (mt). I hosted with them for a couple years without any major incidents. However, over the past couple months their server reliability has gone from decent to horrible.

In addition to this, they had a "bug" that failed to renew my main domain. They failed to email me or call me about this "bug" and kindly let the renewal date slip by without the domain renewing. I didn't find out until Friday night and only the billing department (which only works during the week) could resolve it.

Once I got the domain renewed, they kindly defaulted the dns back to their nameservers even though I don't have hosting with them anymore and updated the dns records a month ago to point to my new hosting company.


    Review Rating

Just wanted to amend my review after spending a little more than 2 months with Media Temple.

The Reliability has really gone up since the issues I reported, and one thing I appreciate is how transparient they are. I get system updates on every hiccup on every part of their network as it happens, and 90% of the time, it doesn't affect me more my clients. But I see via Twitter, their System Monitor and my Panel exactly what's going on.

I like it.

Control panels are amazing, the system is very solid altogether. The forums are extremely helpful and the knowledge base is unlike anything I've seen.

There are still some quirks, the uptime is good, but there are still a lot of hiccups compared to the dedicated service. Also, the 12-24 hr ticket response is just a little slow for my taste, but phone support is fast and friendly. They want to keep you flowing so they'll help you get to the bottom of your problem to make you happy. That's SO very important and worth the little extra money you're paying vs. a budget host.

Like any worthy investment, its working hard to improve itself.

    Review Rating

I've been looking for a while now at solutions to help eliminate the costs of having a dedicated server for a site that I run, and recently switched over to Media Temple after quite a bit of research.

While I know there are several negative reviews, it appears all the equipment affected in prior crashes DOES NOT effect NEW customers. The systems that crashed were on clusters 1 and 2, while new customers like myself are on the far more robust cluster 4 and the soon to be launched cluster 4.

Anyway, moving away from a dedicated server at serverbeach to media temple's grid service was a breeze. Site performance is actually noticably better than it was with ServerBeach's dedicated product, and I have had no complaints or issues at all.

That said, I just saved $200 a month by switching to media temple, and I couldn't be happier with the services they provide and the performance I've experienced.


    Review Rating

I used Media Temple's distributed grid for about three years on their $17/month mid-level plan after seeing so many 'Hosted by Media Temple' ads on other artist's sites. The setup and service started out fine, but then the standard overselling of resources took hold, which has happened with 2 other hosts over the past few years. I guess I'm assuming - it could just be structural problems with their DS grid.

I was waiting 10-15 seconds to receive mail, database requests for my blog were taking 5-10 seconds, FTP file transfers were slow and logging in took about 10 seconds... the site just felt sluggish as hell to navigate and FTP to.

I've since moved over to Fused Network - half a second response time for loading anything, navigating, email, FTPing is lightning fast... everything is instantaneous, and it's $9/month to boot.

    Review Rating

The biggest disappointment with (mt) has been latency when you use the (gs) to host a wordpress site. For some reason or another they refuse to do any optimization to alleviate lag & latency. The same blog with the same data runs faster than it does on the (mt) grid ... which (mt) blames on the wordpress code and extensions, advising customers to pay extra for mysql containers etc. I think that's a very poor response, because you don't run into any of this with free wordpress hosts. All-in-all I consider (mt) average.

    Review Rating

I have been hosting with media temple for a long time. Being a web developer, I do refer many clients to media temple who I do not believe would be a good match for basic shared hosting. I have dv extreme there for one of my sites that has grown quite a bit and I have been holding off on moving (they don't offer any mid level dedicated servers or anything beyond their dv's for under $700). I had to have a gig of harddrive space added, and found that my hosting had gone up 40% ($50) and they did not both to notify me that they would be charging me $50, I talked to someone on the phone who said they would add a gig and apparently a supervisor later added the charge from what a CSR informed me. Pissed me off beyond belief, I called them and they said they needed me to remove the gig before they could do anything - I need to gig for now so until I move the site I'm going to be eating a 40% up charge for 1 gig of space. Crazy way to treat loyal customers, I'm working on moving the site to The Planet now and will not be referring any of my clients in the future. FU MT.

Doug Kulak

    Review Rating

I've used both the (gs) and the (dv) and both are terribly slow. Don't even THINK of trying to run WordPress or any other CMS on there. Would you believe that I actually tried running Magento Commerce on the (dv)? It was ssooooooooooooo slowwwww... So I switched to OpenCart which is a much lighter framework and even that take 10 seconds for the initial byte to load! MEDIA TEMPLE IS SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Decent service, decent prices but OH MY HEAVENS the webservers are SLOW! With news of Google now ranking sites based on page speed, I would shy away from Media Temple. My new host is Arvixe.com and so far it has been wonderful!

