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Micfo.com provides Linux-based web hosting services with an extremely high-performance network and high bandwidth allowance. Micfo wanted to offer high-performance hosting with a high bandwidth allowance without any added complexity or operating costs on the user side. Within 20 months of starting operations, the company has successfully instituted its quality policy and also strives to maintain a high degree of excellence in network connectivity.


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We have worked with MICFO for nearly 5 years. During that time, we moved from shared hosting account, to a VPS and now we have a Dedicated Hosting Account. Although we are still a growing business, we have more than 100 surgeons that rely on this website for their own business.- all of the clients have been pleased with the page-load time of their websites. We understand that the internet is not 100% -- when we have had questions or problems, we hav always been able to reach support immediately via IM CHAT option and/or through the phone.


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I have used Micfo for dedicated hosting for some time now.

On 2 separate occasions 18 months apart they have chosen to 'migrate' my sites to a new machine at another datacentre. I had no choice in the matter. On both occasions I had extended downtime (despite their promises of none), sometimes lasting days, and various technical problems (failing mail, ftp etc) lasting up to a week afterwards.

Calling tech support will usually have you talking to someone in India who knows less than you do. Apart from that, things have been smooth. If only they would following the philosophy "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", they may end up being as reliable as they claim on their website, but unfortunately it's not the case.


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Very bad hosting company. Not serious with their clients, search for other revies or in webhosting forums to see more bad experiences from Micfo users.

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