Todd Schoelen

    Review Rating

MT's Grid service is horrible. As a small business using MT to host a simple site, email & FTP on their grid service we have had at least 4-5 full business days without any services in the last month alone! As I type this comment we have been out of service again for over 24 hrs. I cannot recommend this service to anyone.


    Review Rating

Media Temple's Grid Service users are experiencing yet another outage. All of my sites are down, email is not working ... this is total crap. If you are considering Media Temple, go with their Dedicated Virtual option if you can afford it. Their Grid Service hosting option has proved to be pure, unreliable garbage.

Shane Harris

    Review Rating

Speed: Latency is bad. I tried everything you can imagine to get speed using grid hosting. But no matter what I did was very slow to load pages. Support always told me must be a script on my page etc....But amazing as soon as I switched to a new host all my speed problems went away.

Support: Support once you get through is good but can take 30 min or longer to get through.

Panel: I liked the panel they use nice eye candy and functional but not worth it.

Price: To high for reasons stated above. The grid is marketed to sound really cool and cutting edge but did not work for me.

Bottom line: You can do better for the money much better

clinton downs

    Review Rating

Seven years. That's how long I have been with (mt).

I must say, I developed a strong loyalty to the brand and stuck with (mt) through many ongoing issues with the (gs).

The offering was never great (features/cost), however I was on the deprecated (gs lite) plan which was 1/3 the cost of the regular (gs). I stuck with (mt) as I liked the look of their brand (I'm a visual artist) and generally found their customer service to be helpful on the few occasions I needed it.

It was not until I started using a lot of mySQL in my sites that I noticed the latency issues suffered by the grid. I went to the trouble of setting up a mirror site on a cheap-as-rubbish host to show the (mt) support team how slow their service was (4-5x slower on the mediatemple servers). Support claimed my scripts were the issue - and granted, my scripts could have been refined a little more - yet that did not explain load times on the cheap-as-crap hosting delivering page loads of 1-2sec, and (mt) delivering 5-10sec.

I have shifted to a new host (not the cheap rubbish host), and now reliably get page loads within <1-2seconds - for 1/3 the cost of the GS! PLUS. I have tonnes more storage etc. And the customer service with the new host has been streets ahead - very personable and extremely helpful.

I am disappointed in (mt). I like them, however I will not have my data hosted with them ... Shame.


    Review Rating

2 main products line: dv and shared. Those comes in several flavors. Have been with them 3 years and had both gs and dv. DV is not recommendable unless you are extremely ignorant in IT. They offer a great support in IT and guide you through a learning process so that you do not have to rely on them and they save support money. But what they offer at 50 bucks a month for the DV is much lower than other reliable companies for the same price. GS: had many websites on their GS and added a sql container too (128 mb). They hate people that consume resources even if it's within the limit. So having 4 db is something they do not like and they claim that if i want a responsibe db i have to move either to dv (again??) or increase the sql container size. The problem is that the website using the db all together do not get to 100 visits (visits, not visitors) per day, if 100 visits per day can't be supported by their sql container then don't sell it. After that they started a war on me, reducing my ftp speed allowance of course without admitting but the problem began when i reported the mysql container funny issue. Now, if you have 10-12 websites with few static pages and no db, their gs is ok. If you have a little db (< 20 mb) and less than 500 visits per day their dv is ok up to when you learn you do not need to pay them that since you get the basics of dv admin. For all the rest, they might be a problem.

Chad Meyers

    Review Rating

I had (gs) about 3 years ago, it started out really great, then any of my Joomla (mySQL) sites started having frequent downtime. 10-15 minutes at a time, and really slow loading. Non-sql sites still ran great. I left (mt) for another host, much cheaper, and site performance increased across all sites, BUT IMAP email is severely limited. I cam back to (mt) just a month ago hoping for an improvement. I was very disappointed. Within a week of migrating, they had about 6 hours of downtime (500 error) and support took around 20 hours to respond without answering my question.

    Review Rating

While the price was right and the features seemed great I can't rank their reliability low enough. We are a design company and we had several clients who had accounts with them. Across, the board their experience was terrible. Latency issues, uptime issues, many other issues. Incredibly slow as well. We had accounts with their gridserver and dedicated server. While the dedicated server was slightly more reliable it was often extremely slow.

Chess Edwards

    Review Rating

Media Temple has lost it. Over the last several months my email access and website availability have suffered problem after problem after problem. Now its just a sad joke and I'll be moving my services as soon as I can find the time to make the change.

When you speak with a system administrator the service is good. But in all honestly most of the techs have a "Its not as bad as you're making it out to be" attitude. There is very little sense of accountability or understanding of customer service on their part. The place feels like it has no heart and these days it feels like they have bitten off way more than they can chew. I've been with Media Temple for many years and have recommended them to many people. Now I can't wait to move all my services away from this rapidly sinking ship.

Doug R Perkowski

    Review Rating

My site is down all the time. They do credit my account with free months. But at this point even if I was paid I wouldnt host anything with them


    Review Rating

Horrible experience. My website has experienced DAYS (yes, literally days) of downtime within the last couple months, and I am far from alone. The employees don't communicate with the users much, and when they do it's always the BS "We're working on it" response. The price is outrageous considering they false advertise and oversell, and the only reason they're still in business is because of the brand name. MediaTemple is overrated and it doesn't deserve your hard-earned cash.

    Review Rating

There is not much to say... my MT's grid server is continuously down, they keep saying they are working on it but the months pass by and no solutions arrive. Unreliable. NOT recommended.


    Review Rating

I'm hosting seven sites on their gridserver for more than a year now. The experience has been very dissapointing, specially since late 2007. The servers are frequently down and the response times are very, very slow, particularly from Europe.

I've monitored the response times of pages hosted in dreamhost and bluehost and compared them with the response time of my websites. Those cheaper providers are way faster than mediatemple. Mediatemple's customer support doesn't help and says they cannot do much to improve response times in Europe.

All in all, a very negative experience. I will move to another hoster as soon as my contract expire.

    Review Rating

Reliability: (mt) Media Temple's Grid-Server is complete crap in this department. I'm a beta tester of theirs, and have been frequently and persistently bringing this issue to their attention. They "fixed" it. Right. The statistics, community, and my website say differently.

Support: They are FRIENDLY, INFORMATIVE people. Unfortunately, for the last few months, their ticket system is unreliable- they take hours (if not days) to reply with a copy/paste message that doesn't even address your question.

Features: If they all actually worked correctly (no backup system?!), it would be nice.

Pricing: Again, $20/mo for a service that does NOT give what it claims is, unfortunately, very poor pricing indeed.

I've been with them since MARCH 2006, and I think the time is ripe to finally ditch the Titanic. I'm spending $35/mo there right now on their "mySQL container" and (gs) Grid-Service. I'm going to instead shell out $49.95/mo to get a very low-end dedicated server from http://www.nexcess.net, which provides far superior service to Media Temple.

They were great in the beginning (Media Temple), but it's really pathetic at this point. Customer loyalty to nice engineers can only go so far.

    Review Rating

simply, slow and not stable.


    Review Rating

I have been with Media Temple for almost four years. From the beginning, there seemed to be a considerable amount of downtime maintenance in the early morning hours, but this did not affect me too much as I do not have an e-commerce site. Though I encountered short-term problems here and there, things were acceptable for the most part, up until a few months ago.

In March my site and email went down for three days. In May, the same thing happened again, email and site down for days. When my site came back up, the entire backend was still down and I received a notice saying that it had been corrupted. You'd think I would have switched hosts by this time, but I stayed on with MT plotting my next move. My reward is that my emails can't get through to anyone using AOL, Comcast, or Hotmail. Media Temple stated that the spam block issue, as a result of someone else spamming on the shared server, should be resolved in 2-6 days. Well, it hasn't been. It's been 12 days and counting.

MT is making upgrades, but I will not be waiting around for them. They have proven themselves as much too expensive for unreliable service. It now takes days for support requests to be answered and, when they are, it's often with form letters. The service seems to all around have plummeted. Shockingly bad. I can recommend them to anyone.


    Review Rating

Lots of down time. They say it was specifically related to cluster 2. today they attempted to they fix this by taking my site offline without notice and transferring to another cluster. middle of the day, no notice. I understand unexpected events, and MT has had a bunch, but taking a client offline in the middle of the day to transfer.. and without notice, WTF!

    Review Rating

This is an update to my prior review. Performance on the (gs) has been god-awful in 2009. It it TOTALLY UNRELIABLE. Support response has in several cases been hostile and pushing additional fees to fix problems that shouldn't exist. While the features you get on the (gs) are "above average" I am rating the pricing as "poor" now because you are paying for very poor performance if you have database applications installed. If performance was decent, pricing would be above average. [Really the terms for rating prices here should be about perceived value relative to cost: too high, just right, or a bargain...]

Mainly database latency is the problem with Media Temple more often than not, but they have also had some pretty serious breakdowns causing outages. I no longer have confidence in their competence and stability. I HOPE their (cs) will in fact debut this year (previous deadline dates have proved way off the mark), but this hope comes from wanting to avoid a big migration chore.


    Review Rating

The pricing is pretty steep for what you get - a host with substantial downtime and loads of mysql issues. Loading times are very slow for days at a time.


    Review Rating

Alright, been with MT this month, adding to my list of hosts we use. I've signed up with them before, but that was years ago and was plagued with problems of an immature tech.

SO, 2009 - What's Media Temple Like?

THE GOOD: Design is sexy, they control of the GS is unlike any other I've used, and it's amazing.

Immediately I've noticed the setup makes me more productive and it seems to be performing okay. They've put a lot of thought in the way to manage users and domains that it really intriguing, a little scary for hard core *nix people and amazingly liberating. I want to see how far they can develop this cloud.

Virtualized PHP, both 4 & 5 helped me transfer legacy clients without having to install old packages. Brilliant.

MySql Support out of the box - very sexy deployment.

Knowledge Base - you've gotta use it to understand. 90% of my questions answered in a simple, accessible google like environment. It's beautiful.


Support: 12-24 hrs for a trouble ticket response? Most of my servers get a 1-4 hr response. Less than that feels massively oversold and under supervised.


For what you get, GS is an 'okay' price. Their DV servers however are really overpriced. If it's a stable high end service, then I'm happy. If they can't stabilize the service a little more, I'm leaving.

Reliability : Up and down - but improving from what I've heard. This month I've seen about 4 outages, ranging a couple hours each. Not a good impression for a first time user transferring his work over. But, we'll see how next month goes.


    Review Rating

Have been hosting with mt for a long time unfortunately, not by my choice because I don't pay the bill for this site.

Their grid service is completely unreliable, with regular unscheduled downtime. Network is completely insecure, they get hacked frequently, and they don't care whether or not your site is hacked - they won't even do a scan to see.

Go look at their system status blogs to see just how bad their service is. It's a constant folly of errors.


    Review Rating

At first I was very please with Media Temple as the transition to Media Temple from our previous host was very smooth, and I liked the company's features. But then some glaring issues arose.


1) In order to speak with someone you must wait for an extremely lengthy period of time. Usually the spot in line for support is in the 30s.

2) Email is a disaster with Media Temple. The grid server system has huge flaws as Media Temple has customers who frequently spam thus causing the IP reputation to be poor. This then leads to your emails being blocked. Media Temple's suggested solution for this is for you to use Google Apps.

I'm currently looking for other hosting sites.

David Henderson

    Review Rating

For a web host that charges higher than normal prices, the service is unreliable and slow. Among the slowest in my 13 years of working online.


    Review Rating

I have lots of websites hosted with many different hosting companies as I like to spread sites around to reduce the risk posed by a single host failing.

I currently have at least nine accounts with different companies.

To date I have NEVER cancelled an account with a hosting company, MediaTemple was the first.

I lasted less than 24 hours with MediaTemple.

I was trying to set up a simple WordPress blog and got:

1) Database connection issues (lost databse connection)

2) Server 500 errors

3) Terribly slow loading times when the site was working

On top of this:

1) The control panel is very basic, I had to use FTP for basic directory administration I would normally just do in Cpanel (I know I should have used SSH)

2) FTP was painfully slow

3) I could not log into PhpMyAdmin to administer my database

4) I could not change the password on PhpMyAdmin to get in

All in all I thought Media Temple were an absolute heap.

MediaTemple are vastly inferior to competitors charging a fraction of the price.


    Review Rating

I have gridserver service through Media Temple for the past 2 years. I lose email service for an entire day at least once a month. Inquired about DV service, but require you to perform the migration yourself. Really? This is week 2 of continued email issues....I'm done.


    Review Rating

Absolutely shocked to see how often their servers go down completely. I have two separate accounts and a total of 12 sites with MT. "Error establishing a database connection." is constantly appearing. Some of my sites involve huge money and effort to migrate, but I'm going to have to bite the bullet soon and just do it because it's costing me more in the long run to be with such a terrible host and the site going down all the time.

    Review Rating

MT was the best host I had ever used for years with their Grid Service (GS). I had recommended them to all of my clients (I build websites), talking each and every one of them into the higher price / month ($20/mo, though you could get it down to around $13/month with discounts).

About a year ago, MT really dropped the ball, and haven't picked it back up yet. They apparently have too many sites on a single GS cluster and MySQL connections are slow, high latency in general. They recommend you buy a $20/mo MySQL Grid Container, which just puts the price too high for me to try and sell a subpar hosting package to my clients, only to have them asking me why their site is down 4 days out of the week!

It's sad, because I love(d) MT and really thought I'd found a solid host for life...


    Review Rating

I only signed up this week, and am moving my site straight to another provider.

I was looking for a more "sophisticated" hosting option, and Media Temple sell that message well.

Unfortunately, behind the scenes it's a complete disaster:

1) 20 hour responses to support tickets

2) Uploading a WP theme zip finally figured out, but no evident way to extract it (note. there might be, but the whole admin area is a nightmare that I just gave up)

3) After the 20 hour wait, the "support" offered is a link through to their knowledge base

4) The customer admin area has been designed in-house - I suspect by a team who are very clever, but who have no idea about the actual expertise of your regular customer

If you're technically minded, this review may not apply to you - if however you're like me - someone who develops content WP/Joomla websites and and are used to cPanel, then I would seriously steer clear. (I couldn't find a Joomla auto-install!!!)

A very disappointing experience that has cost me $20 for this lesson:

I don't get 1,000,000's of visitors every month, so I don't need complex, clever hosting. I've not actually ever encountered a problem with my previous host, so think before you act.

Very, very disappointing...

Kate Atkins

    Review Rating

Reliability is so bad, this host is really not worth it. Emails and website down time is a recurring problem.


    Review Rating

The worst WP hosting I have ever tried!

Once I signed up for their WP hosting, I was shocked to see how slow it is! A single page without any post or image took over 30 seconds to load. To make sure the problem was not related with my connection, I used Pingdom speed test and saw my website was slower than 97% of all websites tested there. So a single "Hello World" post in MT is actually slower than almost any complete website!

If you plan to use the WP host from them......think again. I'll host my website somewhere else and won't ever look back to this hosting....

In terms of support, they took over 10 minutes to get back to me on a chat, and once I told them I wanted to cancel the service, they sent me to the back of the line once again where I waited 20 minutes to cancel the hosting and get a refund.

Total waste of time, and a WP service so bad I can only call it a bad joke.

Elonide Semmes

    Review Rating

We find Media Temple highly unreliable. The have tremendous latency issues which cause disruptions to our business.

    Review Rating

The control panel is easy, very easy, friendly and nice, excellent. I wonder why so much "maintainence" and "issues to fix", they engeneers always are working it means they are fighting against stability. The alternate domains and sub-domains features is great so goodie. The Grid - service must be more stable and free of bugs to fix. The support: you can't expect honours.


    Review Rating

I'll give them props, nobody will ever beat them price wise for what they offer. Unfortunately, right now, they are not committing to their offering. Today, for example, 2 hours down, 1/2 the day slower than dirt.

Changes to the account, examnple adding/removing a domain, take overnight.

David Sims

    Review Rating

Media Temple is a poor web host. I had to purchase an SSL certificate in order to get a dynamic IP, even though all I wanted is just a dynamic IP. My domain went down for no apparent reason so I asked for support and waited for hours so I ended up fixing the problem myself before any of Media Temple's technical support even bothered to reply. Go with a virtual private server, they're extremely reliable and much better than grid/shared hosting.


    Review Rating

Awful service period.

Without my knowledge, MediaTemple decided to upgrade my account and charge me more because the site I've been hosting with them exceeded their undefined bandwidth and database call limits. Not only did they vehemently refuse to partially refund any negligent charges but additionally recommended I find service elsewhere.

Find service elsewhere I will. This place sucks my ass.


    Review Rating

We find Media Temple highly unreliable. Our website is down fro last 2 days and they have not given any support. They are too expensive and the service is not good at all. Stay away, if possible.

    Review Rating

Media Temple sucks - there is just no other way to say it. Click my URL. Did the site come up? How long did it take? My email service is frequently interrupted,my site won't appear, and if I go to the MediaTemple website I get (usually) a glowing report on system status. There have been times just in the last few months where the outage has lasted for DAYS.

I run a small business and with all the other things that I have to deal with, my website shouldn't be one of them.

I can assure all of you that our site will not be hosted on MT servers in 2010.

I wouldn't be surprised if many of the positive reviews were posted by friends and employees of MT.

    Review Rating

ouch.. tried to sign up for service online, didn't get email due to their misconfigured email server (see blog posting), called 'em but they were unresponsive and *their* internet access was down!


    Review Rating

When I started my hosting via mediatemple I thought it was a good hosting. But they were down already in my second day. They support is slow and 50% of the time they do not read the question and yuo get a preformatted responds.

If you really have an urgent matterl; you have to contact them via twitter cause their twitter agents do have brains.

I eventually ended up filing a complaint when I discovered that they accessed my hosting and changed some files, without my permission, They also said to me that some passwords I have were insecure, so apparently all their employees can view your password of email, ftp, plesk everything.

The average respond time to my support request is 9 days, which is too long for an expensive hosting.

If you use a ftp client like filezilla, you have to change the settings, because you are only allowed to use 1 ftp connection a time, otherwise it will timeout and you cannot acces your server for about an hour.

If you receive emails on an Iphone, Android or Windows mobile, you also need a manual because you cannot trash email. You have to manually move the email to trash, so 90% of the spam filters do not work.

I have the DV and basically, if I had the chance again I would find another hosting.


    Review Rating

From what I've heard, MT used to be a great host back in the day. Since I've joined, all I experience are problems with the Grid Service, or the MySQL Smartpool is down or experiencing high latency. Even on $3/month hosting I never had so many problems.

Sure the Account Manager is easy to use, much better than CPanel, but is it really worth the downtime, hacks and latency problems.

Maybe it's different if you're on a VS but the shared hosting really is unreliable. I'm looking for other hosts.


    Review Rating

Database up time has been particularity terrible.


    Review Rating

Horrible support. They simply use canned responses without even reading the history of the issue and realzing the the previous agent has already offered the same usless answer!


    Review Rating

So, I'm hitting my eight month point with mediatemple and I have to change my voting on Mediatemple.

I want to like it so much, the features are still great but I've having one hell of a time putting up with reliability issues that really shouldn't exist in an established host.

Here's the problems:

1) Email reliability is exceeding poor. Every two weeks I'm having a problem with account stability. In the forums, people suggest to switch to Gmail. . . really?

2) Uptime - We've had the entire grid hacked, causing tons of downtime, random MySQL errors, hangs, inaccessibility and almost weekly latency issues.

3)Support - I like the (mt) support, when I can get a hold of them. Online tickets take 24+ hours, so you have to call, being on hold 45+ minutes today has really inspired this review HOPING that they improve. There is no chat system I know of.

So the fundamental things I need a web host to provide with near bulletproof effectiveness, I can't get from mediatemple right now.

    Review Rating

When i joined in mediatemple it was good,and went smooth with grid hosting untill my website gets good traffic. after that i charged very high (120$ per month) next month i moved to VPS (50$) it will crash every 2 hours for 200 visitors :(

200 visitors for whole day. at a time max 5. if it cant accept 5 users at atime. why should i got for a hosting like this. i even tried removing all images in site not resolved.

every 2 hours the site keep on going down. when i asked support after waiting for 2 days. they gave the best idea, when ever you saw the site is down, restart the server it iwll work.

also they added the words, supporting the VPS is not in our scope still i am helping huhhhh

i am wasted a whole week like this.

this happens only after my marketting started working.

so if your site dont have any traffic, or you dont want any one to visit your website MediaTemple is the best for it, i recommend it.


    Review Rating

Well, I was looking for a Virtual Server solution, so I decided to chat with Mediatemple. I have to admit it was not a fun experience. Snobby live support, being on hold for an HOUR until someone says "Did you need something?" Really? Then being treated like a complete idiot (We don't offer this, we don't offer that, you can't do that). I just want to install cPanel on my VS, but NO, you HAVE to use Parallels because they just give it to you. I don't want to use it, I don't want to send a signed document to get an extra IP address. And $10/mo for a SSL cert (from their KB), a MONTH? SERIOUSLY? I heard so much about them, but then I was disappointed. This is why I went to a different provider.


    Review Rating

Media Temple's customer service line is horrible. Every time I have an issue I have to sit on hold for 20-30 minutes, regardless of how simple the question is.

Also, when I email with an issue, they don't email me back. It just gets lost in cyberspace.

I'm very disappointed with their service and customer support.


    Review Rating

I signed up for (mt) solely because of this page: http://mediatemple.net/wordpress-webhosting.php...

"(dv) Dedicated-Virtual Pro-Blogger? Take it to the next level with the flexibility of a dedicated environment. * WordPress 1-Click Application Vault installer"

The Wordpress 1-Click Application Vault Installer installs Version 2.3. Wordpress is now at 3.01 which requires an entirely new install. As a result, I feel lied to. And now that I have installed 3.1, it does not run properly and support won't resolve my issues with it! Just a Warning!


    Review Rating

I have held as many as 3 accounts on the grid since 2008, and I had an (ss) account before that from 2003 or '04. The grid has proved a colossal failure.

Search for "media temple latency" or something else along those lines. Here is a detailed rundown of the problems I encountered:


The grid was on triple secret probation with me this year. I had a few good months after getting moved to cluster 6 and using an SQL container, which is expensive and should not be needed for my purposes. Then latency and downtime returned.

Two buck hosting can do 1000x better these days.

Emily McDavid

    Review Rating

This host has outdated software and difficult to contact customer support.

After having an issue with the hosting account, and waiting on hold for 20 minutes they basically told me they couldn't help resolve my basically simple issue.

We finally ended up moving to a different host - bluehost - who is more customer friendly, has a shorter wait time, and keeps their php up to date.


    Review Rating

I had waste my time and money with Mediatemple's grid hosting - after 1 year (!!!!) of trying to make my website work well, I'm saying that this hoster is uselles for serious web applications.

1-st main issue: slow support that answer you with 'templated' messages after 20hr of waiting even it's urgent problem.

2-nd issue: very slow hosting, both files and MySQL. Paying $20/month you receiving slow shared hosting on overselled servers and they call that 'grid hosting' or 'cloud hosting'. My website opens 30sec on this 'fast innovative' host.

3-rd issue: control panel with very bad usability. You can't use it without reading manual guide because it not intuitive. You can't use it for most of operations because it takes too much time - it's better to use SSH even if you don't know what is it SSH.

I have experience of using many other hostings and all standart control panels, and I can say that selecting Mediatemple as hosting for my project was biggest mistake in my life.

This hosting is not worth a single penny paid.

john stewart

    Review Rating

absolute shit! keeps crashing and have unscheduled maintenance! don't go with them if you have choice still, if your with them, good luck there rubbish!

Doug James

    Review Rating

Unbelievable. Trying to get a url moved off of there and they are dragging their feet. Sent their sales people a plea to help and not even a response. There are hosters that charge very cheap prices that are WAY more supportive. Worst thing is I rarely log into my site since it not finished. Maybe 10 times since a friend hosted it there. Been down 3 of the 10 times. wtf? down right now. can't even get to any mediatemple.com addie. It's a mess. Hope they figure it out or get a real IT person to run the net. again unbelievable.

Elizabeth Collins

    Review Rating

I closed our account in June and kept getting renewal emails. You can't contact billing or tech support by email. If your account is closed you can't contact them online, so I had to telephone. I spent 25 minutes on hold waiting for customer service (15 minutes of which I was "first in line") to try to make sure the account was closed before I hung up and called sales, which answered promptly. I was told that 25 minutes or more is a typical wait time and to ignore the renewal email (which seems a bit risky to me). Very frustrating.


    Review Rating

i have been with the host for two years and I can tell you they have been going down hill pretty fast, I now have to wait 30+ minutes on hold for support, the technology for the grid hosting has not been updated for ever still running old mySQL, etc

Not Pleased

    Review Rating

SO MUCH DOWNTIME. SO SLOW and when you ask for help, if it's not in their "knowledgebase" they're pretty much useless. Their documentation is alright but don't think about any form of uptime guarantee for grid service and if one site on the grid drains power it'll kill your sites.


    Review Rating

Our site consistently experiences severe latency issues along with 503 errors. Even after adding a third party CDN network, we still have a poor site speed.

We have complained to their support multiple times. They can never seem to see whats wrong. Everything is good on their end.

The last time I spoke with their support, I was able to speak to a rep within a decent amount of time. However their responses were so delayed, I gave up waiting for their response after 15minutes. The question they were trying to answer, how much would it cost each month to add another WP install on our account?

Sad. Very Sad.


    Review Rating

Have been a customer of their Grid (gs) product for quite a few years. Since being taken over by GoDaddy their reliability as deteriorated to such an extent that my WordPress websites are taking over 30 seconds to start loading. Their support has become a complete joke - they take over 24 hours to reply to a simple request, and the gist of their response is almost entirely "not out fault, must be your code".

Would recommend that people run a mile!


    Review Rating

Media Temple's wordpress plan: 1.) There support tickets average 10 hours to respond. 2.) They automatically blame plugins, even when the identical site works on other hosts.

3.) They said "I" had not completed installing the site (oddly even though the site was actually working), when the install was in fact completed by their automated migration tool - I had nothing to do with it!

I tested them against 2 other hosts simultaneously. In contrast their support culture is lazy, and about shifting the buck. NOT worth the money.

Cam Gould

    Review Rating

I really can't even begin to explain how bad my experience has been with Media Temple. They are expensive, unreliable, and have absolutely awful and unhelpful support. Do yourself a favour and choose a cheaper hosting company that is more reliable... i.e. almost any other company.

Len M

    Review Rating

I have servers at several hosting/ cloud providers and Media Temple is the worst by far. They claim to help businesses but yet take no accountability when things go down or when your WordPress website gets hacked. Their grid service is terrible, unreliable, and overpriced for what you get. The tech support is not helpful, and I wasted a lot of time with someone who knew a lot less then myself even though they work there. I had to migrate all my clients out to other hosting providers before I started losing clients. I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy.

Jan Deruiter

    Review Rating

MediaTemple has become awful. Started out like a normal company and i loved their cpanel-like interface for Administering services. But it has been an awful slide ever since Godaddy bought them. My sites are crawling now because they overloaded their servers and they will not move me to another server. After 10 years (more?) i am now migrating to a smaller ISP. Ugh.

Run, don't walk to ANY host but MT !


    Review Rating

What a nightmare, I wish we never pick MT for our hosting. We should have kept all our sites at Huroko (never a problem there) The problem with MT all started in January 2018, they did a end of life server change without giving us timely notice and moved my app to a new server. Our site went down completely. We discovered They lost much of our app and all snap shot back ups needed to restore the site. Also after they moved our app to the new server we have not been able to log into the Plesk for over 9 mts and they cannot explain why. We open countless tickets regarding the problems and their support staff closed them without resolving the problem or answering a simple question. It appears their customer support is poorly trained and lacks basics knowledge of their products and services to provide customer support. They cannot answer the most simple questions and are rude most of the time. It's impossible to talk to a manager or file a complaint about customer support because customer support is the gate keeper and will not forward your call to a manager. Pretty much all of customer support works from remote locations (their homes in some cases and their is none or very little security or accountability.) I was reviewing the quality of customer support's response back in 2011 and the difference is like night and day. MT's current customer support just does not care and has a very poor work ethic. After countless call to MT and tickets we finally got into our Plesk last week and discovered MT customer support has been logging into our account and settings for the past 9 mts and adding code and changing settings without our knowledge or approval. This explains why we could not get into the Plesk to check our log files, etc or see what they did to our app when they moved it. Our site is still down, they have lied to us for the past 9 mts about the problem claiming the site was down because of the move to a server with OS7 which we told them would not affect our app. Next they said it was because they change our database from MySQL to MD, which we researched and confirmed it would not affect our site. We cannot even hit our site using the IP address. We get a server not found error message. We have checked everything that we have access to and the problem is caused by MT. By the way, everytime I open a ticket with a specific question I get referred back to a closed ticket that has nothing to do with the new ticket I open requesting support. They don't even read the tickets and it takes on average over 48 hrs to get a reply and there is no help, only rude argumentative and arrogant response when we complain or ask a question their customer support cannot answer because they are not properly trained. For example: I ask a questions about a specifics action customer support did when they logged into my Plesk as a Admin on a specific day according to the logs and they never answer the question. We traced their customer support team members IP address to malicious sites. My point is MT has given Admin access to our site to their remote customer support team and it appears they have no clue who is logging into our account or app and making changes. Many of the MT customer support team will log in as unknown and all that is recorded is their IP address. So for those of you who are not aware, MT has exposed your site/application and created a security vulnerability. Also when we do find a customer support person who is knowledgeable and he advised us to call back and ask for him we can never reach them again. The customer support agents will not transfer the call to the previous support team member. FYI, we have been a client of MT since 2009 and the service has been OK up until 2017. We have never had a problem with end of life move prior to 2017 it was seamless. But this time I assume they used a new method to move our app or different support team and it cause a catastrophic loss of our files and settings. We can't hit our app using the IP address and that's pretty serious when all we get is server not found and no error codes to work with or trouble shoot.

We are nonprofit humanitarian organization and the

Poor count on our services. We have explain to MT how this is hurting the people we serve but they don't care at all. They just don't give a crap...and some of there customer support team clearly has a bias against women and African Americans. They get very rude, chippy and talk down to my engineers. This is completely unacceptable. They are evasive and will not answer a simple question. One of the MT customer support team told me to raise the funds to hire a team to completely reinstall the application because they lost the files. Why should we have to pay with donations for a problem caused by their negligence. Media temples corporate culture is morally bankrupt.

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